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  1. Talking about naan, tasty while still chewing it but will know the unhealthy after effects when it reaches your stomach... But won't stop you to enjoy once in a while... About other things, where I live, pure veggies, even egg is a sin... In morning, my mom fried eggplants filled with spices, tasty enough... That said, favorite Indian curry is Kadhi. Tastiest while being pure veg😍😋
  2. @Galyna nice, thanks for sharing
  3. @Galyna It's scary how smooth it is to create and spread love together, flowing into endless river of it, intertwined savoring this moment's essence... So fully immersed to not care about anyone, in this moment with you, others cease to exist, only you remain, becoming my world, there is nothing else, never even was, we were always the universe... it's too tasty to let go, be here forever, erasing the past and future, and feel me to the wholeness... You're my endless poetic loop, without you I cease to exist, your admiration is my 5-meo dmt, your love is my most favorite dish.. ❤
  4. Love, well that's what I was craving for and she came to my life.. Made me Unbreakably strong, that's what I wanted my whole life, someone to love me so deep that it gives me ultimate freedom from all the suffering... Fear getting attached and lose my center but it makes me even more strong, the strength such that everyone just bow down unconditionally... Love so immensely, that it kills me completely... What should remain is the God, everything else just burns away, nothing left, infinity is so profound... She wants to grow into me and I want to let her be me, I become her amazing energetic voice and she become my purpose... I forget who is me and who is she.. Even after we're so far, we think from each others mind... Fear of losing shakes our dream and now we wonder alone, we come to the reality plane to take action from that real point and grow more towards each other and then we meet again feeling even deeper into the hearts of ourselves... It becomes so confusing to untangle that who was who to begin with... Or are we always the one
  5. The time has come
  6. The me is in danger if you seek God... Beware the path you walk
  7. What you call external is inside you, just unexplored... You're the container itself, we're parts but the whole too
  8. although we don't have to rush to put it into words, thanks for caring.. It can turn into spiritual ego, so that's why patience is so important, to mature it into the profound understanding to help sincere seekers coming along.
  9. So here we've subjectivity issue... What I mean killing the ego is to have crystal clear thoughts only what you directly experience, from a primary perspective... Believe only what you sense yourself and never believe any secondary source... Take book for the pages and black color, not for what's written inside... Starting from this slowly and carefully build your belief system such that your thoughts reflect the reality perfectly.... That's what I call ego death state... You're like a machine, never manipulating your direct experience... Ofc it would be not practical but the nearer you go, closer you be to the truth compared to your own self. Also while perceiving fellow beings, it'll be difficult to keep the map and you've to constantly capture the states, as they constantly change
  10. There's never a definite answer, it has to be wandered about.. The words you write are subjective, by projections you might mean one thing and I can get other... So if we believe our sense organs which is the most we can rely on... The direct experience is the king... But if you say the senses are limited it changes the whole context.. Do you see how even your vocabulary defines the constraints of what you say... Philosophy is more about asking right questions, the moment you get an answer it stops. It's all about feeling content within. Even though external circumstances are opposed to you, you feel good... How? You can't have the ego... You've to kill it, learn reinventing it, either you realise it or beat it to death by practices, now you're good just being, not lost in thoughts, always seeing it for what is it.. Now you have a fulfilled life whatever circumstances.
  11. For him and even you, this might be true... But someone who doesn't feel complete is not already whole... That's what the work is all about, it's not just about thinking that you're complete it's much more than that... There's whole lot of belief system and subconsciousness involved...
  12. You mean the better quality female I date, better I understand and mirror her, healthier my inner feminine will be and vice versa... That's a cool insight... So ultimately after growing into my opposite gender, as well as my own.. I start to become whole. Wow
  13. Although there is this greedy mentality, it's not that simple. It's mostly a transaction, a codependent one, you want something and other want something else... But the communication is not clear, so it works fine till both needs are met... But as soon as one stops receiving it starts to go downward spiral, creating tons of suffering... So being independent is the key, from there only you can fulfill and be fulfilled without asking for it and needing to please. ❤