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  1. @Leo Gura right yeah, milligrams. And thanks for warning me!
  2. Excuse me for some weird English here and there, not a native speaker. So yesterday me and a good friend of mine tried our luck with DPT for the first time. I had never even heard of DPT before Leo talked about it. So once again, Leo has delivered enormous value to my life, DPT seems to be an amazing substance. So.... Thank you Leo!! We took about 18 micrograms over the course of 1,5 hours. We started with 6 micrograms, than took 6 micrograms half an our later, and than took another 6 micrograms an hour later. Because we started with such a small dose, the come on was kind of slow and subtle, but after a while we started noticing what I can only describe as 'increased consciousness'. I had no hallucinations and no crazy thoughts. It just felt like the presence of god or consciousness was much closer than it normally feels it is. And I was much more just 'right there in the room', not lost in thoughts, emotions, or theories. There was also a very pleasant heightened sense of body awareness, and just a general vibe of profoundness, holiness, and peacefulness. Also there was a tremendous amount of tension being released from the body, but we kind of participated in this process. We did long weird chanting sessions, rolled over the floor laughing for long periods of time, my body started shaking pretty heavily at some point, and I did a lot of yawning. My ego was still there, but it never got even a bit scary. I've had one experience on 5meo-dmt that was somewhat of a non-dual experience. That experience was very very intense, and since then something in me is kind of scared to go there again. But it felt like this DPT trip was kind of assuring. It was just so gentle, yet there was clearly something very profound peeking around the corner. So I'm a total fan op DPT now. My body feels amazing, I feel like I've made some spiritual progress (whatever that is), and I just feel I let go of a ton of tension. So I think DPT might actually also be a pretty amazing medicine for a bit less experienced psychedelic user. I have quiet some experience with psychedelics, but not with non-dual states, and my friend had barely any experience. Yet the trip was amazingly gentle but profound. I think DPT might be a great drug for more inexperienced users, just as long as they really start of with a small dose. And than the beauty is that, when you feel ready, you can just up your dosage and go for deeper and deeper experiences. Anyone any thoughts on this?
  3. This is also dualistic thinking. Dualistic thinking vs non-dualistic thinking is.... Dualistic thinking ANNNNNDDDDDDD CHECKMATEEEEEEE
  4. @whoareyou I define enlightenment as being free from the ego, which he claimed he was because of 5meo-dmt. And now he says he is not anymore. Am I crazy for thinking this is significant?
  5. so enlightened people can get a serious health issue and be right back in their ego?
  6. hmm I wouldn’t be to sure of that. Plus the fact that he doesn’t seem to be enlightened anymore. Seems like reason for some concern
  7. Hi! I used to post stuff on the forum sometimes, but haven’t for a long time. Read the posts on this forum regularly. 2 weeks ago I had my first encounter with 5meo-dmt, and so I have been very interested in listening to Leo and Martin Ball since. And I just found out Martin Ball has been having some horrible sleeping problems, that have completely derailed him. Here is the podcast on which he discusses it: he doesn’t describe himself as enlightened anymore and he seems to be in a very bad spot. so I would urge Leo and anyone who is taking a lot of 5meo-dmt to listen to this podcast. The 5meo-dmt road to enlightenment is pbviously totally new, so this seems significant to me.
  8. Yeah going out solo at night is a motherfucker. Going out solo for daygame is pretty easy though, once you get used too it. That was always my drug of choice.
  9. yeah I'm interested to see how things go for you too! Maybe paste a link of the fb group on this thread, so we can talk some meditation on there too . good luck! Ah and definitely don't work 7 days a week, that's just crazy. You are in this for the long term right? 7 days a week you'll never ever sustain.
  10. Hi @Leo Gura and the rest. I would love some strategic advise on my situation! I'm Paul, 26 years old, and I find myself at a bit of a crossroad. My life purpose is to help people become happier, by coaching them and by creating online courses. I'm currently looking at creating coaching and courses for stress, in my native language (Dutch) Although I feel I'm definitely getting closer to my goal (have studied a bunch of marketing, sales, self-development etc), I also feel like I am still quiet a long way away. I had a programming job before, that I hated, but that paid pretty good money. I left the job months ago, I could do this because I had a bunch of money saved up. Now my money is running out and I need to find a new job. It seems to me that getting a job in sales would be most beneficial for my business and communication skills (an Eben Pagan idea), but because I have no experience, I can only seem to get pretty crappy sales jobs. Like some pretty hardcore cold calling at some agency. I'm looking at two options right now: 1. Get a low graid sales job for three days a week. I will not make enough to make ends meet, but close to it. And still have some money reserves. Would free me up to make money in more creative ways, and would maybe teach me some valuable business skills. Disadvantages: maybe bad for my self-esteem (doing a ''low'' job), bad for my financial situation, and I won't be getting in contact with any interesting people 2. Get another Job programming This would probably mean a lot more money, also a bit more career safety is build in, if the life purpose thing never works out. Would probably be full-time, or in the best case scenario 4 days a week. Disadvantages: Don't give a fuck about programming, not related to my life purpose in any meaningful way, would take up valuable time I could spent on LP, self-actualizing, or just enjoying life. @Leo Gura or anyone, any thoughts? Some advise would be very much appreciated!
  11. @okulele, ah such an interesting reply! Thank you!! I really relate to how you talk about what you thought when you were pursuing your original life purpose. I have these thoughts all the time too. Very interesting how it all turned out for you eh, I'm really happy for you! @Equanimitize, thank you man! Of course I know these things, but it's really nice to hear them from someone else too. Thanks!!!
  12. Hi Guys, I’ve been actively pursuing my life purpose for some time now. Already learned quiet a bit, but I’m still pretty far away from my goal it seems. I have a lot of fear comming up, and I also have a lot of greed and egotism coming up. I guess this is al part of the work, and I’m definitely growing, but it’s all just so damn hard. I feel really bad not only for myself, but also for all the people in the world who Will have to go through this in order to Get a fulfilling carreer. I’m such a privileged motherfucker but still it’s so so challenging for me. And the crazy part is that it’s all in my head! I’m not hungry or sick or lonely or anything, but still it feels like a giant weird battle. I feel very alive, which is nice, but also often doubtful overwhelmed and scared. Life seems so brutally hard sometimes, especially if I look at other people in tougher situations. it often seems to me that the world is just hurt people fucking each other over. I’ve gotten pretty good at not judging racists etc, but now the world seems just like this big unnecessary clusterfuck sometimes. If, as Leo says, everything is truly happening in the best way possible, that would be a Nice dicovery! Anyway, just a little rant from someone who can Get pretty overwhelmed by the world and his own mind. Would love for someone to also do a mini-rant here, it’s nice to relate to people who are going through similar things.
  13. Damn, Leo is about to get LAID on his tour!
  14. Amsterdam is waiting for you Leo! I know in my own personal circle at least 5 people that would attend for sure. I honestly think you might need a pretty big venue here in Amsterdam.
  15. @Thesingularity good point!!