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  1. I don't know Leo, I tried sub-breakthrough doses a shit-ton of times and they just make me feel bad (proportional to the dose taken). I honestly don't think it's just a self-fulling prophecy, maybe it's different for you because you're an older soul than me (more reincarnations, a Michael Teaching concept)?
  2. So you're saying permanent nirvana/actualization isn't a thing? Ok, I guess Buddha and company were/are just impostor then.
  3. Pretty spot on report, spirituality is not the easy answer spiritual teachings make it seem to be. It's hard core stuff, but life is hard core anyway, people think wars and intense suffering are just a thing of the past or for the unfortunate minorities, but wait till you read what happens to you after you'll die:
  4. Thanks for the advice guys... Anyway I still "stand" on what I studied and experienced on my sub-breakthrough trips: enlightenment doesn't make any fricking sense (on a rational level). Look at Sadguru's last talk at his festival, and Bashar's main teaching: hard work is not the answer, the path of least resistance is gonna get you to the net goal faster for some no-reason (so meta, I know).
  5. This proves my theory that intent and preparation are not needed to take high/breakthrough doses.
  6. You don't even explain why getting drunk isn't a good idea. I read that book and prepared myself with smaller doses and meditation, and anyway, if you did read my previous posts on this thread you'd know I don't agree on the "intent/preparation" argument anyway (this recent post confirms my opinion: )
  7. I just can't gather the courage/motivation to take a rectal breakthrough dose guys. I'm too scared of the hell I know for sure I'd be going through before the switch to bliss. Do you think getting drunk before doing it would be a good idea and would it require a bigger dose to breakthrough?
  8. Simple logic says that the part (single consciousness) cannot get bigger than the whole, but reality is illogical too, so I don't know.
  9. Ask it what's the date I'll die of cancer please (as of today)?
  10. Yeah ok enjoy masturbating with your mind, that will surely bring you to no-mind.
  11. I think you can actually breakthrough with weed, but you need to eat a literal shitload of it (plus not taking it for 2 weeks to avoid tolerance).
  12. Jesus did miracles only to serve an higher porpouse, if a "random guy" goes to a master an asks for it, he's not gonna do it if he thinks it's useless. They are not just magic tricks done to "entertain" you.
  13. I hope it doesn't sound too rude but I know it's gonna be difficult for your ego to admit you couldn't read it behind the lines.
  14. I know that, in fact I was just saying that synthetics weren't available in past times, read the whole thread.
  15. Believes don't make you more worthy than anyone else anyway, you were just lucky enough to hear beliefs you think make you better than those who didn't hear/believe them yet.