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  1. Hi All, I check this forum pretty much every day, but I haven't posted anything on here in a long time. Since Leo's last 3 video's I have gotten really excited about Cook Greuters EDT model (Ego Development Theory). I think it's a really beautiful and helpful model and I think the model can be super powerful for self-actualizing. So after reading the original article twice, I've come up with a list for myself. In the list I list: 1. the attributes of each stage that are currently active in me 2. what my 'percentage' in the stage is 3. what I can do to integrate and transcend the stage in question. Here is the list I came up with: It's a pretty long document. But it might be interesting for some of you to see the workings of the psyche of a fellow Actualizer on the path. Achiever: 25% I can be a harsh critic of myself when things are not working out Seeing results and getting rewarded is an important way to get affirmed for me The drive to achieve and succeed can lead to overexhaustion I have an urgent sense that time is fleeting I can suffer depression from not having fulfilled goals and ideals I can put a lot of importance in the completion of small short term goals, instead of looking at the long trajectory. How to embody and transcend I shall get even more clear on what I really want instead of looking at short term goals like getting laid or making some money. These goals are ideally stepping stones that are to be enjoyed, not important goals in their own right. create safety in terms of money, sex, friends etc so worrying about ‘normal’ succes is diminished Observe carefully when criticizing myself See how there are certain aspects of my life that I can’t control Pluralist: 25% I Can be triggered by hyper rationalism I can increasingly see how the values of my upbringing and culture have programmed me and others I know how to consciously scrutinize my beliefs I can sometimes not appreciate the gift of the lower levels I feel a split between old levels of being and new levels of being I can feel that I have many contradicting voices in me How to embody and transcend Think deeply about why all the lower stages are necessary Scrutinize my own beliefs more! Think about belief and facts more. Heal the split between the old levels and the new levels by journaling and doing shadow work etc Let the different voices in me speak and communicate with eachother Strategist: 45% I can be able to integrate many different aspects of myself I make meaning independent of conventional ideas I worry about not treating people with dignity and respect, and the right for self-determination I have a systems view of the world and self I have high ideals but I am also realistic about what it takes I realise the need to the most I can be in order to be of service to others Wanting to help others evolve is one of my strongest motivations I recognise natural hierarchies in life I think higher development is always better I want to “become the most one can become”. I think good company, intimate relationships, good occupation and chances for self-actualization are essential for a meaningful existence I accept self and other as complex human beings with both positive and negative traits I am occasionally blind to the transformer’s own identification with and self-importance in being a “transformer.” I become dissatisfied with their lives when they feel they have not fulfilled their unique human promise or when they have not lived up to the greatness they expect of themselves. How to embody and transcend Dive deeply into loving and open relationship Create a career that helps people evolve Do industrial grade self-actualization Let go of identification with being a transformer have mystical experiences become more aware with paradox and ambiguity in life construct aware and ego aware 5% I feel that having an ego which craves clear boundaries and significance and unceasingly tries to create them is a constraint to further growth and understanding. I am sometimes aware of how the constant and automatic judging habit of what is good and what is not creates much of the unhappiness and striving for betterment so prevalent in ordinary waking consciousness “Here my ego goes again despite knowing better” is a sentiment I experience daily How to embody and transcend observe how projection and language creates my reality Start to see more and more deeply how limited the endavour of map-making is See deeply how the ego is constantly creating itself through language and thoughts Become more aware of how constantly labeling and judging is creating a lot of suffering and unhappiness. Start to think more about concepts as ‘knowing’ ‘language’ ‘proof’ etc. Have mystical experiences. I got my work cut out for me
  2. @Serotoninluv that is an interesting point. So you are saying that although there is no stuff behind the scenes, there also is? But I don’t really think that’s how it works. If Leo says ‘’there is no material world’’, then it is not implied that there also is one at the same time. Reality just happens to be mind stuff! On the dream point: I agree! But why is the dream so consistent? What makes it consistent?
