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  1. @Spacious I see you live in Briz. Fancy a pint sometime?
  2. Same. However, strangely I have an overlapping and short lives phase while the other larger dies out. It's very depleting.
  3. Good action points, I will think about what you said and get back to you soon. Thanks!
  4. @SoothedByRain I am getting you now.... we need them to observe the damage they are creating and they will sort themselves out. There is still the barrier of encouragement to observe.
  5. That's quite a vision you have there! We or our future generations might get to that stage. However, My question that I seem to be unable to express very well is: How one (or a group) can reach out to all stages with a message of urgency? I can see that Extinction Rebellion are using a Corel approach of disruption and letting them all sort each other out, as no one will listen to a green other than greens. Is this the only way to reach to all stages in your opinion? Many thanks!
  6. Thanks for your answer @SoothedByRain. I don't agree with you that it is driven by Ego. I think there is a lot of people with big egos in the mix. There is also a lot of sheep following going on too. So maybe not just greens but also many progress driven oranges and rule driven blues in there too... If it is all too late, that doesn't mean we shouldn't kick up a fuss about improving our balance with nature. After all, there has only been nature, so we might as well try to exist in it. I am also sceptical that there are many people holding data back for fear of upsetting people. There are people that love that shit to take a stab a society. Civil disobedience is certainly creating a stir, but in order to connect with everyone there would need to be a multifaceted strategy to get buy-in. I'm trying to contemplate if that would be possible.
  7. Gutted there is no response. I'll try again... Extinction rebellion is the alarm bell. The action takes all of us. Can you think of any other inventive strategies to reach out and make people stop in there tracks and inciting immediate change to our business as usual. Spiral dynamics greens are already thinking about it, so what would appeal to a blue or orange, to first listen, secondly take action regarding our climate crisis? Much love xxx
  8. Hi all, I am interested in your views. Extinction rebellion obviously primarily green in the spiral dynamics. How well do you think they will do in a blue/orange understanding? Any suggestions in change of or additional tactics to reach out to those stuck in a blue/orange understanding? Much love to you all and thanks in advance.
  9. I quite liked the phrase I hear once that coral was "chaos instigators". Helping humanity transcend faster by stirring up friction in the right places, leading to the naturally dominate force defusing the distraction.
  10. Hi All, I have recently been diagnosed as an ENTP (Extrovert iNtuition Thinking Perceiving) type in the Myers-Briggs model and having done more research might put myself somewhere between that and the INTP (Introvert iNtuition Thinking Perceiving) bracket. If this model is correct, of which it seems quite accurate in my experience, it feels like I should work on realigning my environment and activities in a direction that would harnessing the characteristics of my cognitive stack whereby the learning process is predominantly achieved through pattern recognition and intuition. My current focus is that, in a world of rule driven business models, I have identified that I am less understood by my peers and that being in the minority in terms of the way I learn and process data might be the reason. I want to be myself, not be conditioned. Therefore, understanding and rearranging my position might be a path of freeing my flow and passion. With a focus on creating the correct environment for harnessing intuitive learning process, my question to you is if anyone has already gone round the houses in this line of thinking and could shed some light of wins/traps or any great sources of information to get some more guidance from. Kind regards you champions!
  11. I'm Bristol. Give me a shout if you fancy a pint
  12. To me, art as an activity is a celebration of perspective. But the artist is both the presenter and the observer. As it explores all forms of experience, sometimes you tune into something, sometimes you don't. It's an acquired taste. It can also be a catalyst to connect people through identity. Personally I can not follow something unless I develop a connection with it. I also flip around without loyalty. It either works for me in the moment because it communicates something I recognise to give me emotion... Or it doesn't.
  13. There is a serious gender weighting problem in these lists. Leo's lists suffered from the same.
  14. ok, so you learn and practise emptying you mind and then at some point you might experiencing being in a different way. This different way is profound and life changing at the same time a being simple and obvious and nothing you didn't already know. Then you can return to life with the knowledge that a lot of what you where doing was unnecessary, and that your better off just hanging out. Is that more in line?