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  1. You can see and interact with ghosts, demons, and other entities via astral projection. If you're that curious, there's plenty of sources out there that can teach you. As far as I know, you can't get possessed, although like with anything, it has its dangers.
  2. It could have been a succubus/incubus or another dark entity that you encountered. They feed off your fear and your lower emotions, leaving you in a lower vibrational state. When you suspect it is a foul creature, it most likely is. You tend to encounter entities that match your vibrational energy.
  3. You have all of eternity to realize your true nature. It’s inevitable. There’s no rush, so enjoy the show.
  4. There's a really helpful device that you can use to assess it, easy to use and very portable too.
  5. Lose parts of your soul like this? if so, that’s possible. You can dabble with entities that “steal” bits of your soul and leave you emotionally weaker. You can even inflict this on yourself alone without any seemingly separate entities involved and thereby feel like you’ve become “less conscious.” But I don’t recommend either of two scenarios, I’m just telling you it’s possible. Ultimately though, this is still all illusion within consciousness. Nothing can actually hurt you. But I still recommend to use caution if you want to play with fire.
  6. Yes, this whole time you were mortal. You will die and nothing will remain of you. That you will live eternally as immortal consciousness was nothing but a lie sold to fragile egos who are too afraid to accept the inevitability of their own oblivion and demise.
  7. We'll probably all be dead as a species before that ever happens.
  8. This requires sort of jail breaking your mind. There's no exact step-by-step formula that I'm aware of as everyone is different. A combination of concentration, introspection, and possibly self-inquiry can achieve what you're talking about. You'll be tapping deeply into your intuition and Insights will arise seemingly from nowhere as if you are indeed downloading intelligence from the universe. It'll really feel like that. But you have to really involve yourself in this process. I doubt it'll work if you're not serious about it. None of this requires the use of psychedelics to answer that question.
  9. Why not pray to a nonfallen angel instead?
  10. Personally, I think this is backwards. It's weak minds that struggle to meditate. So in a way meditation is for weak minds so they can become more enhanced.
  11. The field of which Rumi speaks is already here.