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  1. High quality CBD oil may help or Nervines. Combining CBD with DMSO is the best pain relief I have ever had although I would educate oneself well on how to use DMSO safely as it allows every substance to penetrate the BBB(blood brain barrier).
  2. Well its not really "Alien" even Bashar says all of this is "your energy" Used to watch him, good stuff. These states of realization and the nature of the universe and its mechanics and functions come to you naturally as you rise in consciousness.
  3. Substances that further stimulate *mind-stuff* are pushing you further away from the truth you truly seek. You must find something or someplace that can provide you the space to relax your nervous system entirely. This will bring the greatest healing and clarity of being.
  4. Learn to die without drugs. It is an absolute surrendering you must be willing to do. You must be willing to put truth/enlightenment whatever it is for you before everything else and let go of everything else. 100% total/utter devotion, forget about food, water any of these things, they are all distractions. If you want ASAP that is, or you could just trust in your natural process and live the middle-way ~ It is Inevitable.
  5. I feel that, but all the worshipers are in fault here. The Guru is often playing the teacher/trickster for the most part. Some gurus do not even say much or do, people just fall to their knees for any excuse to not do the deep work themselves. That what I feel at least.
  6. This is result of a child who started to tap into the higher-consciousness but had no true master to guide him, so he got caught up on the lesser-lights. Many of these spiritual gurus I see them as children who had a sudden and profound awakening but far from what the Buddha reached which is total integration of all forms of awakening combined. Enlightenment. He went much much deeper. I feel only Sri Tat Wale Baba was on a similar page and maybe Yogananda.
  7. This would be unwise. Keep it simple, don't risk frying your nervous system.
  8. If you don't care then why does it matter? if you truly wanted the answer you know how to know it.
  9. Cancer can only thrive in a stagnant/acidic environment. Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen/movement rich (alkaline environment. There have been known cures for thousands of years, you won't find it in a hospital. However, if you take a trip to the wild, you may learn a thing or two.
  10. Fruits would be primary, raw honey would be great, medjool dates are also great.
  11. I never understood why people need to eat anything like meat to begin with. It makes me puke to even think about. I had a jack-fruit burger once and returned it cause it felt like meat, horrible experience. I will agree that vegan meat is maybe healthier than regular meat for the homo-sapian but I do not agree that it is healthy. Our bodies were never designed to utilize (processed foods/chemicals/powders) ect.. we have in modern foods and it is one of the main reasons the human consciousness, intelligence and capacity for full potential is low and disturbed. When we let go of all that "fake-food" and eat real food things will become "alive" again within us. It wont matter whether its meat, potatoes, vegetables or fruit. The KEY is in the (whole-food) non-processed, organic, directly from the farm or better your own organic garden and directly onto your plate. Your body/mind will function in superior fashion and be most vibrant and healthy. I personally believe we need to consume at least 80% raw "living" food and maybe 20% of your comforts for a balance of alkaline/acid and better if you mono-eat, this gives the body a break from trying to process 100 different spices at once, we are just not designed for it. The body is indeed extremely intelligent and can handle and adapt, but if you wanna tap into your best, keep it simple and as close to nature as possible.
  12. What would you like to know? The experience or state is similar, yet quite different. it is like you still have to do everyday chores, but you do them in a way that you are in a state of constant amazement, as every moment is seen and experienced as a new moment, you are like a child who can watch the same movie 100 times and never get bored of it, even if its the 100th time washing dishes, you will find uniqueness and fun in it. You will be energized so much from within that you feel like you have the best coffee and drugs in the world already active within you, the big difference is there is no negative side effects, and the effect is everlasting, well unless you fall off practice completely. I've been there. This state eventually came to me when I devoted my entire life to truth and truth only. Everything else was secondary.
  13. You have to be honest with yourself and your needs first. If she is on the same level as you than she should be receptive to understand you. Once a week is not much because usually still quite early in the relationship, in my past relationships sometimes lovemaking would occur multiple times a day in the beginning because everything is fresh and things need to be exchanged, energy needs to go somewhere. It is also important to be aware of is if she is just wanting sex to "release" and use you as that tool for that release, this then can become a toxic cycle for both of you and not stemming out of pure love, true lovemaking is so powerful that you both become so nourished by it that it tends to occur less often but more potent and transforming. This is at least what I have observed in my dances with women and lovers. We sometimes need to find ways to nourish that inner-primal being but also teach it respect and discipline. You could bring up with her to learn to channel that energy in other ways, like creative tasks, dancing, whatever she is passionate about, and with practice she will be amazed that she will feel more bliss and less needy for sex. Its an Art form, and life is a balancing act.