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  1. if you can't sniff out the incredible insecurity in someone like Tate then your senses are off
  2. I've wondered this too. Still don't really know, but this hypothesis seems reasonable:
  3. I'm only comparing him to JP in the sense that the argument is the same, just from a higher level. The CEO says we need to clean up our own mess as a nation before focusing on the messes of other nations, and JP is saying me and you individually need to clean up our own messes personally before focusing on the messes of the country we live in.
  4. I think there's nuance to what he's saying. He's doing to Jordan Peterson 'clean your room before you clean up the world', except on the scale of national government instead of the individual. How many people needlessly die each year because our health care system is corrupt to its core, where folks cut their insulin because the price is 1000% more than it should be? Uigher genocide sucks, but for most people it's just an easy virtue signal since everyone knows genocide bad - it's much harder for people to comprehend the abstract harm done by corrupt institutions, but genocide is pretty clear cut.
  5. I'm guessing it's because this CEO billionaire is an outspoken liberal or leftist and Ben is getting his shots in wherever he can
  6. I don't understand the technicals of the article, but the OP made some sus posts in the comment section that seems off for the character he's portraying..
  7. He said a *LOT* of things, yet the one thing people know about him is that he's some crazy 2012er lol. You can be a genius polymath with impeccable communication style, yet make one wrong prediction (which you admit could be wrong), and all the sudden your legacy is 'just some nut job'. When he talked about his novelty theory he's stated outright that he could be wrong about knowing the precise date of the omega - this was a speculative part of his theory.
  8. Dude bought an abandoned mining town for 1 million dollars and documents his adventures there. The content is more entertaining than it might seem imo. This channel speaks for itself:
  9. Become a philosopher, not someone who memorizes philosophical ideas of other philosophers. Assuming you were brought up in traditional education systems, it might take time to break the habit of memorizing the 'right ideas' and adopting them as your own. You've probably been conditioned to not bother thinking for yourself, since smarter people have certainly figured out the answers to whatever questions you have... scrap all that. It's good to read and listen to smart people, but you are your greatest teacher and you'll only know wisdom if you learn to contemplate for yourself.
  10. Necessary, no, but I can't think of a better and faster way to have experiential proof of divinity. That may take years with non-psychedelic methods, and once you have a taste of it at least now you know that you can't trust beliefs about reality, and then can pursue whatever method you prefer thereafter. People refuse a 15 minute DMT experience because they think it's all nonsense, they're even less likely to spend hundreds of hours meditating for one peak experience that might all be nonsense. They'll likely give up before any spiritual awakening.
  11. @Leo Gura have you contacted Destiny for a discussion? Among the debate lords I think he's quite open minded to non-political discussion. He's also had an interesting character arc over the past few years where he used to be 'straight edge' (zero drugs/alcohol/etc), but is now open and into psychedelics. He's currently in the 'how do I really know anything' stage where some of his concrete beliefs were shattered with mushroom experiences.
  12. I've never been too into metal but this 1 band I listened to a lot when I was younger. Don't know what genre of metal it is, but sounds kind of like the power metal you linked.
  13. Agreed! Sunshine was my absolute favorite movie as a teen. Still the best soundtrack of any movie I've seen. People give the movie shit for the final act being sub optimal, but the movie as a whole is 10/10. Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream has one of the best performances I've seen from an actress. The movie is an experience. Donnie explains the smurfs. The movie is much more bizarre and heavy than this scene conveys. 10/10 movie. If anyone hasn't seen the BSG remake, highly recommend