  3. @LastThursday yeah C makes the most sense to me too. But then you are basically using the same argument that a Christian dude from the Middle Ages would use. Why does the sun rise? Because god wants it too rise. This seems a bit regressive. But if it’s true, it’s true I guess. @Serotoninluv this is interesting, but now you make the brain into the ‘stuff behind the scenes’. I guess you don’t agree with Leo’s video ‘’why brains don’t exist’’? @Scholar yes but why does this isness seem so predictable? @Jakeem Ortiz nice reply . Please message me once you can put it into words!! @MAYA EL that you can get an answer to all your questions by observing the present moment is also a concept. So now that we are in concept land, would be cool to know why experience is so consistent
  4. @aclokay hmm I watched it a bit, but it didn’t seem to answer my question.
  5. @Leo Gura, do you have an answer for my above question? I would really love to get your take.
  6. I see, yeah if you would mean with predetermined that every possible solution happens, and the universe just keeps splitting into new possibilities, then yes, I’m the big picture sense there is no probability any more. Although you could still calculate the probility for in which of the worlds you end up! There might be a 20% chance that you end up in the world where the electron is seen between point A and B. for your second point: that’s exactly what I want to know! Why does e=0,5*mv^2 hold up if there is no stuff behind the scenes! What makes everything behave in such a way that this formula seems to be true!?
  7. I’m trying to understand what the quantum mechanics model means in light of there not really being a perceiver. I know the real pudding is in the direct experiences, and not in the theory, but right now I just want to understand it. if everything is deterministic according to Bohm, then why do all the experiments point to probabilistic wavefunctions? and what enforces that the chance is really small that you’ll measure to electrons in the same place in an experiment? The traditional answer is that they both have negative charge, and thus repel eachother. but that doesn’t make sense anymore because all there is is perceptions! There is no negative charge, nor are there electrons. Yet thinking of it like there is negative charge and that there are electrons, gives you huge power to predict what will happen. This all seems very strange to me right now!
  8. Why do things seem to function according to certain laws, if there is nothing ‘behind the scenes’? why is my house there every time I get back from work? all there is is perception right? There is only this moment. so why does my house appear every time I expect it to appear? after all, there are no atoms that make up my house, and there is no world for my house to stand in! is it because god thinks it’s fun to dream a consistent dream? the ‘god wants it this way’ answer however could be applied to every question ever though. It’s not that satisfying. Anyone have a good explanation?
  9. Here is a question about quantum mechanics, for Leo or for anyone who knows the answer: If quantum mechanics says that a particle collapses when it is observed, but actually there is no observer or observing that has ever hapenned, then what does this collapse of the wave function mean? Is it that infinite possibility or nothing has materialised into a temporary finite form?
  10. @Leo Gura yes I know! I was taking the position of the materialist. I see how reality is a hallucination with nothing as a grounding substance. With ‘then the chain breaks down’, I meant that this is where the materialist paradigm stops making any sense. you explained all this very well in your video’s, and I’m pretty sure I get it.
  11. Of course knowing that this chain breaks down and that materialism doesn’t make sense does mean that tradition brains do not exist. So I guess I am splitting hairs here.
  12. But say I would make a hole in my own head, and I took a mirror to look at my own brain. in the materialist paradigm this could still make sense. Light goes from my brain, into my eyes. Then in my brain a image of my brain get’s created, and that’s the image I’ll then see. My actual brain would be part of the ‘behind the scenes reality’, to which you can never get this would be kind of like a camera having a picture of itself in it’s memory. Could easily happen. So my experience is grounded in my brain, my brain is grounded in the ‘behind the scenes reality’.... and there the chain breaks down of course. But I see no brain strangeloop stuff.
  13. But I guess a regular materialist would just say that the brain is in the universe, and that the perception of the universe is happening in the brain. I don’t see how we get strange loops if we assume the ‘‘behind-the-scenes’ reality.
  14. @Adam M Man I can't believe you are so young, and already involved in this kind of stuff. You are probably going to have a pretty fun and interesting life!
  15. @Raptorsin7 your best shot is finding a girl who is open, and then slowly introducing her to enlightenment and self-actualization. This will probably require you meeting a ton of girls though, and then still you need to get lucky. Most girls wont be open to this. It is possible though! i think going to events around spirituality and psychedelics could also help, although you are going to feel creepy real fast at those place when you try to do pick up there