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  1. I had some money to burn so I went to my local psychic tarot reader. I gave her my name date of birth and time of birth. She basically told me everything I already knew based on online natal chart you just put in your name and birth and time and she told me the same thing. What I got back was affirmations to say nightly a vow of silence and fasting of a specific food I choose chocolate. Then she told me to make a box with rose petals salt and money to take in my bad energy while I sleep. Then I will give it back to her for her to meditate on it. Then she told me this entity is really bad and she needs to do a 10 day ritual where she takes the box and puts it in a tabernacle which is pricey $700. I don't know much of this ritual with the tabernacle she said it's used on sick kids and entity removal. I went along but I just can't move myself to give her $700. You think it's a scam or it's worth it. She only has 8 reviews on google maps . I'll do more research and see where I can do this but cheaper. Or do you think it's worth it?
  2. Before this relationship with my girl I was eating healthy I was working out and I was meditating 1 hr plus everyday. Ever since I chose to let her live with me I started drinking eating fast-food and stop meditating. I can't dump her because she doesn't have a home and her family doesn't want her either. She has no choice to stay here with me even if I want to move on and stay on my spiritual path. What do I do? I can't just kick her out she will become homeless.. Fuck
  3. I don't really understand dhwat your saying . Your saying your path is your path only and you shouldnt follow other paths?
  4. Talk to me at instagram @thenoselfhelpjunkie
  5. I’ve been researching this disorder for months now looking at everything online. I have a strong feeling I’m 80 percent likely I have it. I had a sexual abuse childhood my mom is a narcissist My dad hit me. That’s how it starts. I’ve noticed I do this thing called splitting which I found out I do. What should I do with this. Should I talk to a professional ?
  6. stage green guy talks about mal practices from these big name brands
  7. a nice website in a stage yellow lens
  8. How is the four agreements the book stage purple ? Wtf
  9. Be more stage red
  10. Everytime I grasp an insight about your true nature my body reacts in a way I would describe as fear. Can anyone help? I really try to relax and see where this take me but sometimes I just trigger a fear body reaction when I try to look at reality as is
  11. I watched a random youtube video and some guy was like you watch revolver daily? I was like huh and I typed it up and boom a website we might enjoy.
  12. Kundalini yoga resources have good chakras. Santania has a great chakra resource on YouTube go to playlist you will see it
  13. It's not worth it. It does make you creative and happy and flowly. But it my opinion it's better taking 50ug to 100ug once a week .
  14. This is your ego mind trying to understand something you will never understand. What you have to do it go to a room that is completely dark and sit there for one hour. Do nothing. Then come out out the room and look at your post again. Was this worth it? No . No it wasn't you human
  15. You should try Leo's face Heyyy its leo But leooo Tada! Him laughing Him crying Him looking at his hand And his old and new logo Tattoo all of that and Leo's energy will be on you. And that's the highest spiral dynamics anyone can get
  16. I am a people pleaser. I microdosed LSD today and I noticed in that in me. I love pleasing people I love seeing there reactions when I do something to please them. I love to make myself look inferior to them so they feel better about themselves. This is a horrible habit. How do I change this ? This is truly sad for me since I pride myself that Im this I don't give a fuck attitude guy but I see now how much I was lying to myself. I'm a wuss.
  17. Should I do microdose for a month or do two full blown acid trip per month?
  18. Don't worry keep going on your path these are crumbs your going the right way
  19. A typical 100ug one tab of acid. What can I do with it? Can I do shadow work with it or can I get deeper into meditation. Based off your experience what can one tab of acid do for you best?
  20. They get triggered by green anything. I try to help them change their perspective but you know how it goes. Help me change my family to stage green. Any ideas?
  21. should my life purpose be about self improvement/spirituality or music or both in a niche way?
  22. I get triggered when my girl shows her boobs or ass in public. I get really triggered when my family members look at her when she is exposed to males in my family. How do I change that? I fixed some of my issues im not as mad in public but when im home and male family members are near i get nerotic when she exposes her ass or thighs
  23. @supremeyingyang nah fam the vibes on 808 is life. Thanks everyone I'm just insecure lol