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  1. Was self employed for about 3 years, now back into 9-5 for about 2 years. However I'm working on my next idea to get me out of the "rat race" again in my spare time... It's though compared to getting an "easy" salary from an employer.
  2. Just bought a new resonator guitar a couple of weeks ago, here's some slide guitar: https://voca.ro/1aOC2j2WAQyp
  3. No offense, but you should probably stick to enlightenment advice
  4. @charlie cho Funny you mention Krishnamurti, I think he even coined the term "Second hand people". Being an independent thinker is hard. So many people want some Spiritual Authority to tell them what is True. It's a challenge to stand for yourself and take responsibility.
  5. Leo's intellectual approach will inevitably lead to confusion, because people will make his insights into believes and ideologies. It's like reading a book about computer science and thinking you are a software developer. Don't believe anything anyone says. Not Eckhart Tolle, Sadguru, Leo.... Find out for yourself. This should be the only disclaimer to give. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Don't be second hand people.
  6. This discussion reminds me of the Parable "Blind men and the elephant" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind_men_and_an_elephant
  7. This is not an intellectual argument you can win. You need to experience it. No other way.
  8. Enlightenment is a fantasy of spiritual seekers. A future state to achieve. Failing to realize it is right now. It is an eternal "state", timeless. So it is the ultimate paradox, both state and non-state at the same time. Also: State in the classical sense of the word means 'configuration of things'. It that way the word state is quite limited. Same goes for enlightenment. It implies that it is something objective, a thing... Let's not get caught in concepts.
  9. Great news! You could also start a podcast yourself and invite people that you want to talk to....
  10. Great! I would also remove the scissor sound. Seems out of place.
  11. Just watch it. It deals with christian/religious symbolism. It is polarizing, you will either love or hate it.
  12. Got mine also today, feel some side effects (arm hurts, tiredness, ...) but I can deal with it if it protects me from Covid.