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  1. I know lots of people who would be considered low stage of development. but are way more loving and better in many areas then so supposedly more progressive people, just because someone thinks differently about what is right, wrong, does not mean that he is on some hate crusade, you can be progressive and be way worse as a person.
  2. You don't have to believe, or not believe, best to describe is to be unlimited, or not knowing in deepest layer, you can still have knowledge and theories in top layer.
  3. You are very developed person, pinnacle of what is right. Are my smirky remarks good for your taste?
  4. I was wondering why Left leaning people have problems to accept others point of views, I am not saying that you do not have such problem on other side , but people over there are way more accepting and ready to listen, for sure less concerned if their friends are one side or other, it is just political view. I personally do not even think that any of sides in moderate level are regression, both are progression, just progression from different point.
  5. I doubt that you will ever sort it out if answer to everything for you is to run away, you will just fall in same pit at some point. Even if you succeed to find your safes-pace, you will probably become one of self-righteous people who don't have to deal with anything and have audacity to tell what is right or wrong based only on their narrowminded logic, emotion. Not saying that you should beat yourself up with all the bs, but you should learn to face life even at hard moments.
  6. you know what table is, what if you droop that knowing and you say you don't know what it is, there will be not knowing what it is. Putting simple , have to run.
  7. that is because you are trying to combine awareness with other practices, not sure where exactly your intention is focused, but you will find cause of this there.
  8. Mulky there is one problem , everything was created by infinite potential, this potential even created sense of separation so you can feel like this and experience like this, so you can use this and that, but ultimately you are this infinite potential. I know it sounds like something you preach at church, but it am being very serious and it is difficult to explain to sound believable, but it does fall into realm of explainable, I am just to lazy .
  9. I will try to explain my point best I can at this moment, everyone interprets words as they please. In a sense it is not about judgement, then again if I will use other words they will be misinterpreted too. You do not judge, you acknowledge that there is problem, but you do not judge this problem. Authentic behaviors do not need reasons, if you would have to name reason is just the behavior itself is reason. So to make it simple, behavior itself might be the problem, or behavior might not be the problem, but something else is actually causing problem for behavior.
  10. Why do this work, why judge, not judge yourself and just let things continue as they did before?
  11. Hey don't steal my lines, I was about to tell the same, if there is reason then there is some problem.
  12. I will help you out, Are ego parts only thought , or there is deeper construct of thoughts , ideas , emotions and ever for of logic beneath them, what happens when you try to go against this part of your ego , even tough you know this part is wrong and there is no reason for you to act such way?
  13. Just Idea! Have you ever thought about why ego is contradicting itself so much, what even is ego, if you look at parts of ego they are just as much not part of other parts of ego , just as you think that you are not part of ego..
  14. Sounds like it, awareness practices should fix it , at least being tired part, but it could help with motivation too. If you start to do them you will have to make it your daily life habit, or else it will go back to how it was, also it will take some dedication to get it started, so as I said,make it habit because while you will be at higher awareness it should be no problem to find willpower to maintain it, but it will be exhausting to start from bottom all the time.
  15. Must love synchronicity, I were just thinking going to work if when I come back this will show up I guess you can probably break limits, but thing is that consciousness is connected, so it probably would need some very deep understanding, states to manage to do extraordinary things.
  16. There is clearly more then it, you are not supposed to stay in that state, you need to break trough it to reach either final state or next stage, but one I know for sure , it is not finale.
  17. It actually makes sense if it happen to come from place out of our logic,conceptual limits, breaking our reality so to say, best our brain can do would be put it together in form that is closest to resemble it in our imagination.
  18. I am quite sure I have seen similar videos from different events
  19. I have not seen any legit UFO video, ones I have seen can be explained, or are in such a bad quality that there is no point to even take them serious. But I have seen plenty of strange things myself, which makes me question why all the videos that go online are so bad.
  20. Hey I might be wrong and maybe there are way more reports in USA, I am just giving my thoughts. From what I could find out there are about average 2000 reports in "EU" yearly, it is not actually all EU just couple of countries that combined data, imagine that it might be quite difficult to get it from all countries as not all of them even have people,organizations dedicated on gathering this information, given how this data is incomplete and even if we look just at this number I can't say that UFO sightings in USA are so much superior to EU, let alone all world.
  21. Try to look for information from countries with similar size and population, I think you cant expect to get same amount of reports from country with 2 mil people, USA is about size of EU .
  22. You probably can't, first of all because of bias, second because your interaction sample is way to small compared to size of population, not to mention that culture, social background can play huge role too. Best you can do is give opinion and back it up with statistic , or something that would make sense. I have no clue how thous conversations went, but it just might be some kind of way for them to try and get your attention, just like trying to be funny, guys tend to do stupid things like that.
  23. There are way more UFO sightings then that list, have no clue how it was made. For example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFO_sightings_in_the_United_Kingdom and this list is still very small compare to there being about 200 reports every year in UK alone , how many of them are true is another question and how many actually say anything about seeing UFO is another. It gets more complicated when you have to get information from countries that do not have English as their native language, as you can't really get information from them if you can't read and write in their language.