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  1. Just watched this - incredibly interesting and really hit the nail on the head regarding New Age narcissism and its ties to the right wing. Loved Alex's analogy of the Qanon phenomenon being like a brain cancer of the human collective.
  2. @Matt23I just watched this - thanks for posting. It's the deepest analysis I've seen yet about how spiritually awakening people get sucked into a conspiracy theory world view. Love the bits with the Stealing Fire guy about how the boundary-dissolving nature of awakening can create a vacuum that is then vulnerable to a completely new world-view. Also the revelation that COVID-19 has worked in society similar to the way psychadelics work - as a non-specific amplifier which brings the shadow self to the surface, which then must be projected outwards if the person is not yet ready to deal with it (conspiracy world view creates a perfect projection - it's the the evil cabal, not me the good person).
  3. I don't normally come to the dating forum but as a woman, this thread is deeply unsettling the way it turns women into objects. This attitude men have of scoring an 8/10 as though women are a horse they are betting on is demeaning and belittling of women as actual human beings - I remember Trump doing it when he was running for President - that is the level we are at here. Women want to be seen as human beings, and respected as human beings, not scored on their looks and their fuckability. I was under the impression this website was about high consciousness, and yet here you all are discussing women in a dehumanising way. Men if you are truly interested in a real relationship, then start by treating women with respect. If you insist on staying in the shallow pool with regards to dating, you will reap what you sow.
  4. "On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 18, 1788, George Mason rose from his chair on the floor of the Virginia Ratifying Convention deeply troubled by what he thought of the convention’s failure to understand—the president of the United States might not always be someone of sound character and high intelligence. There would rarely, if ever, he reminded the delegates, be a commander in chief with the courage and rectitude displayed by George Washington during the War of Independence. There might even be a president who would try to change our form of government. The president, argued Mason, “ought not to have the power of pardoning, because he may frequently pardon crimes which were advised by himself. It may happen, at some future day, that he will establish a monarchy, and destroy the republic. If he has the power of granting pardons before indictment, or conviction, may he not stop inquiry and prevent detection? The case of treason ought, at least, to be excepted. This is a weighty objection with me.”"
  5. Great to see some Trump supporters who are not repeating the same talking points we've heard ad nauseam. I wish more of them were like these two, and we'd likely find some common ground to have a real conversation.
  6. Ted Cruz does nothing but pander - pander to the Trump base because he wants to run for President, and pander to his fossil fuel donors. He's the very definition of a snake, and it doesn't surprise me that he's massively disliked by those who know him personally.
  7. Why does it always have to be 'either/or?' I don't completely trust the media and Gov - I know there is rampant corruption and service to the 1%, but I don't completely distrust them either. To completely distrust them as a populace means the total breakdown of society, which is what we are seeing in the US now. I hear over and over from Right Wing conspiracy theorists that I don't believe exactly as they believe, so I must therefore watch only CNN and MSNBC. I watch both of them occasionally, but there are plenty of other sources of news, both mainstream and independant and I bet it is the same for most here. It's true though, mainstream media has deteriorated over time to become a bread and circus show - Fox News is the best example of this. Here in Australia, we had a very excellent national broadcaster, which was respected for it's unbiased journalism and critical questioning of politicians from both sides of the aisle. Now it has been severely crippled by our right wing Gov and Rupert Murdoch, who have spent years demonising it as 'left wing,' severely defunding it and replacing its head with a Murdoch stooge.
  8. This is very true. There are many Democratic Senators and Congresspeople who are good people, trying to do the best for their constituents. Look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for example, who is on the receiving end of death threats by right wingers for speaking up for minority groups and the working class. I have no doubt at all that she is absolutely sincere in wanting change, but as you said, the system itself severely limits her ability to make changes happen. I can understand why people who enter politics with great intentions end up with mediocre or even poor track records - the system is against them from the start and change will be slow. I think the first thing that needs to be dealt with is right wing media, which is pernicious in its mind control of the populace. Murdoch media would be a great start. Once the people can stop focusing on bullshit fear-mongering that the right wing media is feeding them, they will demand real change.
  9. Trump was very clear long before the election that if he lost, it would be because the election was rigged. He was never going to concede. His followers just believe him.
  10. This absolutely. I know for myself, if I get too deep into politics, it affects my mental health negatively - I become constricted in the body/mind. I can't imagine what obssessing about an evil cabal that eats children would do to a person - it must be very damaging to the psyche.
