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  1. Very few know that THC is a psychedelic. Yeah, weed is very good for heartspace. But has to be controlled by breath, and right meditation to really help you.
  2. The dragon is Muladhara. Turtles and fish are the meanings of Anahata and Swadisthana. In other words, the sexual energy has to be focused into muladhara\legs. If not, the dragon will literally kill the body, i speak about the energy from lower back. This is why people live so little, they let the dragon into the head directly. Worst than this we have people claiming they are god realized, and have no clue how this works, is simply pathetic. Namaste
  3. The astral is like Netflix of the real world, nothing much. The astral is what we call the akashic records. Our body has the tools and capacity to tap in any source of knowledge in the universe. Just by intention, visualization etc. Is what we call SPIRIT in human folklore. Any thought or action, creates and entity. Every bit of info is here in the universe battling for survival, as you do. So in other words and perspective, the astral are your dreams. Why is this? Why do we dream? Why we hallucinate? All this are like the combustion on a motor. They give energy, and from chaos one is able to move back and forth and build something.
  4. Yes there is free will. Is called awakening the reptilian brain and do your will. Until then one is bound to anger.
  5. The unconscious is the limbic system and internal organs etc. On the mainstream college they teach only the mind. The awakened human being is able to use it. And in the process be able to use more than 10% of the human capacity. To tap into the whole, we use breath as main focus. Then everything unfolds into a dramatic entrance.
  6. No such thing once one has awakened the limbic system. Only the ideas in the head craves ultimatum and fabulous flashy feelings or being.
  7. Being happy is a choice, has little to do if you are homeless or king. What choice i'm talking about? The choice to listen to breath and open the heartspace. This is the greatest choice and the most difficult to tune into. Everything else is mere entertainment
  8. Better antinatalism, and law to restrict the number of kids, than wars and hunger.
  9. As you said. He is trained. One cannot be trained into awakening... Chu chu chu
  10. Theobromine. Is similar to LSD if you eat 50 or 100g of dark chocolate or cocoa beans.
  11. Again. I see this for what it is. Liberation is LIBERATION, period. Namaste
  12. Not related. The awakened is fearless. You speak from ignorance.
  13. In my case, i remember. This is a lack of grounding the heartspace.
  14. In a state of meditation, the life force and awarness increase dramatically. If one is awakened, and relaxes, to a DMT leve awarness, highly concrntrated but serene an relax at the same time, space time, slows down, literally. Come on, this was tested by einstein lasy century. High speed, bends space time. I tested this myself. Walking to a destination in stress mode or walking after 5 hours of meditation. Something inexplicable happens.
  15. The biggest paradox and relative is EGO. So few people know that this is the source.
  16. One cannot hold in the public eye and in mass media, without being awakened, period. The energy of other will destroy one in the process if you let it. Look at so many depressed artists. This is what public eye does, it grownds you, and if one cannot handle it well, we got big belly people, people wearing glasses, high pitch voices etc. And adaptation. I just said about elon mosk as an exp. One can be awakened without realizing and wasting time asking questions. The preocupation of raising consciousness, is a trait of the unawakend. Because one cannot really spread awarness. A better job is to be silent in public.
  17. You don't know dude, we grow all the time. Want the true truth? EGO is source, you are like a prism! Use your body prism only on the head or a fragmented part of the body, and we call this EGO. If you want to be egoless, sorry, cancer will arise in you, like maharshi. So, blessed dare the strong. Namaste
  18. Yes it takes, see it how you see it. And much more in spirituallity.
  19. First is awakening and it's stages. After the body it heales and in balance at any level, even at fitness level. Then Enlightenment starts, and there are no more stages. The only stages of Enlightenment is a more vivid experience of being every time.
  20. Not as mercifull as before. Being humble has it's limits. And that limit is whe one is attacked energerically by others Ego. Then in a special situation the Ego in cause who attacked has his tongue be cutted by the awakened being. This will create balance. But if i respond with the Ego. Meaning i'm projecting the same as him, only the head and plexus, then a fight can arise and is dangerous.
  21. We should use the natural meaning of english pe example. Changing the word Morning for something else. Because in the Occult knowledge the root of the word is "mourning". Language is like this to create the Ego cosumerism behaviour. Teach a new generation how all thia works and we will have an awakened humanity.
  22. You are the body and everything else. But not you as an Ego. Pure Nothingness in it's chaotic form has everything in it. It holds even the Ego.
  23. Stay in squat instead as much as you can. Use something for the ankles to rest on or simply high heel shoes will do. Sitting too much on the bottox impairs muladhara.