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  1. You could say in the next video on how to get laid to scan for affordable hotels in the area where you do game, for the explorative phase
  2. @Leo Gura Any ideas for how to do game and set up dates if you're distant 15-30 minutes from a big city and you're not yet capable of moving to a high volume area?
  3. @Leo Gura Have you identified the issue?
  4. It already exists. It's called therapy
  5. Will you talk about this in the series about conscious relationship? I guess the dichotomy freedom-intimacy is a huge and critical factor in relationship which needs to be fully understood by people.
  6. It's not that, you missed the point
  7. @Leo Gura The more I practice pickup techniques (push-pulls, qualifications/disqualifications, etc.) the more I find those methods boring, ripetitive, like there is no creativity and I feel like I always resort to the same stuff over and over again. The context changes, so the topics and the stuff I tease girls about change, but the structure is the same. they get me results, but I feel dull inside, too planned. Am I doing them wrong?
  8. Tony Robbins' or Byron Katie's stuff might help you. Raise your standards, push yourself more, raise your expectations of yourself, and keep them up until you muster the courage and the strength to align to them. If your standards are high, they will soon start to bug you until you decide to make something to ease the discomfort. That will be the moment you'll start being proactive. Don't lower your standards, raise yourself to meet your standards. And until then, let them be high enough to let you know who you can become.
  9. That's a basic human blindspot, isn't it? (Generally speaking)
  10. @Hello from Russia Try intersecting it with Wilber's quadrants, Spiral Dynamics, Ego Development Stages, Erotic Blueprints, Enneagramm, Horoscope, Reichian Physiology, Cognitive Functions, defense mechanisms, the big 5 personalities, chakra blockages/development, etc.
  11. @Strangeloop When you'll be sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you will change. You're not there yet. Keep sinking into your depression, and you snap your rubber-band-like motivation.
  12. @Michael569 What about frozen vegetables (or even vegetables + legumes, frozen) packages that you cook on the spot?
  13. The universe gave you a challenge. Are you capable of loving even after being hurt? Is your love shaky or solid?
  14. @Leo Gura It's not that womem are confused about what they want. Simply, they recognize that feminine energy is healing, so they encourage that, also because being themselves feminine, they feel more attuned and connected to feminine energy in others. But they don't endorse getting rid of masculine energy in the process of accessing more feminine energy. They want both in a man. They want both masculine and feminine AND they want a man who has CONTROL over this balanced mix.