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  1. Deep dive into the nature of concept design for videogames and movies:
  2. Tribute to amazing artists that are no longer with us.
  3. Traditional sketches on pieces of paper. No need for a fancy wacom tablet to start drawing.
  4. Inspired on the Yugioh anime series. I generated a fan original character using AI, (on the left) and then I drew it, (on the right) using a digital drawing tablet.
  5. There are only a select few YouTube channels that I would really recommend to anyone starting out. Before there was YouTube or even Internet, there were still masters of drawing that didn't go to art school.
  6. A lot of people already replied with some form of "do the work that's necessary to archieve your goal".
  7. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective. I have been taking antipsychotic medication and having therapy for over 10 years. My physical health deteriorated over the years and I am several pounds overweight. Currently taking action by going to the gym everyday and taking a diet which is very difficult due to my medication causing horrible food cravings. If I don't drink coffee everyday what will happen is that I will spend most of the day in bed but I don't have trouble sleeping. I'm not seeking medical advice because nothing will change about that, I just wanted you to be aware of my situation before replying. My clinical situation is stable. My limitations: I've trouble reading books because it's difficult to focus, I replace them with listening/watching long videos as well as audiobooks but it's hard to study them; I've trouble playing most video-games, I find them mostly boring but I still play a limited few occasionally to keep me happy; Working a normal job is obviously very difficult with someone with my diagnosis so I work part-time from home I'm an artist, I like to draw but it's difficult to draw for long hours and I only feel like painting if I attend painting classes to force me to paint and socialize. If mind-work is difficult and we'll never reach world-class what is the point? If the situation turn out to be stable is the self-help world useful? Is there a point to go after life-purpose from such a low-state? Probably shouldn't be here and I am well aware of the rules, guidelines and warnings. I'm still open-minded and welcome any advice. Apologies for my english and my dyslexia.
  8. You've have hitten right on the money. I just got here a couple of days ago and the only reaction I'm getting is people stepping on eachother, having the exact opposite opinion for the sake of having or for proving themselves "superior". Probably will leave too because I'm only seeing this as another distraction.
  9. Bascily I value popularity, being recognized, make friends just from showing off, constantly looking over the shoulder to see who's doing better work etc.. This realization made me hate myself even more. Things that I value most in life feel wrong but those things were also what brought to the place I am now in terms of the type of skills I gathered. Big problem I have in my hands now.
  10. Remember that most people are in stage red/purple and won't be moving to stage orange in this lifetime, quite the opposite. Rebelling agaisn't the figure of authority isn't an step up in awakening.