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  1. From my experience, the more accurate terminology that I would pick to describe my death, it’s like entering another dimension. When I died in a dream I didn’t even realize it at first, only when I saw the blood splattered across the window and saw pieces of my brain laying around, the memory of what happened sort of came back and I remember that I committed suicide/jumped in front of a train. The first thought was shock/surprise that I didn’t feel any pain compared to the fear and expectation that I had in terms of dying a violent death. The second thought was how beautiful my brain was … lol that it wasn’t riddled by old age or some disease but was a healthy brain, nice and supple, although in pieces now lol. Then I realized that I was invisible, inside the train that I jumped under, now observing the incident of my own death from a passenger’s seat, and it was very crowded in that train. I realized that there was someone else in this moving train next to me who could hear my thoughts and “replied” telepathically to my inner thought how long I have been invisible for that it’s been a while (which is weird because in our standard time it must have been no more than a few seconds because i was witnessing what was happening). I felt calm and at peace, I didn’t feel bad or sad about anything. All communication and movement was done just by directing your thoughts/attention towards what you wanna say or do. I transported to a couple of places I wanted to visit to say my goodbyes to, distance and time didn’t seem to exist in that dimension. What happened afterwards I have no memory of. To sum it up - there is no death, it’s an illusion. At least that’s what I’m hoping for, but I’m open to the idea that it’s the ultimate unknown what happens after and the only way to find out is to just actually die.
  2. @Carl-Richard Yes, it was a great loss. Are these guys affiliated with this band at all, do you know? Vocals sound very similar
  3. @JosephKnecht I'm gonna show you something. Me, Los Angeles, CA, 2008 I know where Andrew is because I've been there. And I know that sometimes the things that we want are not necessarily the things that we need.
  4. @Moses @Moksha I am sorry if me speaking bluntly and without sugar coating anything just to spare a few feelings was not very digestible. Given the nature of this forum, I was under the assumption that raw, as it is, in your face type approach should be encouraged, valued, and appreciated, not frowned upon. Especially when it comes to spirituality. Apparently not. I feel like saying more as this is obviously my last post here, but I really am at a loss for words. I think disappointed would be the right word to describe how I’m feeling right now. Take care
  5. I second Tool. For exploring the higher vibration realms and getting closer to light/God. For diving deep into the abyss and exploring the darkness I would say Burzum. I narrowed it down to just Black and White, but there’s this whole spectrum of grey/everything else in between.
  6. @Tim R I’m chill. Nor am I trashing him - he can do whatever he wants etc. I am simply expressing my position, and how I see this situation.
  7. @JosephKnecht You think you’re helping or solving any of his actual problems (the victim mentality in the most extreme form, the most glaring issue) by putting a bandaid on his tumor; you’re not. “Look at me, I’m such a kind, caring person” is all you’re doing. He might benefit a lot more if he goes through his path of pain, and suffering. Your misplaced sense of sainthood may be causing more damage than it does good, ever thought of that? You could be prohibiting his spiritual growth by not letting him learn to overcome what he’s dealing with in this lifetime in his own way. In order to help someone you have to be in the position where you don’t require any help yourself. How many of you here have actually reached such heights. Just perpetuating more bullshit, and more weakness is what you’re doing here. What a disgrace.
  8. @JosephKnecht @Nahm I’m sure he will use your donations wisely and will not blow it on meth or heroin.
  9. At 3:26 he says “because of my condition” - what does he mean by that, what condition is he referring to? A lot of folks who live on the streets suffer from mental illness, it’s possible that he’s struggling with mental health issues as well. How do you help someone with schizophrenia, for example? Here is another beautiful soul: This man has a family that loves him very much. And even they could not help him. Not everyone can be helped.
  10. Given that you just started a YouTube channel, I was expecting to find a link to your onlyfans here I was glad to find out that you didn’t go that route.
  11. This is a very nice video.
  12. Just adding to the collection. #breasts