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Young self-actualizers, let's connect

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Hey, this is Sash.

Creating this thread for all the younger people on this forum to meet and talk about their personal growth, their visions for the future, and to create peer to peer accountability.

I think that this is an element that's been missing in my own life: that I'm not really meeting people who have a big-picture comprehension of personal development, lots of ambition, sustainable and holistic thinking, and a deep passion and appreciation for life. If you're one of the younger members on this forum (I'm 19 myself) and you feel like, after having been exposed to the possibility of self-actualization, it made you feel vastly more alone in this world, maybe sharing your story on this thread is the right thing for you.

A few things about me:

- INFP who values self-expression, creativity, and poetry, helping humans realize they are complex works of art, not the clumsy bags of meat they think they are right now.

- My mission statement is to create highly interactive games for self-understanding and cooperation. I want people to see the human hidden deep inside themselves, so that they can see it in others that much more easily.

- Good at coming up with ideas, poor at taking action

- Enneagram type 4/5

- Wants to make society value introspection and take it seriously

- Highest values are curiosity, intelligent design, and dignity. At the highest level that's wondering if reality is really perfect, then seeing that it really is, and finally living/dying in that knowing.

- Empath who tries to bring out the human in everything

- Loves to speak, write, wander, teach, and uplift


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Posts like this may fit into the ‘no recruiting’ rule of this forum; you may be asked to take it down or it may be locked. 

You may be able to direct message others to talk outside of this forum though; I think that is allowed, uncertain.

Also, in reference to your aspirations of starting a new group, for those that are younger: How can someone else hold you accountable, truly? Would you not have to grant them that ability? What is stopping you from taking that power away from them as you have taken it from yourself?

Consider who really can or can not make you do anything. What would make someone else report to you for accountability?

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You raise some good questions.

For me I've found that simply telling others I'm going to do something raises the chances of me actually doing that thing. 

Of course, it would be more efficient if I could just make promises to myself and keep them, but I haven't been so great at that in the past. Maybe I should work on that first. Regardless, I still think it can be valuable to surround yourself with peers with similar goals. 

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