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  1. interesting!
  2. and for me, good/bad ceased to exist, the day I learned spiral dynamics No, I am nowhere near that level, it's not that easy
  3. @Preety_India, no, I have not skimmed that but you need violence some times, and getting arrested can be for good reasons, like fighting for what is right. Anyways, he seems to me a stage red-blue person, and there was huge potential to speedy evolution there as surrounding society is at orange.
  4. @Preety_India What things you actually found awful about him. It is a known fact that there exists multiple personality types like in myers briggs, and some of them are more compatible with one another. So maybe you call it quit, but he might have been a better match to her.
  5. @Leo Gura agreed, I have this tendency to go too fast, and competitive to be the best. Watching your videos have helped me to let go of this tendency but it comes again and again. Also I have a long list of things keep going in mind that I want to do but still not clear how it will manifest in the future. So my go to strategy has become to trying to go too fast. So that I can be miles ahead of others. But it takes me longer in the end.
  6. India is a spiral dynamics level blue society, having blue-orange politicians. You will see more of it in the coming days. Whoever has the more money, can just buy the elections now a days.
  7. Yeah, sorry previously I just read only your initial paragraphs and judged your father. But after reading it I think we should listen to older people, and pay attention because they have experienced more things (not necessarily) in their life and generally have derived wisdom which we can't even think about because of not going through the tough times like they did. But anyways you never know how your life might have turned with the native American guy, as it was possible (might be with low probability) for him to transform and make a successful life.
  8. The brain of your father is programmed to feel superior, it gives sadistic pleasure to ego to think itself better. At the bigger level society's collective ego also support that, and feel good to think itself better than other races. It also keeps a pressure on other people in the group to converge on the same beliefs. In India, where the race is almost same across the regions, there are exclusions along the lines of religion and castes.
  9. Yeah, I completely agree with @Preety_India. I myself was in a worse situation than you. I just felt so overwhelmed in front of girls, and always had only boys as my friends. But after doing shadow work and mindfulness, it's not a problem for me now. There are so many ingrained wrong beliefs specially about women still present in the society. And it takes time to get free of that and seeing from an open minded perspective again. There is immense lack of understanding between genders. Try to journal your belief system, you will be able to find that so many of them are just irrelevant in the new age. Thanks!
  10. Evolution is slowly, so it might take decades for our society to evolve living in harmony and transforming with optimal rate of growth. Instead, revolution gives the same results within a shorter time frame. Isn't it better to fight for a cause to create a sudden change, which might have took so much longer with the natural evolution process. Which should be preferred in which context. Can you guys help me clarify things here?
  11. Cool visions! Very interesting stuff I came across in your notes. In which fields you are looking for career?
  12. @Shanmugam thank you brother for your videos.. just awesome stuff!
  13. I do not follow sadhguru blindly. And only watched some of his yoga and historical myths videos. But the water went over my head when I heard that food get poisened on the day of lunar eclipse. Now, I understand sadhguru better after going over this thread. He maybe doing good work but he still have a big ego and so he always tries to defend himself and is not on the path of complete truth.