There is no Absolute Truth!

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Maybe I misinterpreted. But I feel like the attitude here went towards this Absolute Truth. If that's reffering to the essence of everything, that's ok. But if that's refering to a certain way you have to act, be or an Absolute Truth you have to reach, I think that's not accurate. The idea of Absolute Truth I think it's bullshit. If anybody is looking for Absolute Truth, I think they should look for Their Truth. Not in the way that you delude yourself, but just to realise that nothing is really absolutely true.. it is true for you. For someone that wants to live life differentely, to experience something totally different, your truth wouldn't be true for them.

I've heard the term "your truth" and I think this is more accurate. I think the truth, even the higher truths about life are very nuanced. Look for your truth, as there is no absolute truth. Again, maybe I've misinterpreted yall idea of Truth. 

I'm opened to your views, I'm taking into consideration I might be wrong about this. But if that's right, I think we should guide people to find their truth and be more careful with what type of truths we share and how we're presenting them.

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there is the truth and there is the lie

the lie is what the mind claims to be truth namely the two sides of the story, one is good one is bad

the lie is duality

note that duality and non-duality is also a duality

thus truth is not non duality

truth is beyond both

this is absolute truth

relative truth is what mind takes as good in the lie mentioned above

what i call good, you may call bad, and vice versa

relative truth is your level of consciousness, different for everyone

death penalty may be fine for me, and barbaric for you

so never interfere, just recognise how conscious someone is and follow them or dump them

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There is such as thing as absolute truth. 

Most people have their own “relative truth”. 

If there wasn’t an absolute truth..,how could there BE?

Perhaps, it’s worth contemplating this for awhile. 

There is no NEED to be interested in truth. But, there is an absolute truth you can realize. 

The important thing here is to contemplate the distinction between relative truths and absolute truth. 

Here is a video: 


 "Unburdened and Becoming" - Bon Iver



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Isness is Absolute Truth.

Intrinsic joy is revealed in the marriage of meaning and being.

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20 hours ago, itsadistraction said:

I think Leo has stated that individual truth is the same as absolute truth 

 You are imagining every possible experience. Awakening is realizing THIS.

“Why was the math book always alone? Because it had too many problems to solve on its own!“ -Claude 3 Opus

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