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  1. Yeah obviously none of these are excuses to actually prevent us from doing it. It's much better in the long run to ban it. I'm just wondering if there couldn't be a way to do it with less friction and without threatening the whole system.
  2. I've heard some people say they prefer middle-distance relationships. As in, relationships with someone who lives far enough away that you can't quite spend weeknights together, but not so far either that you couldn't see each other on weekends. Could someone clarify for me why someone would prefer that? What benefits does it give?
  3. On September 25th, we'll be voting on a popular initiative to ban intensive breeding in Switzerland, and ban imports of animal products that were produced with intensive breeding. I don't know if that's the exact term in English, I used deepl to get that phrase. I'm referring to the practice of putting thousands of chicken inside a single barn and whatnot. This initiative wants to ban that, specifically the idea will be to put in place the rules for the Swiss organic label as of 2018 (at the time the initiative was created, this was the most recent one), but for all animal products. There will be a transitory period of 25 years to implement this. So I'm curious, what do y'all think about it? Do you think it's a good idea to just implement a blanket ban? IMO it's too disruptive to the current system. Meat is already incredibly expensive (as in, if you can find steak for less than 25 Francs a kilo at the supermarket, congrats) and forcing it to be organic will make it even worse. Of course if that gets people to eat less meat, that helps with climate change, but still. There's also the problem of borders. There's actually a significant amount of people who live quite close to the borders with France, Germany, and Italy (Basel, the 3rd biggest city, is literally in the middle between France and Germany), so what prevents people from going and buying their cheap animal food in those countries? Will we have to implement border controls? Technically there are limitations right now regarding what you can cross the border with, but controls are rare and people don't care. Also, you know the Swiss organic label has its own rules, and other countries have their own rules themselves for their organic labels, I don't know about you but I know this will absolutely not go well in any way, shape or form. How are we supposed to enforce our rules and what kind of leeway can we really allow? Of course, for the most part, we can assume that any organic label worth its salt will prevent intensive breeding, but still I'd assume it could be a point of contention. Now, despite all this, I'm going to vote yes, because of course I want to ban intensive breeding, and who knows perhaps it'll inspire the EU to join in and ban intensive breeding themselves. Just because it's disruptive to the system doesn't mean we shouldn't do it, it means the system is broken and we need a new system. Or just eat less meat, plant-based protein powder is an alternative (I haven't really looked into it too much though). Unfortunately it also means it's not going to pass.
  4. Yeah you don't have to learn all languages of course. Only the one in the specific place you go to. Since 60% of the population speaks German, you have access to most of the country. Don't go to Genève or Lausanne, for example, as we speak French here. Yeah I know plenty of people still single in their 30's, you're more than fine.
  5. The forum is definitely a great platform to use for this, absolutely! Leo actually has the chance to have direct contact with his community through here so it's good to take advantage of that.
  6. I was reading your bullet points and I was thinking "Come to Switzerland". You got everything from your list. There's no ocean but we have lakes and the Mediterranean isn't even that far. Not knowing French, German, or Italian at the beginning is fine because most people speak English well anyways, we kinda have to in order to speak to the other parts of the country. You should learn your local language once you do move here though. I think if you're emigrating to any country on Earth, the biggest difficulty will be getting a job. You have to find a job and get hired here before being able to move and, though I've never tried, I have to assume it's harder if you're emigrating.
  7. I think Leo uses DMT but I've just been doing it sober. Tbh it's not like you can't be fun and socialize sober, just have to learn and practice.
  8. What do you mean by "not be prevented". Do you mean we'll get 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 degrees warming? Do you mean that we're just going to keep emitting GHGs even well into the second half of the 21st century? And what technology are you thinking here? Geoengineering? Or finding new ways to grow food in less ideal conditions? Even extending that, finding ways to have human beings living in a harsher climate?
  9. Why are cars allowed on the road? They're incredibly heavy, requiring massive amounts of energy. Said energy may come from fossil fuels, which is bad, or the car may be electric but then require enormous amounts of materials for the batteries. They're huge. Like ... huuuuge. They take up way too much space and that is just a wildly inefficient use of space for transporting people. And also all the space you need to park the damn cars for the 90% of the time they're not moving. They're very dangerous, it's very easy to kill or seriously injure someone with a car. Now of course I'm not oblivious that you'd need a car in specific situations I've found that as long as there's decent infrastructure, taking the car is very much a last resort to be used only in rare occasions, and through a car-sharing service. -- Also to answer your question, where else are we supposed to go when there's no bike lanes or sidewalks. Since you're talking about 60 km/h that is outside of cities and very very common not to have a bike lane or a sidewalk in these places.
