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  1. I thought this might be fun and interesting. And a good way to find a good holiday destination that fits your current place on the spiral . My city is Amsterdam, Netherlands. I would say it's ORANGE/green. We have some blue from non-european immigrants but they are going to orange in rapid pace. Some psychedelics are legal here (oooooohhh yeaahhhhhhhhhhhh ), weed is legal and our new mayor is from a politcal party that is called Groen Links (Green Left). But we also have a lot of totally orange businesses and a giant tourist industry that is totally crazy orange. Most people are conscious about the enviroment and global warming but don't act on it. Most people think that experiences are more important than possessions, but according to them living in a nice big house is also an experience. But the different stages of the spiral live together quiet peacefully here I have to say. Not a lot of mud throwing. In Amsterdam everyone has been doing there on thing since forever. I guess this is for better and for worse. Would be curious to read about other cities!
  2. Hi! I used to post stuff on the forum sometimes, but haven’t for a long time. Read the posts on this forum regularly. 2 weeks ago I had my first encounter with 5meo-dmt, and so I have been very interested in listening to Leo and Martin Ball since. And I just found out Martin Ball has been having some horrible sleeping problems, that have completely derailed him. Here is the podcast on which he discusses it: he doesn’t describe himself as enlightened anymore and he seems to be in a very bad spot. so I would urge Leo and anyone who is taking a lot of 5meo-dmt to listen to this podcast. The 5meo-dmt road to enlightenment is pbviously totally new, so this seems significant to me.
  3. Why do things seem to function according to certain laws, if there is nothing ‘behind the scenes’? why is my house there every time I get back from work? all there is is perception right? There is only this moment. so why does my house appear every time I expect it to appear? after all, there are no atoms that make up my house, and there is no world for my house to stand in! is it because god thinks it’s fun to dream a consistent dream? the ‘god wants it this way’ answer however could be applied to every question ever though. It’s not that satisfying. Anyone have a good explanation?
  4. Here is a question about quantum mechanics, for Leo or for anyone who knows the answer: If quantum mechanics says that a particle collapses when it is observed, but actually there is no observer or observing that has ever hapenned, then what does this collapse of the wave function mean? Is it that infinite possibility or nothing has materialised into a temporary finite form?
  5. @Serotoninluv that is an interesting point. So you are saying that although there is no stuff behind the scenes, there also is? But I don’t really think that’s how it works. If Leo says ‘’there is no material world’’, then it is not implied that there also is one at the same time. Reality just happens to be mind stuff! On the dream point: I agree! But why is the dream so consistent? What makes it consistent?
  6. @LastThursday yeah C makes the most sense to me too. But then you are basically using the same argument that a Christian dude from the Middle Ages would use. Why does the sun rise? Because god wants it too rise. This seems a bit regressive. But if it’s true, it’s true I guess. @Serotoninluv this is interesting, but now you make the brain into the ‘stuff behind the scenes’. I guess you don’t agree with Leo’s video ‘’why brains don’t exist’’? @Scholar yes but why does this isness seem so predictable? @Jakeem Ortiz nice reply . Please message me once you can put it into words!! @MAYA EL that you can get an answer to all your questions by observing the present moment is also a concept. So now that we are in concept land, would be cool to know why experience is so consistent
  7. @aclokay hmm I watched it a bit, but it didn’t seem to answer my question.
  8. @Leo Gura, do you have an answer for my above question? I would really love to get your take.
  9. I see, yeah if you would mean with predetermined that every possible solution happens, and the universe just keeps splitting into new possibilities, then yes, I’m the big picture sense there is no probability any more. Although you could still calculate the probility for in which of the worlds you end up! There might be a 20% chance that you end up in the world where the electron is seen between point A and B. for your second point: that’s exactly what I want to know! Why does e=0,5*mv^2 hold up if there is no stuff behind the scenes! What makes everything behave in such a way that this formula seems to be true!?
  10. I’m trying to understand what the quantum mechanics model means in light of there not really being a perceiver. I know the real pudding is in the direct experiences, and not in the theory, but right now I just want to understand it. if everything is deterministic according to Bohm, then why do all the experiments point to probabilistic wavefunctions? and what enforces that the chance is really small that you’ll measure to electrons in the same place in an experiment? The traditional answer is that they both have negative charge, and thus repel eachother. but that doesn’t make sense anymore because all there is is perceptions! There is no negative charge, nor are there electrons. Yet thinking of it like there is negative charge and that there are electrons, gives you huge power to predict what will happen. This all seems very strange to me right now!
  11. @Leo Gura yes I know! I was taking the position of the materialist. I see how reality is a hallucination with nothing as a grounding substance. With ‘then the chain breaks down’, I meant that this is where the materialist paradigm stops making any sense. you explained all this very well in your video’s, and I’m pretty sure I get it.
  12. Of course knowing that this chain breaks down and that materialism doesn’t make sense does mean that tradition brains do not exist. So I guess I am splitting hairs here.
