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  1. Adam Smith Wealth of Nations will provide a solid base. David Graeber Debt the first 5000 Years Probably a good idea to study Karl Marx as well. Check out the numerous college courses online, MIT, Stanford, etc. has free courses I am sure they have an Economics course.
  2. Just wanted to post a solid political news resource that takes multiple perspectives and understands different cognitive bias. They developed their own rating system that categorizes different news sources on the political spectrum and rates them accordingly. Sort of a one stop shop. (Not sure if this has been posted already.) https://www.allsides.com/unbiased-balanced-news
  3. Maybe you’d be interested in Chek Institute for holistic health and wellness courses and certifications. He has tons of courses and goes deeper than the surface. Even has a course on how to use marijuana in a conscious way that supports growth and development.
  4. For not being successful? You’re building your own prison and you’re not aware of it. The first thing you can do is change your language. In order to change your language you have to become more conscious. If you want to become more conscious then maybe start a good habit of meditation. Meditate everyday for a year, and see what happens.
  5. The best way to handle insecure people is by you yourself becoming secure. A secure person will make insecure people feel secure. A secure person has worked on him/her self and knows where the insecurity is coming from which would then lead people to feel secure around him/her. Insecure people know when they see a secure person-it’s hard to fake this (the body shows this). Judgment is what promotes insecurity, judgement is a lack of love-you are telling the person that something is wrong with them. This of course compounds insecurity, because insecure people make other insecure people feel more insecure. With all that being said the ego in of itself feels insecure, the ego is in a sense fragile in some form or fashion. Until someone transcendes the ego, there will always be some spectrum of insecurity showing up in different ways. This is essentially what makes a good leader, someone who brings people up to his/her level. Turns insecure people to secure people, he/she does this by lack of judgement. You’d be surprised at how much you can change someone’s attitude by not feeding into their victim hood and insecurity. How you can change the energy of people around you by the level of consciousness/awareness your bringing to the table.
  6. Sure, I think that is what essentially is happening on the forum. There's no other way for people to get value, other then that what you write. The most profound truths are the most simple.
  7. Keep chipping away Man Don't beat yourself up because you are emulating mentors, this is healthy. Eventually, you will grow unto yourself and others will emulate you. It is all part of the process, everyone emulates everyone how else would we connect and how else would we have structure in order to live out our Dharma? No one shows up with their own unique operating system from day one. Just take it easy, often times we compare ourselves to some illusory ideal version of how we should be-thinking that they have it all together (shadow hugging). This I would say is part of the problem with the internet, it is very easy to think people are superstars in life by reading what they are typing on a forum or even by what they are saying in videos-when in reality their shit does in fact smell like shit. You're young and you are ahead of the game. Keep working, you will breakthrough.
  8. Sometimes Green falls back to Blue/Red when not properly integrated, and especially when not aware of shadow. Also remember there are many developmental lines. You can be high in morality and very low in cognitive. You can be very high in cognitive and very low in morality (Nazi Doctors). Awareness=Consciousness, Having higher levels of consciousness is not directly correlated with moving up Spiral Dynamics. For instance, you can be fully enlightened and be at stage Blue i.e. certain Zen Monasteries. Try not to confuse consciousness as it pertains to spiritual evolution and states of consciousness VS your level of development as it pertains to world views and your capacity to be more inclusive.
  9. I am sure you have had a peak experience at least some time in your life, where everything is all good-maybe you have to go back to childhood. It can range from what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls flow or a full blown enlightenment experience. The more you develop yourself, the longer and wider these peak experiences become. I'd say just keep chipping away, and keep turning the wrench on yourself. You will get where you need to go.
  10. Thank you, just wanted to add one more thing: more peak experiences will happen as well (Maslow talks about this), the more you move up the growth hierarchy- an overall feeling of well being your center of gravity of fulfillment & happiness will have a tendency to rise as well. This is subjective of course, and there is no way to actually measure this however you will know-when just being is a joy.
  11. The best barometer to know if you are growing in my opinion is to look at your relationships. We are all interconnected, and when you start seeing people act differently, treat you differently, look at your differently, then you know you are growing. You can really notice this especially if you have been in any sort of inauthentic quasi manipulative relationships, where the mechanisms by which people use to manipulate you no longer work. Of course they will complain and try and get you back to your "old you" so that it can benefit their own egoic desires-usually some dysfunctional means as to lift their own self-esteem. Another way to tell if you are growing is if what you use to think was right today becomes wrong tomorrow. In other words if you're developing quickly what you said/learned yesterday is already expired and only partial. This means of course that you are learning and continually increasing your operating system and your level of consciousness and seeing things differently than the way you use to. Once you get going, and you start using mind movies, vision boards, life purpose, body/mind/spirit/relationship visions, goals, etc. you can actually look back and see how everything has come to fruition If you have any sort of neurosis, you will know when you conquer this because it's like a 500 lbs. atlas stone has been lifted from your life. Of course homeostasis kicks in and you forget sometimes how much and how far you've come. Hope this helps
  12. A Coach is like having a professional best friend. A good Coach will support, guide, motivate you to get to the next level in wherever you are trying to go in life. The problem with looking for “free coaching” is that you don’t have skin in the game, and that in of itself may prevent you from achieving that which you set out to achieve. What will happen then is you may think coaching is not worth anything because you already got coached and you validated as to why or why not it’s worth your time. Money is simply an agreed upon collective symbol which we use to transfer goods and services, where you put your money in is a direct correlation as to your commitment in that which you said out to achieve or that which you value. Check your bank statement and see where you are putting your money, this will give you a very solid perspective as to what you value in your life.
  13. I was thinking about this as well. The whole idea is to transcend and include, the problem with inflammatory Green is that there is a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater (Orange values), you obviously don't want to obliterate all of orange because it does serve its purpose and did serve its purpose. Although, since the center of gravity of the United States is Orange, things will inevitably more than likely balance out in the end regardless of how strong Bernie brings in Green ideals, policies, and values. I agree with this as well. Just not sure if the collective is ready for someone like this. Theres no box for them to put him in.