  11. I would advise her to view it as processing unconscious material, similar to a dream message. I have had similar experiences while tripping, and I can fully understand why people fall into the rabbit hole, but we still need to use our rational and critical thinking skills when it comes to things that are "outside" of ourselves. She may feel like she has intuitive knowledge of Covid being an "inside job" but without any evidence of this, how can she be absolutely sure? It is dangerous to assume things are true because we were told so while tripping. I know a guy who is a flat earther, and while on dmt he saw the dome we are all living under - does that make it true? As Aurum said, she would be wiser to treat it as metaphorical, pertaining only to herself and her own unprocessed unconscious material, and treat it as part of her healing process.
  12. I've been reading along with this entire thread, and it's the best forum I've seen anywhere for discussing the situation. Leo, I am always 100% on board with your political views and like that you take a balanced approach. Agreed that mantras such as "defund the police" and screaming about the police being racist as a whole does nothing to further the left's agenda and sows further division. Also enjoying this forum much more since Q-supporters have been banned. It's too difficult to have an adult conversation about anything when you're spending most of your time trying to explain basic facts to people who don't like facts. So thanks ?
  13. LOL I noticed the same thing as you. I always found Brian a bit creepy to be honest, but I liked a lot of the people he interviewed and the plant medicine talk. When he went full conspiratard "mah freeze peach" and started begging for more and more green to start his own platform scam my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Even more so when I saw people l liked, such as youtuber YourMateTom and others starting to parrot him. It's interesting to look at the reviews for his course, which are all that they were scammed big time. This guy is snake oil in human form.
  14. Wise to take the middle road :). Flouride has become part of the conspiracy woo and when the strident anti-flouride people try to convince me of its evils, their obvious fanaticism is a big red flag in my opinion. When someone tells you they have done their research and they are now an expert, you can be sure that their 'research' is in one direction only, and not from looking in a balanced way at a wide variety of studies.
  15. This is very eloquently argued, thank you. Yes, as you said, the spread of QAnon in times of world upheaval is like people grabbing the lifeboat of seeming certainty when everything feels anything but and believing someone like Trump is a superhero who will save the world from the lizard baby eating Democrats. I have also come across those who spread these theories on facebook, who tell everyone else that they are brainwashed and not 'awake' like the theorist - this reminds me so much of cult behaviour and it is obvious that the person posting feels superior to those they are speaking down to.
  16. Thanks Leo. I took a long break from this forum because I got tired of it being littered with immature comments, ideologies and sexist/racist/discriminatory posts which are already all over the internet. This is a positive step :).
  17. I am a bit baffled by people on this forum championing Trump, an unhinged Authoritarian who wanted to unleash the military on his own people. The man is a malignant narcissist baby who does nothing but watch Fox News for most of the day and send whiny tweets demonising those who speak out against him. If you want to blame those who are standing up to baby Dictator and the authoritarian right for all the issues, then your understanding of the issues is limited. No institution is perfect, but the way liberals, anti-racism protesters etc are being demonised and falsely painted as some nebulous "Deep State" is ridiculous and you have been hoodwinked into looking the other way while the real crooks tear down environmental protections, hand more and more of the wealth to the 1%, remove protections for endangered species, increase military spending, dismantle democracy etc. We need to focus on the real problems and Trump is NOT the solution because he is not capable of thinking of anyone but himself and is a crook and criminal from way back. Want to know who Trump really is, watch "You've Been Trumped" which was made long before he became President.
  18. I guess if you hate Obama you can shout from the rooftops that he did "nothing" without evidence. Obama inherited the substantial mess created by the Bush Administration. Were you expecting him to make instant sweeping changes in two years with trillions in debt from Republican mess? I think a lot of people like to criticise from the sidelines while knowing very little about how Government operates.
  19. Obama did all he could in office but was stymied at every turn by a Republican House and Senate, who opposed everything he tried to do. The President is not all-powerful.
  20. Demonising those with no power while the President is threatening to turn the military on his own people for exercising their 1st Amendment rights. You are looking the wrong way for danger my friend.
  21. Exactly. If you look at his subreddit, the majority of his followers there actually disagree with his Neo-Liberal political agenda but value the rationality of his arguments against say Trump when speaking with members of the so-called "intellectual dark web (they are almost univerally Trump apologists)." He is limited in many ways but serves to sway those who would otherwise be swallowing the likes of Dave Rubin or Jordan Peterson wholesale on matters of Trumpism and religion. Personally, I have big issues with his blaming "the left" for a few noisy college students "shutting down free speech" but appreciate that he also criticises the right for religious fundamentalism and all the evils that come with it. He is not awake but he serves a purpose.