  13. But say I would make a hole in my own head, and I took a mirror to look at my own brain. in the materialist paradigm this could still make sense. Light goes from my brain, into my eyes. Then in my brain a image of my brain get’s created, and that’s the image I’ll then see. My actual brain would be part of the ‘behind the scenes reality’, to which you can never get this would be kind of like a camera having a picture of itself in it’s memory. Could easily happen. So my experience is grounded in my brain, my brain is grounded in the ‘behind the scenes reality’.... and there the chain breaks down of course. But I see no brain strangeloop stuff.
  14. But I guess a regular materialist would just say that the brain is in the universe, and that the perception of the universe is happening in the brain. I don’t see how we get strange loops if we assume the ‘‘behind-the-scenes’ reality.
  15. @Adam M Man I can't believe you are so young, and already involved in this kind of stuff. You are probably going to have a pretty fun and interesting life!
  16. @Raptorsin7 your best shot is finding a girl who is open, and then slowly introducing her to enlightenment and self-actualization. This will probably require you meeting a ton of girls though, and then still you need to get lucky. Most girls wont be open to this. It is possible though! i think going to events around spirituality and psychedelics could also help, although you are going to feel creepy real fast at those place when you try to do pick up there
  17. Why do some people develop anxiety disorders, and others don’t? How does one retrain ones brain to not have anxious thought patterns? how does ones worldview influence the amount of fear one experiences? why are some people so much more prone to fear than others? what are the best mindsets to overcome excessive fear in your life? what is the number one technique to reduce the amount off fearfulness in ones life? Are we inherently selfish in a fearful moment?
  18. @Michael569 Your view of pick-up is way to harsh in my opinion. There does actually exist some pretty high-consciousness pick up content. Also your 'just be open to feminine energy' stuff most likely doesn't mean anything to a 17 year old dude without dating skills or sexual experience. Pick up pretty much saved my life at some point. Yes pickup has it's downsides, yes you don't want to be doing pick-up for too long. But I think that for a young guy, doing pick-up can be one of the best things to do. It's just important to get out of pickup as soon as it no longer produces growth for you, cause it can get pretty toxic after that point.
  19. @Andrew Rogers I’m obviously aware that government programs are paid for by taxes. I just find the picture you paint of this process false and pretty absurd.
  20. @Andrew Rogers Dude you have so many weird assumptions about what a more progressive government looks like and how government works. I especially like the ‘government stealing your money, and then giving it back flamboyantly’ part. I don’t know much about politics at all, but you are truly living in fantasy land.
  21. You will find that if you are poor or lower middle class in the Netherlands, you have a lot more freedom than in the US. For instance: you can afford to travel, you are not enslaved by debt if you have to need surgery, you can study even though your family has little money. sounds like more freedom to me! And i agree, people should be able to do whatever they want, as long as they are not hurting anyone. But you need a lot of laws and government to carefully and thoughtfully enforce that. Also government should do way more than that! Like help out people in need, educate, make sure people have decent opportunities in life, create roads, create a sewer system, etc etc etc.
  22. Ofcourse the needs are way more complex now. Now there is the internet, a truly global economy, rapid changing technology, much more people with very different ideologies and different levels of development, global warming, way more infrastructure, space travel etc etc etc. And yeah, it's really really necessary to not just let everyone run around and do whatever the fuck they want. So you need a massively complex management system. I live in the Netherlands and the gouvernement is waaaaaayyyyyyyy more progressive and left here than the US gouvernement is. And I can tell you, life is a lot easier here for the average person. Gouvernement get's involved in a lot of stuff, and usually it works pretty well. And our gouvernement isn't even half-way to becoming a truly conscious gouvernement. But compared to the US, it's a political paradise here.
  23. @Ibn Sina maybe consciousness needs a very complex system to be conscious of, to create the illusion of seperation. If the 'god consciousness' is aware of some sand, the sand will never trick this consciousness into thinking that it is the sand. However, if you have a complex being as a human, than there will be thoughts, emotions etc in awareness. And apparently, this is enough for awareness to be fooled, and to believe that it is the ego.
  24. I'm pretty into creating multi-definitions for words. I think they really help to make your thinking a lot more clear and precise. It's and Idea I got from Eben Pagan, and I've been experimenting with it quiet a bit in the last two weeks. So I just made a multi-definition for "becoming conscious of something" Here it is: Becoming Conscious of something is Suddenly seeing the way something actually is, based in moment-to-moment experience. Becoming conscious of something is noticing that something is happening, where you didn't it notice before. Becoming conscious of something is seeing through certain beliefs, ideas, or unconscious models about the world and/or yourself. Becoming conscious of something is being able to all of a sudden see a habbit pattern objectively. Becoming conscious of something is suddenly noticing what you are doing, or suddenly noticing what is happening. Becoming Conscious of something is Becoming aware of a part of your experience, that was seeminly previously hidden to consciousness Becoming Conscious of something is suddenly getting a bit closer to truth, and furhter away from being asleep. Becommming conscoius of something is consciousness suddenly being a bit less hypnotized by the ego. It's a work in progress, so if you have some good new definitions, I'd love to hear them!