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  1. @Emerald something tells me you desperately want men to be unhappy, that's why you construct imaginary visions of suffering men in your head, to make yourself feel a little better about your life. I also like that extremely long winded personal story you forced in to basically portray yourself as a well put together, accomplished woman who is revered by a lowly man, to boost your ego a little on a internet forum. Maybe reflect on why you pick that particular tale if it even happened at all.
  2. @Emerald Thank you for the chuckle no wonder I've never encountered psychologically healthy women my whole life, they must've smelled me and were circling me from a thousand mile radius this whole time!!!
  3. Wow!!! Not just one, but multiple? You should consider yourself a very lucky man indeed. I'm happy for you. Sadly I haven't been privileged to meet these loving kind and beautiful girls, I'm mostly surrounded by landwhales in yoga tights. Should I move? Where do you live? So what happened with you and these lovely ladies, did you pursue relationship with them? How did you come to find out their loving and kind nature? Please update us And my heart is warmed that there are indeed women like these out there. MGTOW is not the same as incels. I am more than open to be in a relationship with a beautiful, smart, kind, loving girl who is not emotionally damaged, entitled, or manipulative. If life presents me such person I will present the best version of myself and do my level best to make her happy. It's just that legal marriage contract is out of the picture. Nor is she going to move into my place, or have access to my bank account. I'm just happy pursuing my creative projects and building up my financial resources right now. Maybe all this is some elaborate plan to get the attention of women? Maybe so but even then marriage just seems like a stupid gamble for men in today's world doesn't it?
  4. Here's the way i see it Sexual energy is a myth. It doesn't exist There is energy. If you channel it towards sex then it obviously becomes sexual energy. The tricky thing is that the mind converts it into sexual energy so fast that you do not catch it and just assume that it was sexual energy from the start. The mistake you made is 2 folds: First you allowed the mind to convert your energy into sexual nature Then you are trying to control it or suppress it. It will never work or it will eventually backfire on you. So what to do...i guess have something to be passionate about. If you really are dedicated to a purpose then sex shouldnt even enter your mind. If it has then you've already fucked up.
  5. Well marijuana essentially triggered my spiritual journey so....🤔
  6. Few days ago I watched Leo's video about consciousness which resonated with me. I was sitting and contemplating what I learned and began to repeat to myself that everything is consciousness, the room I'm in, the city I live in, the universe I'm in, the cells that make up who I am, the thoughts that enter my head, etc. Suddenly I was no longer myself, the me I identified as was just a sack full of meat and blood, and i felt lighter, like all my problems in life just washed away for brief few seconds. As I kept repeating in my head that everything is consciousness, my eyes began to well up, then i started to sob uncontrollably. I didn't really understand what was happening but it was a nice feeling. For that brief moment I was totally content. I didnt need anything more. Eventually the tears stopped and I tried to find that feeling again but it was gone. So what the heck happened there?
  7. @stevegan928 lol didnt even ask for it but thanks for the breakdown.
  8. @Emerald if you want my opinion you should value your time more and not be posting essay long responses on message boards which ultimately wont change anything. You are trying to reverse the flow of a river by paddling it with your hands. I'm not going to respect the opinion of someone who doesn't value their own time. Go be a mother and a wife. I think that will have more positive effect on the world
  9. @Emerald umm? No, not by a long shot. I never stated otherwise. I'm working to better myself though. Do you think you are well adjusted?
  10. I feel this idea of a "healthy" and well adjusted men or women is increasingly like chasing a unicorn. Generations of weak parenting compounded by internet and social media has pretty much made sure of that. At some point you have to realize that Santa Claus doesn't exist and stop playing a rigged game. I think people like Jordan Peterson and Leo are starting to undo the damage but im in no delusion that it's going to fix anything overnight, if ever. (It took me 4 yrs to discover Leo's channel, for example) So all that is left to do is to just focus on myself and be the best person that I can be. That's what I got out of the MGTOW philosophy. There will always be the low conscious people that use such ideology as crutch but it's not the case for myself
  11. @Emerald lol okay lady. How much time do you spend here?
  12. @Emerald you seem to enjoy constructing fiction in your head about other people's lives. Is that a feminine quality as well? If so Im rather turned off by it