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  1. @Leo Gura As a self help guru and as an inspiration for the teachings etc you have made an impact for sure. But I would like to bring your attention to the forum becoming a huge distraction for sincere seekers instead of a support. also I don’t like the fact that it’s a huge deal to remove your account and data, once you have joined the community, I have messaged @Leo Gura to remove my account for a week and he seems to avoid it without any response at all. do you think it’s okay to make people feel like they are trapped once they are in, just because you want to increase your business numbers ? I think Leo doesn’t have understanding of what he preaches, he doesn’t care about personal freedom of choice of others.
  2. It was a long post to go through covering different aspects to sex, absolutely deep and profound, kudos @Galyna Sex is not just bodies at play, it’s also an exploration for the mind to the direction of extreme pleasure when mind seeks asylum in the polar opposite in its duality, the physical sensations and emotions are the first thing that meets the eye of an ordinary lusty mind. For the advanced, sex is the whole of infinity what one calls god and other calls nothingness when Masculine hacks and penetrates the feminine essence of absolute beauty and brings her to bloom with ecstasy and shows her the absolute lucidity of truth. it is a transformation for those who understand spirituality and can source connect, the sex is about consciousness and the absolute intelligence manifesting itself to bring creation. God planting itself in the nature of duality creating absolute burst of divine potent energy and unlimited joy. Sex = Source of universe
  3. Consciousness You're wrong, that's what your confusion all about and it's your ego resisting truth right here
  4. "I am eleven miles away to the window of paradise." Not really "Illusory purpose will create the being on its own" As a being, it's your responsibility to create it and though absolutely it might be illusion but create it consciously. We live in the relative world, conscious purpose will help to create a beautiful dream, that's what God choose us for, to dream up more loving, more conscious world.
  5. You know how to do everything you knew before, making choice depends on your aim... And aim/purpose is just construction, so construct a purpose and then making choices will be simple
  6. Ambiguity nd confusion ... Well bc it's a new paradigm.. find out what the fears & confusion about, write down the thoughts that comes, now try to discover the truth behind your core beliefs, are they able to explain the experience you're having, mostly not, then adopt the better models in whatever confusion you have...
  7. Rightly said, It's never about what you think, but what is. Not letting your inner chattering stops you from doing what it takes is the real work
  8. Red pill is bullshit, patriarchy is bullshit, feminism is bullshit, socialism is bullshit, capitalism is bullshit... Any philosophy or ideology which tries to contain the infinity into finity is bullshit... As we're talking red pill, it has its purpose just like porn has its own purpose, killing someone for food has a purpose. Red pill excludes feminine and sees the world from a shallow, lusty lens, but it's a state of consciousness... Untill it manifests as a crime or something like that, we've to trust the process of evolution in the red pillers and give them chances.. Lastly this quote summarise the whole red pill cult, now only the men who had no chance and completely ignorant about woman will fall for it, and what will cure him is feeling of love and experience of sex, not ranting against this ideology. "A woman is a lock and a man is a key. If a key opens a lot of locks, it is a master key. But if one lock is opened by lots of keys, it is a dodgy lock." - reddit/redpill
  9. Talking about naan, tasty while still chewing it but will know the unhealthy after effects when it reaches your stomach... But won't stop you to enjoy once in a while... About other things, where I live, pure veggies, even egg is a sin... In morning, my mom fried eggplants filled with spices, tasty enough... That said, favorite Indian curry is Kadhi. Tastiest while being pure veg??
  10. @Galyna nice, thanks for sharing
  11. @Galyna It's scary how smooth it is to create and spread love together, flowing into endless river of it, intertwined savoring this moment's essence... So fully immersed to not care about anyone, in this moment with you, others cease to exist, only you remain, becoming my world, there is nothing else, never even was, we were always the universe... it's too tasty to let go, be here forever, erasing the past and future, and feel me to the wholeness... You're my endless poetic loop, without you I cease to exist, your admiration is my 5-meo dmt, your love is my most favorite dish.. ❤