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  1. @Shanmugam thank you brother for your videos.. just awesome stuff!
  2. I do not follow sadhguru blindly. And only watched some of his yoga and historical myths videos. But the water went over my head when I heard that food get poisened on the day of lunar eclipse. Now, I understand sadhguru better after going over this thread. He maybe doing good work but he still have a big ego and so he always tries to defend himself and is not on the path of complete truth.
  3. You are nothing but your soul, but most of people have their consciousness (soul) covered by their egos. They while functioning as a separate ego can do corrupt things in the unconscious states, because they do not know that ultimately they are harming their consciousness (soul) and will end up in suffering as a result. This is what means by selling your soul.
  4. The soul is not about debating. It's all about experiencing the consciousness and going deeper into it. It will be all clear to you if you practice spiritual methods with dedication. Without work, you can not understand the true meaning and depth of it.
  5. Blue national anthem debate. Indian media
  6. Hi friends, I am trying to improve my productivity, but I don't clearly see where workaholism starts. How do we define it. How do we end up in that state. So that we can have ways to avoid it.
  7. @frnsh everything is good when we are conscious about what actually happening. But there are times when we feel low and in those times we judge, we project.
  8. @Key Elements yes, she is right. I think, we automatically and gradually move towards our passion. It's not something we find one day. It's a life long process. But then we need to also understand how it fits into bigger picture, and accordingly plan strategically to massive success. It's a blend of planning but then also being flexible. And in the process we should not get stuck. Yeah beautiful talk, thanks!!
  9. @Key Elements The main problem I face is that I value freedom the most. So for that I becomes alone and then feel lack of resources. Yes, I will try to go step by step from now on. And will use this forum as my support group. @frnsh hey you just found root of the problems I mentioned, thanks for that. I found out the same while contemplating but couldn't share it with anybody. I was recently trying to make relationships with my family members more positive and in that process I sometime feel depression. I am overwhelmed by whatever is happening around me. It's too difficult to manage my life so I sometime just leave everything. And then this forum always provides me support and the push me upwards again. It feels so good when someone understands you.
  10. Also I was doing nofap but due to high stress, I couldn't continue. How to deal with stress during nofap??
  11. I was doing a job where I had to take a lot of mental stress regularly and it was deteriorating my health. I finally crashed and quit. But is there a healthy way to feel relaxed at workplace and enjoy it.
  12. How to find, what's meaningful for me ?