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  1. Wish I could go back to the 1990s, the mentality among people was very different then. This social media culture me, me, me generation is like waking up to a nightmare every day.
  2. Does social media these days like tik tok, Insta make people more fake, self-absorbed and superficial as well as encourage narcissism? What do you think ? I have noticed that many youtube and Instagram influencers have these traits and behaviors.
  3. Why are the majority of the world's population at such a low level of consciousness and ego development? It's very sad because this creates all the devilry and crap in society and people treat each other badly. Will it get better in the near future?
  4. Love is immortal timeless eternal and infinite. Universal mind/ Consciousness Is Infinite Love
  5. How should I explain to others when I say that the truth / source of reality and existence is infinite love? There will be comments like "if reality is infinite love, why is there war, suffering, violence, disease and so on?"