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  1. I believe as Humans we developed capability of empathy and conscience in areas of our specifically limbic brain and I think its malleable because we retain our selfish reptillian brain which drives alot of our behavior and our neocortex rational brain that makes us rational adults. Which ever of these is more dominant shapes your behavior. Also add to it the archetypes and subconscious inherited from your past ancestors. If you want a true answer to your question and satisfying one. You have to look at it from the big picture construct the big picture: What century you are talking about, what country, what's the dominant spiral dynamics stage of that country in that era, what's the individual personal spiral dynamic stage, what's the persons early childhood and how his conditioning led him to act in selfish and less-emapthic manners? does he have some areas of his brain, his neurotransmitters and neurochemicals at normal levels, is his blood level hormones normal? the people in his environment are selfish? does he have bacterial or viral or fungi or any microorgasmic parasites influencing his behavior? lifestyle and his job? The answer is yes you can be less-empathic and go crazy and kill and rape and loot and pillage and that's fine but to other people's egos you are the devil incarnate and if someone does that to you, it's fine to them but you would think they are devils. I believe most people are good and pure because they are magnificent illusions of the eternal absolute self of the universe(Allah, god,Yhwh,brahman), they have well-functioning brain chemicals and brain structure with high empathic devices to help them in a sense survive socially and get along with others. They are humanistic and altruistic because of well-functioning limbic brain.
  2. For me the one simplest thing that solved all my problems after listening to RUMI the great enlightened mystic's poets of universal love and his entire love came from simple thing is his Fasting from food. He said fasting can help solve everything and it does!!!! Fasting makes you younger and facially attractive, improve insulin sensitivity, cure inflammation like auto-immune diseases like postglandins in your scalp that cause male baldness pattern, relax toxins from fat cells, starves even the most toughest cancerous cells that doesn't rely on glucose, Nootropic factor to stimulate repair and growing of new cells, patterns of compulsive behavior gets unwired the more you dive deeper like desire to fap drops but ironically you are horny but have great sense of control, less likely to want to want to eat large amount of food, desire to listen to music to distract yourself from life, makes you more mindful of what you put into your body, extremely improve your senses and perception and every bite of food feels intensely tasty after breaking fasting, sleepless at night, thoughts ruminated moderately mostly about food lol..etc. This is true for me as I fasted since 2016 till now on variety of fasting but the most effective was one small meal a day at night. I attracted hundreds of potential partners, i stopped my hair shedding, I am actually doing the work which I couldn't when I was eating regular food which contained gluten and sugar and caffeine and lutein all these things just made me highly unconscious and fapping all the time and not being able to focus on doing anything because I am tired all day long and sluggish and with intense monkey mind that can't stop ruminating
  3. Leo has helped me see the Hitler and mussolini and saddam, the mary wolston craft and other feminists, victim of the holocaust burned in the gas chamber, the liar, the manipulator, The Rumi, the gangster, the Da vinci, Einstein, michaelangelo the mass murderer, abusive parent as well as the loving parent, the tyrant, the controller, the psychologist, the misogynistic, the misandrist, the unforgiving, the forgiving, the rebel, the submissive, the female, male, the prophet, jesus, god, buddha within me. I realized that I am them and they are me, If I could train myself with meditation and patience and observance and persistance I could be like them.
  4. I am Muslim like You and version of Islam of our parents are not what Islam of our prophet Muhammad but the Islam of lustful, greedy, power hungry, super-egoic Monarchs the way Catholics and Protestants were in History. Read Karen Armstrong a former catholic nun but very tolerant and loving person re-telling of the story of true struggles of our prophet who was for decades trying to spread hippie message of oneness, love and nonduality to the aggressive Arabian tribes but circumstances forced him to fight back, This will teach you essence of Islam and relief this deep ingrained part of your ego that is stained with religion that blocks your advance in life. Also, Loneliness is not real, its just your ego exaggerates the transformation period and is currently fighting you and does not wanting to let go. I certainly have suffered through this but understood that it was a lie. I now enjoy being alone because I get shit done and I feel constant state of flow. I still can hang out with people, but depends on people type. Most people I know like family members are like scheming courtiers who are masters are energy draining and subtle statements and questions and that are like knifes cutting right through my psyche reviving the underdeveloped beast and extreme phobias and self-doubts and self-consciousness nature in me that I am trying to get rid of. I honestly don't know you, but I believe if you could find the right people to hang out with, you have achieved what most people couldn't. If you want to hang out with people then develop the skill of acute observation without judgement or moralization and reading the true hidden meaning of what others say and what their body language conveys. You better accept being alone and practice loving yourself with all your heart and extend that love to others, this will heal your ego and ease letting go of need to be in control and surrounded with unconscious people who will generally do much damage to you in much subtler ways.
  5. Leo please make a video about how we were nondual entities devoid of all labels such as humans, values and how we were one with the universe, and then how depends on condition of parenthood or how one parent either male or female being domineering or absent shaped our distort personas or archetype or animus or anima that is carried on to later years and now manifest as unconscious form of greed, hate, submissiveness, aggressiveness, manipulation and now technological advances is not a promising sign of positive future but are giving us more tools to sabotage and kill so many of each other better at much more ways efficient. I saw a statistic of how most countries spend more on cybersecurity, security, military and intelligence gathering far more than the health and emotional well-being of their citizens but grow more weary of them every single day. Look at Trump the big baby child president and how he is cutting funding for social institutions and focus more on military which reveals his childish character possibly inherited from his parents. How do we correct this fundamental problem to connect to the nondual nature and find missing link that we missed in our childhood.
