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  1. According to the wingmakers website, there will soon be the scientific proof that the soul is immortal and reincarnates. This will make many people believe that spirituality is a thing. What's your thoughts on this? They also say that there will be a technology to make people smarter.
  2. I went to two inner mastery retreats in Italy. The ayawuaska doses are ridiculously low. the Bufo alvarius (5meo) is a bit stronger but still not enough to breakthrough. Overall it was overpriced and kinda useless. It's like they know that they don't have the facilities to manage high doses experiences so they give less to avoid troubles (bad trips).
  3. I know right? But couldn't find a better word for it. Life is (also) paradoxical imo (and non-paradoxical at the same time).
  4. There are levels of enlightenment. Google Jan esmann. But there's a limit which we can surpass on the astral plane once we finish our reincarnation circle on the physical plane. Source: the Michael Teachings and the wingmakers website.
  5. That doesn't explain the small black and white circles at all.
  6. I will quote this from Chris Bache last book about his many 500 McG LSD trips: The Suffering of Death and Rebirth. Let me bring this chapter to a close by addressing a final important issue. The single largest concern I have about sharing my visionary journey with others is that people may be frightened by the large amount of suffering it contains. I am concerned that they will either judge the psychedelic method harshly or become fearful of the unseen universe. Both of these are the last things I want to happen. In order to avoid this, I have considered blunting the pain and diluting its role in the plot, but this would be dishonest. I may make mistakes in telling this story, but I pledge to give an honest account of what took place in my sessions. It is important, therefore, that we understand the role that suffering plays in the psychedelic process, and specifically the suffering of death and rebirth.
  7. You know the good ol' black and white tao symbol? There is some white (good) in the black half, and some black (bad) in the white half. My interpretation is that suffering is necessary for spiritual evolution, and that enlightened beings retain the ability to do small bad deeds for a good purpose (this has been confirmed by some of them). My theory is that bad trips and "in-between lives suffering" (on the astral plane if one dies painlessly) is what really does the work of spiritual evolution. Meditation only works if you had many incarnations. In fact many people don't go anywhere with it. Others awake out of nowhere and don't even know wtf is going on until they read about it. It's hard to swallow, I know.
  8. Check out Jan esmann. There are levels of enlightenment, and his Shakti path is the easier way.
  9. If an acid was enough ravers of the past 50 years would all be enlightened or at least seekers. Both Grof, Chris Bache said that 4+ tabs are needed to have irreversible spiritual changes. You find more on this in my sign.
  10. BAshar's teachings are incomplete if you skip other teachings, check my sign. link to find them.
  11. Here's a good one for you all (I'd have plenty). The initials of my name+surname are ste sagu. Move and flip the e ste and the u in sagu and you get Satsang. And now you have one more reason to check my sign. link.