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  1. Nothing is guaranteed in life.
  2. I write every morning in my finger the phrase: This too shall pass. When i see it throughout the day, It creates like an inner space, where you dont care about what happens, just live as the observer. I used to care tooo much, always in fear of what would happen if ... Mindfullness work helps alot too. Be aware of your body when this feelings arise. Eckart Tolle says, make this "negative emotion" be your vehicle to the present moment. The devil must work in shadows. Shine the light of awareness. Be the observer. Love your current experience.
  3. I am reading Yogananda autobiography, In India Gurus are very respected, they have a culture of devotion to their masters. Do you guys think it is crucial to find someone like that in your life ?
  4. Eaten an avocado in the morning. Just being grateful about the food that nature provide us.
  5. @nistake I have been taking a diferent aproach on building Self confidence. Eckhart tolle says that true confidence shine throught you. By being present in the moment. Not an egoic aproach. That has been helping me. Building that awareness. Visualization it's a great technique also. Cold Showers too, great for steping outside your confort zone. @nistake Could you please be more specific about journaling, shamanic breathing technique, contemplation. How do you use this for building a healthy self esteem/confidence ?
  6. College + Studying + Reading Books + Working + Building my LP + Gym + Socializing + Eating or Sleeping .
  7. In my experience it comes down to this : We live in a comunity. You cannot avoid socialize for the rest of your life. It is a skill required for a good life. So step outside of your confort zone sooner rather than later. It looks like you are taking things to seriously. Aknowledge that you are going to die. Go experience life. I would suggest you to try being more present in the moment. True self-confidence comes from that awareness of the present moment. I used to be shy as fuc*, with all sorts of paranoia when speaking in public. Today this doesnt bother me anymore. What has been helping me : - Meditation ( Helps to build that awareness and quiet down the monkey mind.) - Cold Showers ( Man this is so Underrated, it is an awesome habit to step outside your confort zone.) - Visualizations ( Imagine the best version of yourself every day. this is the law of attraction. If you imagine shitty stuff, that's what you gonna atract to your life. Leo has a great video on that one.) - Go Socialize ( Just go talk to people, i used to challenge myself like these " I have to say good morning to every person i pass on the street today". ) - Be gratefull for life and nurture love for yourself. ( I see that reclusive persons cannot share love to others beacuse they do not love theirselves in first place. Accept yourself as you are. You are a true creation of GOD. And their is nothing you can do about it to change it. So it is your option to live a happy life or to live swimming against the tide. Leo also done a great video with visualization exercise on this one.) Some freakyin good Books if you are trully interest in changing your mindset: - The Power of Now ( Eckhart Tolle ) - Four agreements ( Don miguel ruiz ) - The Courage to Be Desliked ( Fumitake Koga e Ichiro Kishimi) - Psycocybernetics ( Maxwell Maltz ) Best of luck. Enjoy your life.
  8. Hey guys I love to meditate. But i want to give Kryia Yoga a try. Im interspersed one day of meditation, one day of Yoga. 30 Min each session. Its very hard for me to do both on the same day. Dont have much time. Do you guys think this is a good routine ?
  9. In my experience, weed tends to get very addictive. Also my monkey mind sky rocket with it. I would recommend Stronger psychedelics used in a correct way. Best of Luck.
  10. Nice topic. Im thinking of starting krya yoga. But why does someone would want to open the 3 Chackra ? What are the bennefits ?
  11. Do you guys know any techniques ? This is my song LOL
  12. @Rasheed I usually meditate first thing in the morning, 30 min session, empty stomach. In my experience this "Tranquility" varies ALOT. Somedays the mind is very sharp, you can see toughts arising. It is easy to let go. But some sessions like today the mind gets veery tricky, dificult to percieve a tought as a tought and not as myself. (I've smoke some weed yesterday , this deffenently lowers the quality of next day(S) meditation) I think i get what you are saying about "Tranquility". That felling after long quality sessions, serene and peacefull awareness. You have to improve the quality of your sits. Some stuff that has been helping me : Choose a technique and do IT (Even if is do nothing, you have to make it clear), Empty stomach meditation, eat quality foods, Quiet room (I like to use earplugs), i read a book that recommend meditation at the sunrise and sunset hours (People normally gets more calm in those periods). And reduce bad habits (Porn, sugar, cafeine, drugs, TV, Hot showers ... )