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  1. Ahahaha so true \o/
  2. I think it's a turquoise core trait that's either a blessing or a downfall : trust; depending on the circumstance of course.
  3. Hello ! I have a few and try to keep them simple Yes/No Have your eyes change color from blue to green ? ( Based on observation from older to newer videos ) Have you listened to Black Metal when you were an atheist ? Have you considered the importance of good use of Sacred Geometry in multiple disciplines ? One word answer Horde / Alliance ? What Science Fiction/Fantasy character you empathized with most ? What is alien : thought or material ? Do you think thoughtfully applied Artificial Intelligence will destroy the world or humans will do that job in their blindness ?
  4. @smd Hello fellow xenomorph You're absolutely right. @Durka_Durka you have your first fresh topic on you research list
  5. @Cudin Haha. Eeeerrmmmmm, about Megadeth, I put it there from a raw perspective I think they had about the BLUE world they were in. Yea I totally think Mustaine is blue / orange. Blue from his principles and orange cuz he created his individual world with Megadeth, sort of And when I saw @SFRL awesome post of nuances from Nirvana I thought of making a Pink Floyd post. Btw, I think of Pink Floyd is a really reeaaaaallly masterful green. Most of their songs are reflections of the other colors from their Greeny perspective. Like RED "Goodbye Blue Sky" Yellow "Shine on, you crazy diamond" and so on What are your thoughts on this ? // And like Corpsegrinder said in a concert : "Keep fucking supporting metal! Hammmmeeeeeer smaaaaaaashed faaaace"
  6. @Hansu Beyond what people already said here, try to perceive your place more of your own sanctuary, regardless of the negative feelings. I know it's hard at first, been there myself One time I demolished literally everything just to ultimately find peace. My advice ? Start loving and caring it. The way you start seeing it more with compassion the more you will have a positive impact upon it thus creating a cool and cozy habitat. It is actually your extension just like you are for it. After the process of rebuilding you will begin to notice that when you feel "down", the environment you carefully created will reflect back at you, remembering yourself of the feelings you invested when you created it. "There is no place like home" Namaste
  7. @Durka_Durka I think you should pass feeling natural as it seems you managed to get a firm grasp on your schedule throughout the week. I think you should start looking at things slightly different. My opinon : shift your focus on ACE ing activities, one at a time, if this doesn't contradict your initial schedule too much. You aced the week ! You now have the pillars of self esteem. I don't think you need to focus on ace brushing teeth or eating better if it's healthy. I'll share with you how I see things A day has 24 hours. A R.E.M. sleep cycle has 8 hours Eating&shower&brushing sum up to aprox 1 hour. I don't know how much gym you do in terms of hours spent but for the sake of this calculation I will assume a medium of 2 hours / day ? You could stretch meditation to 1 hour / day ( or more) since you feel it isn't that qualitative and more of it's careful use throughout the day will reinforce what I wrote below. Careful use could be meditation for like 3-4 times but in smaller time lapses, between your working hours, for example. This leaves you with ~ 12 hours in which you do journalling. You successfully obtained half a day of unallocated time where you could start getting hardcore on one more thing besides ( but not excluding ! ) journalling : research. Your attitude towards this one thing ? Ace it ! Research on what ? Your skills Your wishes Your dreams Financial independence Proper management ( feelings, money, time etc ) Always make an evaluation of the things you achieved, learned, worked : at the end of the week. See where it needs improvement and do it. I have a feeling you can work it out. On a personal note that's why I think The Pillars of self esteem are just pillars. I think they work best when used as a support for the things you want to build upon. You have your foundation. Now, Ace the day ! // On a personal note, this helped me laugh at trivial problems when trying to get a grasp on a day's plan :))) Hope this helps and wish you the best, Cheers
  8. @TreeJeff Hello dude ! I encountered the same problem one day ( "looking to embrace solving challenging problems without the expense of others" ). In my obsessiveness I wanted to create a dynamic principle that can guide me, also existing as a reference point when doing this sort of job while still keeping on track with the spiritual work I do. I narrowed it down to what I wrote in my signature below Wish you the best
  9. To summarize
  10. @egoeimai Aye ! In maiden we trust \m/
  11. @Aakash Vijayan I see it as inner fire that burns into oblivion.
  12. If Medivh knew about SDi, he would have shifted into turquoise instead of bringing the Orcs into Azeroth, heh ?
  13. @Cudin OMG ! So nice ! I think of Dimmu the same. Actually the entire Norwegian "corpse-paint" black metal movement is kinda blue. The irony here Red Blue Orange Green ( I honestly don't know at which Pink Floyd song to stop at ) Yellow Bonus : Blue*Red