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  1. Imagining my new daily work routine is great advice, I will plan well and switch gradually.
  2. Currently, I'm taking the Life Purpose Course, and it feels daunting to leave my current career to pursue something else. I'm financially stable, but unhappy professionally. It's particularly hard, because I have invested a lot of effort in what I work now. I have many interests, but definitely not a clear idea what my life purpose would be. I fear choosing a life purpose, but after some years getting bored with it, and having to start all over again. Or worse, not making enough money to support myself. Anyone has tips on how to deal with this fear? If anyone is transitioning careers, I would love to hear the experience. Any recommendation of self-help or biography books related to this topic would help as well.
  3. I don't know about the english teaching market in Thailand, I live in Brazil. Here I think a native English speaker can easily find students to teach, be it one to one or in group. I think you can earn the same or even more than in an English school, as people are willing to pay you more because you're a native. You would have to invest in marketing your classes. Here there are a lot of foreigners who target the brazilian market in social media and are a huge success. Many of them work with teaching foreign languages. Maybe you could do the same in Thailand. I had classes for almost a year with an exchange student from France to learn French and I learned more than in a regular school, she didn't have a bachelor's degree in French. If I were you, I would only consider the bachelor's degree if I wanted to pursue the career of teaching for life.
  4. Often the blatant advices work, we just have to start acting on them. There's no magic solution. Therapy and changing some of your habits really seem like the best first steps. I have depression, and talking to a therapist and practicing any kind of physical activity regularly really help to get my mental health in order.
  5. It seems that the best option is just to go to Thailand and try teaching English without the bachelor's degree. You can experiment all formats of teaching once you're there. If it doesn't work, it's okay, you can always come back and do the bachelor's degree later if you wish. The experience you're going to have living abroad will be valuable anyway.
  6. I agree with Roy, the first thing is tracking your expenses, so that you can visualize where the money is going. The second thing would be to start saving a percentage of your income, even if you start as low as 5%.
  7. Just go for it and try! You'll never know how you'll feel, if you don't do it some times and see. Then you can decide how to go on.
  8. If you want something serious with someone, you better show your preferences right from the beginning or else you'll just be hiding a big part of your sexual preferences until it's no longer sustainable or healthy. If you want nothing serious and live in a big city, I don't think you need to be revealing that you're bisexual to girls if you don't want to, as you'll probably no longer see her again. If you live in a small city, probably some girls are gonna be turned off by it, some others more open minded will not. Up to you to decide what you'll feel more confortable doing.
  9. Is your ego getting quieter over time? How do you deal in practice with the inner ego talk? Is there a city/country that you would like to move to in the future? What are some of your hobbies?
  10. I have a similar family background. In my experience, it didn't work out trying to change them. So, I just try to love them for who they are. It's pretty hard not to feel responsible for my brothers as well, but it gets easier with time.
  11. I had the same issue with Youtube and Netflix. It didn't work out for me being mindful, I tried it maaany times. So I just cut them off entirely. Pretty hard at the beginning, but it was the solution. If you like watching Leo or other good channels, you can download the videos you want and watch offline. Nowadays, after several months, I use Youtube, but only for searching specific things. Never allow myself to start binge watching stupid videos, because they capture me for hours.