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  1. Why yes?When you will be ready , you will be ready, I would suggest for you to take a step back and explore what is ego and what is you, what is thought,get used to being and learn why it is as it is. Mind is tricky thing, just as what we see and don't see and why we don't see it.
  2. Do not really care for him doing what he is doing, but it is rather sad to see so many people not questioning what he is saying , just taking it for truth.
  3. Sadhguru is alright, unfortunately his videos lack depth of letting listeners understand what he is talking about. I would suggest for you to listen to J. Krishnamurti, go to channel made for him and start from bottom , you will find more in there if you are willing to actually follow what he is saying and not just follow, try it and question what he is saying while listening to him, amazing man I tell you .
  4. Stop looking at existence as something created for your ego, you are drawn way to much into your spiritual ego.
  5. Exactly, you must take control, that means making identification with ego, ofc you can make some very nice system where you can make your interactions as minimal as possible, but I really doubt that it is possible to have both at the same time, I just do not see it working , at least from my experience now, I am probably wrong, but even if it is possible it is far reach for me at the moment. Another problem is that ego can't deliver experience proper explanation, its gets distorted by it.
  6. In which part of my comment I said something about them being criminals, you could say I am immigrant too, just not in USA, there is clearly difference from illegal immigration and legal one. It is not for practical purpose, immigration has huge effect on well being of people in country. You can have any fancy feelings you want, it has to do with facing problems and having to take action, especially when it involves not just you. To point it out to you , it has nothing to do with judging, it has to do with life, there are people who will spit on your love, use it. I would like to end this discussion with you , it really is waste of time. please do not think that I am ignoring you if I do not replay, I just do not feel like it is worth having it.
  7. Can you be more specific, I have no clue what exactly he means by insecure and in what context. He himself looks pretty insecure to me to be fair.
  8. Problem is that you think running with open arms, holding love signature is best approach, I am sorry , you must live very comfortable life and have no clue what people you are dealing with.
  9. Yes and parents are not to blame at all, taking children in hundred mile journey,knowing that none might even let them in , in hell knows what conditions is all praised, oh poor parents, it must be rough for them, they are such angels. Lets blame president because he does not take all planet in your country just because they came to your border, I think it would be better for you to stay on your side of expertise and let people who can see further then "we must help everything that moves" do their job, at least try to do it .
  10. Mechanic of Absolute are rather dangerous for mind, I try to stay away from such discussion in forum, have not seen anything good to come out of these conversations, just confusion and mixing relative with stuff beyond.
  11. And everyone knows that fairies exist , it took me 30 seconds to read comments and see that this was built and used at Obamas presidency and that it is just short period of time before they sort things out and they are moved to better facilities. You guys seriously should check on your hypocrisy, maybe check what other presidents did and were they any better then Trump, I guess it is good that people finally actually check something, but it seems it is still far way for you to go to not fall for stupid baits that each side throws at each other with half truths and stupid word twisting to make anything look bad.
  12. I am already contributing by existing, whatever my vote will be good contribution or bad, or any at all is another question. I personally see that there are better places where to waste your energy and have impact and I do not like to get involved in politics and all the drama there, there is to much misinformation, lies to put whole picture together.
  13. I am here to develop myself, not get involved in researching each party and consequences each party might have on world, hoping that one day we will have enough people who know what they are doing and my vote will matter, if I will involve myself in each endeavor where I can make some effect I will have no time left to do what is more important and ultimately has more impacts on humanity as whole.
  14. It goes both ways, you are just making assumptions here that everyone who did not vote will vote for what you want.