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  1. How about this, waste another 10-20 years making best of your life, until you will feel that you have wasted thous 10-20 years, after that come back.
  2. Because you do not use awareness, you just sit relax and that is it.
  3. If you are one, what duality there can be, we are not talking about there being two YOU, or, YOU and Someone else.
  4. You are you, everything else is just experience.
  5. People talk way to much gibberish , they enter state and now think that they got there without putting time and effort getting there. Blinded by there own perspective they start to make statements like this.
  6. He has not lost his mind , he explains why your life is lie, or rather how it becomes something it is not.
  7. I had my fare share fun with loops, but they seem nothing after you realize that what you write now is senseless, that every thing that you think you know, you only think that you know, which leads to everything that I think and understand being a lie and not hold anything logical , as logic itself is a lie.
  8. Well your I will be very afraid and will probably not like what he finds out.
  9. Bauer, this is for your own help, going in mediation and thinking, telling yourself that everything is God is not good idea, that is sure way to delude yourself and get mental projections of your own thoughts.
  10. To do that you would probably have to give up on all thoughts, as thoughts in general have I attached to them.