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  1. I will ask question so people do not become infuriated as I did every time you said this. Why is your direct experience misleading & unhelpful?
  2. Maybe because people try to use word Love in every place they can, here is your answer, if you do not use word Love as some holy grail and rephrase your question you will find answer. It is like using word planet to describe certain planet.
  3. Going back to mind games will be struggle and suffering, my guess you are somewhere in the middle of ego and non-dual state, or just no-dual state, anyway all the same, as you are still effected by thoughts. As Nahm said , thoughts do not have power if you do not cling to them.
  4. Do you really not understand, or you only think that you don't understand?
  5. Thought is telling you understand, but do you really understand?
  6. Exactly, it is not about wanting something and it is about wanting something, funny thing is that we often attract opposite of what we think we want without even noticing that we are actually making opposite to attract.
  7. I think problem here is that you think that Enlightenment must come with some certain Personality, which is not the case, change will be there, as our personality changes constantly, separation from mind would be closer statement, but it does not mean that you do not have personality with "flaws", at that point really it does not matter, as you are not attached to it. So even though from your point of view it might look like person is attached to mind,ego, it might as well not be the case, that is why you will never know for sure, you can have person with your "perfect" traits who is attached to his personality and one with not so great who is not, if that makes any sense to you.
  8. your character has no free will, you have all the free will you need, stop confusing something that you are not with who you really are.
  9. It is not really something you must control, it is always there, I would not even say that you must hold to it, it is more of a you must not let ego control you, it is there at all states of mind, unchanging, maybe try to see that which is always there in every situation, state of mind,, not thinking would be very helpful, will be less obstacles that get in your way, give it some time, experiment.
  10. Only thing I can tell you is that when you can experience true being, everything will come , it does not come like thunder and strike you with everything it got right away, answers will come them self. Experience of nothingness could be helpful to know your true self better I guess, to find I you are looking for to tap into being, but I do not think that there is any need for it, when I first got to know nothingness I had no clue what it is about , except the fact that it is the place where everything comes from and it was from mediation, not non dual state , or anything like that, besides non dual state is still not what you are looking for if you can no locate your true self, some people might think that non dual state is just being, but you might as well still not know who you are in all of that mess, making it in completely something else.
  11. I was just trying to give you some logical explanation, what we are talking about here goes way beyond logic. Source is not absolute infinity , just as you imagining rock does not make rock part of you. With one I mean it is created , comes from same place.
  12. Can you give up control without doing self-inquiry?If you can let go of control without getting drawn back into ego then there is no need for self-inquiry.
  13. I guess it depends how you look at it , source is beyond absolute infinity, because source itself is one who creates it and is always left out of infinity, making it kind infinity + 1, besides source is only thing that is real , everything else , is just sources imagination so to say, is imagination all one, well it does come from one place, but to look at it as all one or not probably does not matter.