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  1. Bro, I have ADD aswell and im in the exact situation as you and been many times throughout my life and i have risen out of the hole then fell back into it many times so i know exactly how hard and hopeless it can feel to do it (feeling it right now actually) I know people here give a lot of spiritual advice which if u feel is useful to u then great but I know for me when im at that place and your brain isn't working, it can be a bit hard to take in, my advice would be to take more action to form those habits that u mentioned. Go for the small wins, I know it seems overwhelming at first, but start of by like taking a walk for 30 minutes, 5-10 minutes of meditation, eat just a little bit healthier, maybe smoke just a joint less (or whatever you do) thats some really small and doable changes but its already so much better then if u wouldnt have done it. Keep going every day and it will quickly form a snowball effect of positive results and before you know it you're gonna have a strong, healthy, foundation to keep actualizing and building ur life on. Let me know if u want to talk bro id be happy! Im 25 and in a very similar life situation so maybe we could help each other
  2. I suppose this would also apply to valaciclovir and other antiviral medication? I take oral valaciclovir for regular herpes outbreaks. Do you have some source for antiviral medication being neurotoxic?
  3. I will say this tho, a lot of people are going to give you a lot of different advice of things and techniques to do. This and that supplement, mindfulness techniques, sleep hygiene, exercise, nutrition, this and that. The truth of the matter is that if you truly have insomnia then nothing is going to work. And you have to realize that. And as soon as you realize that and accept that, boom, you'll be able to sleep. In cognitive behavorial therapy for insomnia there is a term called "sleep effort". That means anything you try to do to make you sleep better, will actually make it worse. So to truly "beat" insomnia once and for all is to simply not give a fuck about sleep! Easier said than done, i know lol. Because the tricky part is now trying not to give a fuck also turns into a sleep effort. If you want to learn more about this I highly suggest looking into CBTi, its been proven to be the absolute most effective treatment for insomnia.
  4. I suffer from chronic insomnia myself and it has been really severe at times so I can deeply empathize with you. Can you specify a bit more exactly what ur problems are? Do you get complete inability to fall asleep or wake up at night? How many hours of sleep do you get on average? Is it due to anxiety like racing thoughts and worries, or you just cant sleep so to speak?
  5. Have no real good advice to give, just remember, you'll find a way! Just keep going bro
  6. Eckhart tolle drinks a couple glasses of wine every day. So yes.
  7. I am wondering whether there is any clear relationship between where ur at in the spiral and the level of happiness. I am thinking it should be logically, the higher the stage = more conscious = happier but when i think about it, it doesnt seem to be true necesarilly. It seems like mental disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety etc are much more prevalent in stage orange and green. Things like anxiety and depression seem to be almost non existing in stage purple and red because your so busy with day to day survival and when i picture a sort of stereotypical stage blue person like a hardcore christian with traditional family values etc i picture a person that is pretty content, at peace and living a meaningful life (to them) feels almost to me like when you reach the higher stages of spiral dynamics is when you start developing neurosis, anxiety, depression, existential crisis etc. What do you guys think?
  8. Well, i dont know how much people would appreciate my music here haha, i mostly sing about drugs and sex. Thanks for your advice! Yeah thats what im trying to tell myself aswell, to just make music for the joy of it. As soon as these feelings of pressure comes in it completely takes the fun out of the process...
  9. I recently started making music and just now started putting myself out and trying to promote my music which was a big step to release it because im kind of shy and have alot of self doubt. I actually really enjoy my own art and i personally think i make very good music but i know the genre im making a lot of people dont like it and are going to find it cringy etc plus im not really getting the response i was hoping for. This is causing a lot of emotions of self-doubt, low self esteem etc. I feel like this has to be a pretty common issue for many people as they're in the starting stage of creating something, whether its like a business or youtube channel or something. Anybody got some advice how to deal with this? Wont give up tho!!
  10. This is a popular myth because soy contains high levels of phytoestrogens, but I am pretty sure there are no real evidence to support that soy consumption for humans messes with our hormones.
  11. If your purpose is spiritual development and awakening experiences, how does regular old magic mushrooms stand against other more potent psychedelics such as maybe LSD or DMT and its synthetic kinds? I would like to do them all, especially 5-meo as it seems the most potent for awakening but unfortunately I do not have access to it right now but I do have have access to shrooms. What do you guys think?
  12. I agree that plant based is probably the way to go for health but one thing always confused me. People are talking about vegan diet as the way were "supposed" to eat. But we need vitamin B12 to live, and B12 is found in animal products??? Am i missing something here?
  13. @Nickyy @Nahm @Vercingetorix @Superfluo @LeoX8 Thank you all for offering advice and giving me support! After posted this i decided to take action again once and for all to try and become as happy and healthy as i possibly can from my circumstances. I now have 10 days of eating really healthy, meditation and no-fap, and i already feel a big improvement in my overall mood. Maybe i cant heal myself in three months but what if i go on like this consistently for three years? 10 years? Surely if i devote myself to becoming a better person and not give up something good must come out of it I will try my best
  14. Hope some of you can take the time to read this and give me some advice or maybe just some encouraging words, because i am feeling very hopeless and sad at this moment. I am suffering from some sort of condition. I dont know if its gut issues, some type of fatigue syndrome or maybe just plain old stress/anxiety as the doctors suggest, even though I kind of doubt its only that... I have had this since I was 17. I was a pretty high level athlete, then I got sick a bunch of times and took a lot of antibiotics for months. After that something happened to me, i started having severe skin infections, sick all the time, extremely fatigued, cognitive issues and pretty severe anxiety and depression. And this came out of nowhere after being a very energetic and happy kid who loved spending time with friends and doing sports. I quit school, quit boxing, isolated myself and stopped hanging out with friends. Im 24 now and its been like this more or less ever since. I would say im feeling better in some ways but its mostly because i have learned to deal with this condition better. Meditation, diet etc helps. I have been to countless doctors, taking every test, neurological testing etc and they all say i am fine and that its probably just stress and anxiety. I dont know what to do. I know something is wrong with me and I would pay a lot of money to find out what it is and what to do about it. Twice I tried going on a balanced plant-based whole-food diet and both times after 3-4 months i started having crazy anxiety and insomnia, herpes and skin problems, tingling, numbness and fasciculations, so i had to give it up. And no one can give me and explanation why this happened? A normal healthy body should be able to be vegetarian/vegan. I have tried every medication and antidepressant out there, ssris, add pills etc I always react terribly and get crazy side effects. I have not felt happy in 6 years. The only sort of hope of happiness that I have is that maybe if I just eat healthy, meditate, try to manage my stress and stay consistent then over months or years maybe just maybe my body could recover and go back to normal again. The problem is that I cant really do shit. I cant go to school, cant be with friends, cant do anything because of my anxiety and stress. Theres so much more to write about my situation but whatever, maybe somebody can give me any kind of advice. At this point everything just feels so fucking pointless I want to end it all