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  1. and some others, What Is Reality The Ultimate Structure Of Reality Explained Guided Exercises For Understanding Infinite Consciousness Understanding Bias - Bias, Love, & Mind Explained
  2. @Leo Gura So where is God and Love in all of this? sometimes i have hard time believing in God.
  3. @Leo Gura Why are you making generalizations? All girls are not the same and have the same taste, same thing with guys. There are girls who like quiet, calm and modest guys. The mentality that all girls like talkative, macho narcissistic guys "Tate types" is nothing more than a cultural trend,
  4. @jake473 Social media have created a narcissistic epidemic in society. Just look at these influencers that display a superficial narcissistic self centered lifestyle and behaviors that impact millions of the younger people today "monkey see monkey do" in that way narcissism have skyrocket in society. This was not actually possible in the 90s/early 2000s due to technological limitations of course there were assholes and shitty things happening in those days but I remember people were more genuine and humble than today and nowadays most people have put on fake persona and copy what they see narcissistic people behaves on social media.
  5. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, da vinci, Shakespeare etc, had a very special connection with infinite intelligence or universal mind where the art was drawn from. It was not Bach's or Beethoven's brains that produced this godlike genius music, they were connected to infinite intelligence.
  6. Wish I could go back to the 1990s, the mentality among people was very different then. This social media culture me, me, me generation is like waking up to a nightmare every day.
  7. Does social media these days like tik tok, Insta make people more fake, self-absorbed and superficial as well as encourage narcissism? What do you think ? I have noticed that many youtube and Instagram influencers have these traits and behaviors.
  8. Why are the majority of the world's population at such a low level of consciousness and ego development? It's very sad because this creates all the devilry and crap in society and people treat each other badly. Will it get better in the near future?
  9. Love is immortal timeless eternal and infinite. Universal mind/ Consciousness Is Infinite Love