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  1. It's not "up to you", if it was just "up to us" we'd all be eternally happy from the very start. You guys are either enlightened or in denial of the dark side, which is necessary for the light side to exist. But I'm not saying the balance is not in favor of the light side over all.
  2. @Inliytened1 It could have happened in many other ways. And anyway do you remember your past lives? Assuming what you're saying is true (you attained enlightenment with this zen koan), I think that this was only "the drop that overflowed the vase", so to speak. In other words... you must be a very old soul (many reincarnations).
  3. @Inliytened1 No, lol. I was it before experiencing some crazy synchronicities. Check my sign. for info (the "story" link, found in the "homepage link").
  4. lol, impermanence/aging/death/suffering/the dark side are a thing too, spirituality is not all roses like the current propaganda makes you believe. I was like you before, so I don't judge you in the slightest, but be aware that you are being misleaded by the current "spiritual environment". I'm not saying it's all doom and gloom, but it's not "all roses" either. Check my sign. for more info and trusted sources.
  5. @Jacobsrw We are that consciousness which requires spiritual refinement.
  6. It's a paradox, reality is also paradoxical, not only on an abstract level. So what? You're just posting this to satisfy your ego, so do I (lol).
  7. @Jacobsrw Spiritual evolvement goes beyond the mind. It's about increased empathy/compassion/love. A refinement of consciousness which allows other lower consciousnesses to evolve rather than destroy them for your own survival/pleasure.
  8. Joe Reagan is only one of the many entry points to spirituality. Even the most famous teachers of these days are misleading most people (I'm not saying they're not enlightened, but enlightenment doesn't bring knowledge!). Move along (check my sign. lol).
  9. Consciousness exists prior to mind. Just look at animals. Gurdjieff made a distinction between "1-brained", 2 brained and 3 brained consciousnesses. 1 brained: insects, only body feelings 2 brained: pets and other mammals, body + emotions 3 brained: humans, body + feelings + mind
  10. So you're basically giving credit to a "mind theory" by saying that mind is limited. Don't you see how you're contradicting your own theory this way? This is all just mind masturbation, masked as "anti-mind".
  11. It has been around for centuries, if it was that much effective we'd all be enlightened by now. And spiritual teachers/masters would just spam it everywhere all the time (lol).
  12. Meh, I'd call this "spiritual mind masturbation". Not very different for usual mind masturbation like philosophy, science and politics.
  13. Pain/suffering is part of this reality. The difference between nightmares and bad trips is that you wake up soon after the scary shit starts happening in your dreams. This is why psychedelics are needed for most people, they force you to stay in the suffering situation for longer, and eventually your ego (not you, it's not a decision) gives up and you attain nirvana (only very old souls can attain with meditation alone; my own theory... for now). Check my sign. for sources and more info.
  14. 1) what? I don't know. 2) try high doses, 6 tabs LSD or equivalent of mushrooms/5-meo is needed to improve spiritually, check my sign. for sources and more info 3) You're falling for the "just meditate X min/hours a day and you'll be good propaganda". It's way more complex than that.