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  1. @SoonHei You're saying it's possible to believe and pretend but not to actually do it. So there are limits to Infinity?
  2. @Carl-Richard I percieve a fundamental contradiction in all this: we begin with the recognition of Absolute Infinity, then we speak about how Infinity is limited. Limited to the possible. Limited by necessity. Limited to being Infinite and self-created. Limited to having no mechanism behind reality. "Only a perspective can be constrained" - this is a statement about the onesame reality that we're calling Absolutely Infinite, but you're saying it's limited.
  3. @SoonHei If all is possible it should be possible to get somewhere and not to go in circles. Infinity must include getting somewhere. Unless we're saying reality isn't Infinite.
  4. @Carl-Richard Is it truly self-created if it is constrained by necessity? Infinity includes necessity. If it is absolutely self-determined then it determines necessity. Why couldn't it create it differently?
  5. @Carl-Richard So there's infinite perspectives. In one particular perspective, trees are green; in another, trees are red. Why am I seeing the one where they're green and not the one where they're red?
  6. @SoonHei In your first reply you said that "all is possible and there are no limits", so why can't I know why!?
  7. @Carl-Richard But why this particular way and not a different particular way?
  8. @SoonHei The answer to 'Why is my body in the postition that it is in and not another position?' is... "yes"? And don't you dare reply "yes"!!
  9. 1) At 1:33:05 Leo talks about pushing a button and becoming Trump and therefore losing your current self and its idiosyncrasies, but if Infinite Consciousness is true then it must be possible to become Trump and retain myself, no? Also, he said I am not going to push the button, but surely Absolute Infinity necessitates that I will!? These questions are a bit frivolous but they do actually probe for details about the nature of Reality. 2) I’ve independently grasped subsections of Infinity. For example, my most memorable insight was into the sheer (yet relatively limited) quantity of positions my body could take: moving one hand one millimetre is a new position; just consider how many slightly different positions just one finger can take. But why is the particular position that my body does take - and all the other countless particular “choices” which are selected to manifest, like the colour of my eyes, my name, my date of birth, to name a few examples - the variation that is selected rather than another variation that apparently exists in potential?
  10. @NoSelfSelf I’m pretty sure all stages care about results in their own way
  11. Phenomena like this are cool and common, keep going for actuality
  12. Pursue the truth and you’ll find a magic miracle.
  13. Obviously it’s not a literal quantification, it just indicates the enormous potential for development. Development is not along a single axis either but, in my opinion, higher development = greater understanding and abilities. Consider the difference in understanding and ability between you at one year old and you at your current age. Consider all the new things that (probably) came online for you as you aged: language, friends, sex, art, math, music, science, the internet, books, meditation, religion, other cultures, death, politics, etc. Imagine you could create an equivalent, or greater, amount of new development on top of what you’ve already got.
  14. +1, but aside from insights; I’m wondering about bizarre visuals or delusions or whatever and describe your worst trip