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  1. Certainly, a whole lot of people on this forum don't deserve and it can be potentially dangerous to their feeble minds, and they will just distract you with criticism. Instead of putting your videos on youtube publicly, maybe select a few high potential students who can follow along with your teachings.
  2. @JessiChell it's ok, take your time 🙂
  3. Good decision, don't let your ego decide for you. I've not offered you friendship yet. You have to be worthy for it.
  4. It is coming from a duality perspective, difficult but realise you are him. Accept him and integrate. Sorry if it seems bitter but that's how reality is.
  5. @JessiChell 😅 this journey is not never ending, you achieve the state of absolute bliss eventually. True, even though leo might claim otherwise, this forum is certainly a marketing medium for his course. But then you have to see, some of us are here because we have enough of self love and we want to contribute.
  6. @JessiChell if truth be told, even leo lacks it, that's why he is running this forum. Ha, but I am sure I have plenty of it and you need a boost of it given your post.
  7. @JessiChell you need self-love of all, but because you don't realise it yet, it's difficult. Are you overthinking?
  8. @Galyna Immerse yourself in your life's calling, try to strive for focus from fractured time work. Read good books, Talk to higher consciousness people, Live the today like you'll die tomorrow. There is so much to explore, so much to do, The life is a gift, this is the time to achieve your dreams. So dream something big, and slowly It will come true ...
  9. @JessiChell Do it in your home, don't wait for the studio. Start meditating!
  10. You're too just dreaming the outer world to be sad, projecting your inner to the outer dream. It's how the God works, nothing sad about it. You feel sad untill you realise the nondual nature of the truth, get free from Maya.
  11. @Etherial Cat my mother was most conscious in my family, for that she had responsibilities, which I understood. She was love always all the time. I forgave her already, it's the neediness in myself, which I am only now letting go of, I loved her, but not myself, it was also related to self-esteem issue of not able to attract a date. I am grateful to the universe, maybe won't suffer for the same anymore, as now I have the awareness.
  12. @Etherial Cat Though it is a valid issue many people deal with. but the root cause here is the lack of self-love, which we suffer from because of we are not aware. Also, the lack of self-love and lack of consciousness are two sides of the same coin.
  13. Having more friends seem cool to people, but attention management is difficult after all, and family becomes a priority over friends always