  6. Hey guys, I decided to do a bullshit thread to accompany leo's self-deception videos. Here we post the bullshits we personally do to sharpen each other's self-inquiry and be aware of our bullshits that cripple us from achieving our dream careers or dreamed desires , or fulfilled dreams. Lets post our bullshits here: I noticed that I bullshit myself when: I say in future everything will be great rather than NOW and miss every single moments to daydreaming I say I am going to be better person yet I am the most horrible person I say to myself that I am good and kind and altruistic when in Reality I am very evil I say I don't care about money, but unconsciously I care so much about it
  7. We are seperated and not one due to the light and light is nothing more than a photon which is vibration of energy that is originally dark but due to its very mega vibrations it became an energized packett of energy illuminating and its the photon. In darkness, all of us merge together into oneness.
  8. Humans are polyamorous species just like their primate cousins. There are males who are polyamorous and males who are monogamous as much as the females. Some female desire one partner and another one is not enough for her. Religions has distorted this nature by forcing monogamy on all humans, but monogamy can give equal chance to everyone and Religions served as stabilizing factor for society to move up the spiral. You have to be honest with yourself, what do you want? Monogamy or polygamy or polyamory? If you are truly repelled by polyamory or polygamy, leave your partner and find another partner who will commit for you only and there are amble of men who want one girl only. Note: monogamous men can become polyamorous if they are sexually neglected by their partners/spouses same to females as well.
  9. Buy posture corrector and wear it 24/7 and take it off when you sleep.
  10. I wonder what Leos opinion in concept of Fana: Sufis have different level of Fana: (Basic level) Fana fil Sheikh(Annihilation of onself in loving his master deeply) Example: Rumi's Fana in loving his master Shams Tabrizi Sufis explain that in loving your master, you will discover first sign of platonic spiritual love that emanates within and to train the mind to switch off and you love your master and your local community and give yourself selflessly in the service of your people because you love them so much that you see them as YOU. (Intermediate level) Al-Fana fil Rasoul (Annihilation of oneself in the prophet Muhammad) Sufis believe after Annihilating oneself in loving the master and his community, they believe that one must annihilate himself in loving their religious prophets because religion encompasses enormous amounts of people from all races and ethnic background to feel one with them and accepting of them and see them as themselves and hence switch their mind off from judging and fault find in others because the mind like to find contrasts to itself and dislike them. (Advanced level) Al Fana fillah(Annihilation of oneself in Allah or the universe) Sufis believe that if someone practiced enough self annihilation in loving his master and his prophet and now its easy to move up and practicing loving Allah or the Universe and all of its creation and see it as oneself and hence complete annihilation of the concept of self and now see nothing as different than oneself and achieved mastery in loving everyone and hence ultimate union where the mind no longer sees anything or any as different or contrast from itself but as itself because everything is Allah or god or the universe. Sufis believe love is action and when someone practice loving someone or something for extended period of time, the mind see that someone and something as itself and part of himself just like a boyfriend whose deeply in love with his girlfriend or husband in his wife or DJ so in love with his DJ controller that he claims that his life would be nothing without it or Gamer so in love with his gaming console to the point of him forgetting himself in playing the video games and can't spend a day without it and enjoying it or mountaineer who loves the mountains so much that he yearns for them all the time...etc. Start small by loving your family unconditionally to the point where you feel they are indispensable part of you, then practice loving your country by listening to your national songs and reading about history and going out and volunteering and giving out, love every one in your country from any field of interest, race, creed or language and then move up until you feel the whole world is part of you.
  11. Because women nowadays are being constantly conditioned to be materialistic by their parents, society, culture, media. Men are conditioned to be shallow and in order to be able to have sex or start family and children, they have to acquire material and wealth in order to be able to mate and hence most fail at this journey and start to detach and denounce materialism and found the love they ever wanted but within and its for free and much more rewarding and and hence become gurus and mystics or Sufi devotees or sheikhs..etc. There are types of females who become mystics are those who go through the same pain as their male counterparts and take the heroes journey. SO please understand Its not male vs female and why there are not more of this rather than that, understand what's the life story of those individuals and what made them to become serious gurus and mystics and how can we take their life stories and teach others to become serious lovers(mystics or gurus or sufi sheikhs) in path of enlightened lovers like Rumi, Shams tabrizi and Sadhguru, peter ralston, osho, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad..etc. The men who were rarely understood.
  12. I hope I could see Allah/brahman/Yahweh/The Nameless. Congratulations you made me so happy!
  13. You need outside help like Modafinil to help you focus on reading a book and getting through it.
  14. To ask for a definition means you are looking for shit and hence you become full of shit. Being full of shit means having degrees to it. The highest is being intellectual and hence you trick yourself and become full of shit like most scientists who think they can solve environmental mess they create every single day working for corporate giants whom every take large portions of lands for oil, minerals, farming so that they provide food and goods and service for bullshitters like you and me and everyone else at expense of their own mother nature. To not be full of shit means you have discover every bullshit you make throughout the day and be mindful of it. When you are mindful, you become half bullshitting. Enlightenment means taking away chunk of your inner deep bullshits and still you have to deal with exterior bullshittery