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  1. Although I can agree on controlling of people and probably there is some plan on all of this, but to say that lockdown and distancing is bad and taking away freedom is just stupid for me, smells of ignorance , you are basically saying my few month "freedom" over safety of other people, because I have right to do what I want, well bad news for you, laws have always existed and there is freedom to take your freedom away, endangering other people because of your freedom calls for freedom of action from other people who do not want to be endangered.
  2. It is actually funny how many people think that Covid is a hoax, I even heard it from person who I would never believe to fall for such stupidity. They have no clue how much lockdown and social distancing is helping to slow this virus down , I guess they will have to learn it hard way when second wave hits us.
  3. Tax payers are going to pay for it!
  4. So he fucked up because not everyone is infected yet, and chance that you will get corona virus in severe , or any form is 0,001 % because this virus does not spread?
  5. For people who are so skeptical I would ask to look at this data, actual cases that have recovered and that died, because active cases comparing to death count is incorrect if you want to correct data, if you are still skeptical about how serious this virus is then idk what to say, just do not forget that allot of cases go unnoticed, not registered, some people take longer to recover then people to die, so do not freak out at numbers. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
  6. How they calculate is not accurate, they put people who just have symptoms that can be from allot of things without any test on virus, people with pneumonia which fair enough can be from flue, but again can be from other things too, the thing is that actual tests and people who have died with them done is very small, vaccines is huge business. It is not about panic, it is about keeping society working, if everyone gets sick in short period of time, it will make chaos, it is not your seasonal cold where now and then someone goes of on sickness.Numbers might seem small for now, but it is just because it has infected relatively small population as of now and because of procedures in place to slow it down. Remember it can take up to month do die from this virus and month ago it barely started to poke in other countries, don't take it lightly, people in risk groups have all right to be afraid, especially considering how contiguous it is.
  7. I would research this topic bit deeper in your place. I am not saying that anyone should panic, but people are way to misinformed and take it way to lightly, thats why it got this far and will be way worse.
  8. In Italy it is almost 12%, the thing is that there are allot of people sick who do not get tested, but question is if people who die untested get tested. Also do not forget that it can take up to month for someone to die from this virus, which means death tool is way behind cases of infection being registered. One is for sure, it is still huge number for deaths for people tested and to my knowledge every specialist says that it is more dangerous then seasonal flue.
  9. Listen here pal, this virus is new, it is not flue that everyone is infected with. flue has 0.1% chance to kill, this one 2-3 % and causes permanent health problems, it is suspected to infect most of world population with time, so don't get to happy to early. Also cure probably is years away from being created.
  10. To be fair he did ban China flights, it is Europe who took no actions at all, which lead for it to spread in EU and to USA because EU was not banned in USA.
  11. Yes defend government that takes no actions, says how not to spread panic and so on, everything is k, will be fine,free flow to spread , it is not so bad, but tells other story and overreacts on how bad situation is now ,closes regions, countries to traffic, you see now it is problem,lets close borders,public places,schools and so on, it was big deal to close traffic with China at start, but lets panic now and show how amazing we are, how much we care and put work when it is unstoppable now, we are good guys you see, we took action when it is to late and actually made way more panic then it would have made if they made actions in time, but people are to stupid, so they will think we are saviours. Every action they made and are planing to make was so much to late, that you must seriously ask if you are sheep , or our government is spreading it on purpose and trying to put good face now.
  12. Can you trust something that you forget any moment? You talk about memory of experience being as something that you can keep and is never changing,something that you can keep as yours. Good luck I guess.
  13. Do you believe government would leave open borders until it is already everywhere before taking action when it is pointless?
  14. It takes long time to build up awareness and it takes long time make it strong, you have to bring it into your daily life if you want to see huge progress and it can take months to get it to very high levels. It is not that your awareness is split, it is that your awareness is not strong enough and it fades making your mind lose focus on something else. You could look at awareness like brain fog,losing of moment, when it happens your mind takes control and takes your attention to whatever it wants,