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  1. @DnoReally there you go bro, i hope that helps
  2. Do you like cock? Or is it armpits only?
  3. Leo is half-Ukrainian anyway, his or anyone ethnicity is not an issue here. The issue has become an issue when he decided to start appeasing the Ukrainian side because they are the victim and are sustaining Russian military attacks, and somehow it made it okay for them to harass and insult those who hold a perspective that doesn’t align with their world view. The cherry on top was when he decided that he will only allow Ukrainian narrative on the forum to be posted, which is an equivalent to the termination of the freedom of speech.
  4. Can someone help this guy @DnoReally and send him an armpit - he has a fetish
  5. nonsensical, as always (good job) Ukrainian ultranationalists must have hacked into his brain and it is now compromised
  6. If you don’t see how the West has exploited/chewed Ukraine up and is now spitting it out - that’s you not being able to see the big picture and appreciate the depth of what that statement conveys, not me being provocative. The goodbye post was needed for me to have a sense of closure- if you don’t like me saying goodbyes, you are free to just not view it. There is no mentioning in the forum guidelines that user would not be allowed to make an exit post, so I’m not sure what it is exactly that you have a problem with.
  7. If you’re referring to the Ukrainian flag mock post that I made - at the time I thought Pedro and Hello1234 was the same person, and given the lack of support that I got in terms of mods/Leo addressing my report about me being harassed I decided to take the matter in my own hands and lashed out. Other than that one post there is nothing that is mocking or provocative about my political stance other than it being in disagreement with the position that Ukraine supporters hold.
  8. Not allowed to post - mods delete the evidence
  9. Do you think i would deprive Hello1234 and all the other guys who hate me of the opportunity to have their final stab at me? i’m not that evil haha
  10. You don’t need help. The only problem you might run into is wanting to go out of the window/commit suicide during LSD trips because of the feeling of “what’s the point” of living a life like this not being able to find/be around people that are like you. Just be patient with yourself in those moments and don’t do anything stupid.
  11. Hey guys, Would like to say my goodbyes to all those whom I had a pleasure (and sometimes not only) to chat, debate and otherwise interact with. I enjoyed my stay here, but like all things in life anything that has a beginning must have and end, and the time has come for me to move on, for reasons that are personal. Given the high-conscious theme of the forum I will say that my journey doesn’t end, of course, but only continues into the infinity that is the nature of all that is. Stay true. PS. All girls are one night stand girls! ? ?
  12. She seems pretty damaged- I examined few of her videos, one where she’s claiming that BDSM is a healing practice. In some other video she talks about some power stones that promote healing. Then some other video about veganism and how it promotes- again - healing. I notice an interesting correlation -people who are drawn to studying psychology, for example, are often the ones who are struggling with some inner demons themselves and are looking or ways to understand and help their own selves first and foremost. And it’s often the same with people who are positioning themselves as spiritual teachers and practitioners who are on the journey of finding love and healing themselves and are often very removed from the inner peace that they are trying to project outward and teach it to others. Just an observation.
  13. This is a private/independently owned platform, and if this is how Leo wants to run it I think it’s fair to accept and not try to fight-the-system and just let it be what it is. Lots of other online places where I am able to freely express myself so I don’t care all that much if I am not able to say a few things here and there, it doesn’t make me feel silenced. We don’t know - maybe Ukrainian ultranationalists got ahold of him and are at his throat. @Leo Gura blink twice if you need help. Twitter also just banned Scott Ritter so it’s important to realize where this is all going and adjust accordingly.