  10. That's actually very interesting, I've never thought of it that way and I can see it applying in my life. Every time I apply myself and start really working something, it's because I have a stronger desire. So for example, even though I got a degree in Software Engineering, I haven't programmed at all in my free time for about 3 years. But now that I'm looking for a new job, I'm like "holy shit! Look at all these skills I seem to be lacking!" And now I'm working hard to develop my programming skills again. Or recently I also started taking my health very seriously, eating healthy and exercising. Which I hadn't done for like 7 years. And it seems effortless now but only because I have decided that I wanted to get a great looking physical body and that's what drives me.
  11. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, I'm gonna apply right now.
  12. Hello friends! I'd like to have your arguments about my current situation. I graduated from college almost 3 years ago and had my first job lined up exactly as I graduated. But now I'm actually thinking that I'd want to change jobs. I actually really like the job that I'm doing and I like the overall environment of the company and the colleagues I work with. But there are a few things that are starting to become pretty growing pains and I know that eventually, I'm going to leave this job. But that could be today or five years from now. I would say there are two main things for why there's an expiration date on this job: 1) As I'm becoming more and more left-leaning and anti-capitalistic, it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to work for a bank. A lot of people around me call me a hypocrite and they're 100% right, I really can't continue working for a bank. I'm actually quite strict about this for my next job, it'll either have to be for a non-profit, a worker co-op, or the public sector like the government or a public university. That last point seems to be the most likely because the city I live in is quite a big "student" town. One of the two Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is here, and a lot of other schools. 2) The relationship I have with my colleagues is really starting to become more and more colleague than work friends. Even though we're all very young, it just feels like our personalities don't really mesh all that well outside of work and that's actually quite important to me. I need to have good chemistry outside of work as well. I've actually found a job listing here that I believe I would fit very well and it would be absolutely perfect for me. But the question I'm asking myself is, is it really a good idea to change jobs now? Isn't it too early or should I get more experience under my belt before attempting anything else?
  13. So uhh ... y'all don't think the guy in question might actually been into OP? Like we're just assuming everybody in this situation is straight? As a bi person myself, if I were in OP's situation, I might have actually been pretty receptive to the guy if there was a good vibe between us.
  14. Absolutely horrible experiences. I did not fit in AT ALL. I'll definitely work to release that trauma, even though I think worked through it already somewhat, there's probably a lot to do. Thanks! Yes, that's what I'm trying to accomplish here. I'm trying to make friends specifically to go out with them. The question is HOW! I mean I guess socializing and trying to make friends as much as possible will eventually get me there. I've actually thought about volunteering in an association, yeah. Seems like a really great way to make friends, possibly for the LGBT association I went to. I'm very young, 26, so it's definitely up my sleeve. Workaway sounds great as an experience but I'm not really sure it's going to help me make friends here in this city.
  15. Some context, I moved to this new city recently and have no friends. In fact, I have never had friends I would consider close. My social skills are generally lacking, I have a hard time making conversation and just .. being fun to be around. However, I have decided to better that aspect of my life radically and I want to absolutely get better at all this. The thing is, I really don't know how to make friends. Doing some research around the place, I've heard things like joining clubs like sports clubs or taking classes like yoga or dance classes (I'd actually like to take dance classes because I want to learn how to dance too) ... and even going to bars alone and trying to make friends that way. I did try one thing. The main LGBT association had like a meetup where we had a picnic at a park, I went there and it went just fine (I'm actually bi so I thought I'd meet people I would get a good vibe with). Most of the people there actually don't even live in this city and the ones who did were kinda cool but I don't think I made that good of an impression on them. Idk maybe it's not really my style. I'm definitely gonna keep trying to make friends and going out doing things but one thing I'm super uneasy with is going into social situations (like bars) alone. Like I feel like a huge creep and no one is ever going to want to talk to me. Does anybody have any experiences with this and can enlighten me?