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  1. It sounds like the skills you have with UX will improve your online psychology/therapy visions. I literally just posted something somewhat similar. Switching to just being a waitress for a year (rather than a teacher which takes up all my time) has given me time to think and work on my goals. I have to keep reminding myself to stop rushing it because it’s making me crazy. I feel like I have to find the solution and define my career RIGHT NOW. Lol. You got this!
  2. I have been brainstorming for days on how to go about this. I am taking a break from teaching this year. But while I am a full-time mother to my 4 month old and part time waitress, I want to take some time to write a book for her. I hope to write something I feel confident in publishing one day and to make at least somewhat of a profit (we broke ‘round here). I struggled with a lot of depression and anxiety for years and have slowly, but surely improved. In the book, I would like to interview at least 60 diverse people with simple and not so simple questions that children might ask an adult. Or things they wish they knew then that they know now. Impactive quotes. All to give my daughter (and perhaps other people if it’s published) some resources to help her/them obtain self-actualization quicker than I did. I don’t want the book to be unfocused though. Any ideas on how to organize and this broad vision???????
  3. Yes. As long as both people involved are honestly communicating and actively listening to what one another wants— all the misunderstandings and time wasting will probably be avoided. I think we all (women and men) can feel wronged if we aren’t honest with ourselves or the other person. Its also important to not force oneself onto the other because sexual assault is extremely traumatic. I am aware that that is a completely different topic, but it happens when one doesn’t listen, unfortunately. Hopefully no one here would ever even consider that
  4. My childhood female friends “understand” me most and we can relate on many levels. However, my fiancé and I seem to understand one another more each day. Try to patient. I am doubtful that you can understand every female with “resources”. Communication and time is probably the key to understanding any individual better. Also accept that you can never understand everything because neither of you have the same upbringing or experiences. But you can do the most with what you have
  5. I don’t know if that means you cannot meditate as it means to think deeply about something, or to wordlessly surrender. I am so sorry that you’ve gone through such a traumatic experience, it’s definitely not fair. Traumatic experiences cause permanent life alterations for many (mentally and phsycially). I believe if you make it alive, you can train yourself over time to work with the working limbs that you have. I am sure that will not be an easy process, but if you get through it— think of the positive influences you can make on people who are also experiencing similar trauma. Again, I am so sorry this happened.