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  1. @Carl-Richard but norway is capitalistic in its exploitation of North sea oil reserves, not many country have such resources. Ofc any system will work if a country is resource rich and if you really want to go green and stop consuming natural resources, I don't think social democracy will work.
  2. Thank you everyone for commenting, I will like to point out few things which either got confused with something else or I had a different view. 1. Social Democrat ideology is not different from communism There are important differences as in how they define themselves but the people who support this are the same who call themselves progressive and go against anything conservative. I don't want to see it from a theoretical pov, but practicality. If you see Bernie and stalin, there might be some difference in their growth given their cultural and time differences, but what they are trying to achieve is the same ideal of equality. Demonizing capitalism and giving too much power to govt, however good the leader is, he has to depend on a system and when this system has so much power, bcz of corruption it ends up misusing it, take any examples, it's just a blunder. This ideology is a ego reaction of idealistic intellectuals to the rich of that times, and it collapses however good a system is. 2. What is stage green, and trying to map spiral dynamics to just about everything I see lots of people on who know sd, identifying as green or who associates with their ideology, ofc they might not be green as you all said. But these are the people who are sleeves up against anything blue or orange, demonize it, discriminates against and always standing up with the people who play victim but don't see their own fault lines. So these people provide an escape route to these drama queens and dumb support, since it's collective ideology, it just brings too much overall toxicity into the community. They tend to just follow what everyone supports and not have to think for themselves. Creating campaign without getting into deeper understanding, making these gangs who even do violence, and reject everything conservative even if it's wise. But let me tell you what you say wisdom right now, will be conservatism after a decade, so anything progressive is not by default better than a conservative idea, mostly you don't get the depth of this. So it's really toxic for society if you spread that progressive is always better than conservative, and which is the case actually.
  3. The other thing is talks about is going collective. Don't you think leo, that governments are for collective, why do you see this is such a contrast, the democracies around the world does just that they take up the collective issues, also assuming that world is at least blue, if you really had it, your family will care for you if you have health problems and ofc govts do that, without needing to go extremely collective. Going extreme collective which is renamed as green in sd for leftist ideology, is really destructive for society, it's like going in stone tribal age. Where the people had this huge collective ego and killed anyone differing to their collective opinion. I see this right now going on social media where people you call green lynch mob anyone who dare critique this collective world view.
  4. So I was listening to Leo's critique of JP, and this argument that how stage green governments are not a danger. He says that people who are extreme left aka as green in democrats won't be same as so many other past left govts like stalin and mao. I don't seem to get this. First of all, I don't think spiral dynamics is not a model to be followed literally. So mapping it literally to the real world politics doesn't even make sense, but still if you do that. The left/green is an ideology that never worked for the people, it always ended up killing and oppressing people because the system doesn't really work due to the idealization and extremist perspective of it. Just look at every country which followed it, even china is not following it. Capitalism might have its evils but you will have to choose a lesser evil. It is a great ideology to think that everyone should have same opportunities but you have to work for them, someone else is not responsible for you, you have to create them for yourself. You can't force people to help others if they don't want it. How on earth we believe that Bernie Sander's imagined system won't end up creating the same destruction, communism has done in the past, just because it sounds ideal and equal, and because spiral dynamics put green above the orange other first tier. I got to know that sd was applied to understand Israel Palestinian situation and it didn't work, because this model is too simplistic, its very linear while reality is infinitely complex and nonlinear. I think it's not a good argument from leo, and he is doing it out of his attachment to the left ideology. It's his ego at work.
  5. @Galyna wow, stencil is such a good metaphor to explain how belief system works as an fixed ego mindset, and this stencil keeps modifying for a growth mindset, but ultimately it's stencil for everyone however different kinds. I am so happy that you finally getting what does it points to just being awareness, seeing sensations, emotions and thoughts for what they are, and not identifying with them, and seeing yourself as this all encompassing awareness, which you are, here and now. I love how you explained this so simply, beautiful indeed?. P.S. someone who doesn't yet have this understanding, note that analogies are only to articulate it to others and a language construct, so don't stuck to it and do the work to get it for yourself.
  6. It's not violence, it's just telling the bitter truth out loud, and no, I'm not afraid of stupidity turning against me, I'll oppose it till my death.
  7. Yes, it's all right.. Don't put so much load on your little brain to understand this. It will explode
  8. I'm surprised how can someone be so stupid to not understand it in 12 years.
  9. Yes I already asked them, and I follow those mythologies and they have loads of deep wisdom. Every ritual and tradition has a deep meaning. You need to stop your stupid thinking and give some time to learn about itit before bullshitting.
  10. Ok let me tell you, there's nothing like Hinduism. What you say Hinduism is sanatana dharma and no it's not a organized religion, it's just spiritual practices, living according to your principles and being moral. Also, no idol is not finite, even though I see God as finite.
  11. Yes, and no, nobody thinks like that, it's just your stupid opinion.
  12. How did you conclude that an idol worshipper thinks God lives in the sky? Completely opposite he sees God in everything even that beautiful idol, he gets new insights about higher expressions of love which has been sculpted in the idol. Basically idol is a great tool to reach God. It can be a object of concentration, the goal is make that idol alive, making that idol talk to you and give you insights which are ofc based in deep mythology. Nah, you are aware of just the half truth. God is also form, conceivable, filled, fullness, finite love and can be expressed using form. Not dogmatic at all, completely reasonable. I think idols are one of the greatest spiritual tools.
  13. Idols are beautiful, a sculpture puts so much creativity into a stone and create an art, while worshipping it, worshippers are trying to reflect their own into the beauty of it and this transcending to their higher self. So this is never an issue. For example, there are religions such like Islam where idolatry is banned, but just see how much violence, rapes, kidnappings Islam causes by creating millions of bigots supporting each other in tandem. Because the Quran makes them a bigot even though it's a book and not an idol.
  14. That's just falsehood, I'll show you lots of indians critical of modi. Mostly people doesn't have time to be critical if there's not any agenda. Also labelling someone crony, tyrant, fascist is very amateurish, at least be a good nuanced critic or no one will take it seriously.