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  1. I had some money to burn so I went to my local psychic tarot reader. I gave her my name date of birth and time of birth. She basically told me everything I already knew based on online natal chart you just put in your name and birth and time and she told me the same thing. What I got back was affirmations to say nightly a vow of silence and fasting of a specific food I choose chocolate. Then she told me to make a box with rose petals salt and money to take in my bad energy while I sleep. Then I will give it back to her for her to meditate on it. Then she told me this entity is really bad and she needs to do a 10 day ritual where she takes the box and puts it in a tabernacle which is pricey $700. I don't know much of this ritual with the tabernacle she said it's used on sick kids and entity removal. I went along but I just can't move myself to give her $700. You think it's a scam or it's worth it. She only has 8 reviews on google maps . I'll do more research and see where I can do this but cheaper. Or do you think it's worth it? 



  2. Before this relationship with my girl I was eating healthy I was working out and I was meditating 1 hr plus everyday. Ever since I chose to let her live with me I started drinking eating fast-food and stop meditating. I can't dump her because she doesn't have a home and her family doesn't want her either. She has no choice to stay here with me even if I want to move on and stay on my spiritual path. What do I do? I can't just kick her out she will become homeless.. Fuck 

  3. I am a people pleaser. I microdosed LSD today and I noticed in that in me. I love pleasing people I love seeing there reactions when I do something to please them. I love to make myself look inferior to them so they feel better about themselves. This is a horrible habit. How do I change this ? This is truly sad for me since I pride myself that Im this I don't give a fuck attitude guy but I see now how much I was lying to myself. I'm a wuss.