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  1. if you see everyone as a part of you, then everyone is equal and there is no point discriminating. You can choose a strategy, play the game and keep improving.
  2. Depends on kind of skills you have. And then it’s just doing the work. You need to sit down and figure out where are you stuck at.
  3. @Chrisd interesting 😂 @Jacquelope I think one also has to be lucky otherwise you cross your soulmate without even knowing. It’s interesting how simple it is to identify them when you know yourself.
  4. @Princess Arabia no I didn’t
  5. It’s not that I dismissed it, I said I will read it. My only complaint that it was too long because it was very general sort of advice. Ofc I don’t care guru or not, and definitely it was easier to read as it was simple. Thanks for sharing… 💜
  6. @Princess Arabia thanks for writing it all that you had to say on this. But for some feedback it would have been better if you have only made your point briefly for people to actually take your wisdom. Honestly It feels like you are listening to some YouTube guru and you have regurgitated all that you have listened. Anyway I appreciate the effort and time, also a lot of wisdom in this, but it will take time for me to fully make sense of this long writing.
  7. @CoolDreamThanks thanks for sharing your perspective, although your idealistic position doesn’t serve much as everything is false ego. Even the new identity you might want to make out of your culture is going to be a new kind of false ego. All these points you copy pasted from somewhere was not needed, Theory is easily available everywhere. finally, try not to get triggered because you don’t know my specific situation. And it’s better to be kind since you don’t know how heartbroken I already am.
  8. Yes that’s where all my issues begin with, to not have enough maturity in the beginning of the relationship. Identity and culture might not be too important for most people but in my specific case they were crucial. Thanks for pointing it out 🙏
  9. When and where did you see this blue light, what’s the center of this light. Also was it exactly blue or some other version of blue ?
  10. My ex didn’t want me to make any female friends. So naturally it doesn’t work, even though I was fully committed, it created so much tension between us, getting doubted all the time. So this is a red flag… if a woman ask you to not have any female friends, you better leave her for good. We all make mistakes as beginners in dating, even though we can have purest intentions, a lofty vision with your partner together. These small mistake grow and destroy the whole thing. Let’s share all the red flags when screening a woman to date long term and as a possible life partner. Basically minimising the chances of divorce, it’s just too unpredictable but still there are some basic traits and red flags which should be filtered out. please share if you have any.
  11. @Princess Arabia you are so on point about self love and all the philosophy around it. But there is a whole lot of idealism when it comes to not having expectations, normally the relationship starts with expectations to begin with.
  12. @NoSelfSelf parents and culture are important, it makes up your DNA. Although it depends since your cultural identity might be very different.
  13. For me personally, I will not engage emotionally with any female if she puts any conditions to be with me. Even though they might sound fair for her situation, you never know which direction her emotional minds slips away and to keep her, you would have to put a lot of energy into it, which means Relationship will be very tensed and destroyed. Only with a lot of hurt and lessons to be derived from it .
  14. Since I was young, my way to learn anything was to make mistakes. For some years, I was in a phase of romance in my life, it’s bittersweet symphonies are the most addictive ones. Even though there was a great chemistry between us, it didn’t fit practically so had to let go. Lesson that I learned from it is the most important. 1. Nothing is more important than yourself. 2. Second most important thing is your identity and that is your history, your parents and your culture. 3. Your purpose of life originates from these above 2 points. Now I would never trust anyone blindly and always think practically before investing emotionally. Why make any bonds that has to broken later. If it hurts once and your partner doesn’t listen… it will hurt next time and it will hurt until there is no relationship so never compromise what you feel bad about. Even if it is just a suspicion.
  15. Thanks a lot guys, I conclude that all these terms are labels which might be true or untrue depending on the nature of relationship.