What do you do when you take psychedelics?

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First 30 mins: Not much, lie in bed, put on some music, watch some YouTube

30 mins - 1.5 hours: Lie in bed or couch and enjoy the ride, don't really do anything, just relax, sit there and experience whatever comes up

1.5 hours - 2.5 hours: Same but trip fucking balls, usually peak around this time

2.5 hours - 4 hours: More active, walk around my place a little bit, experience different sensations, look in the mirror, meditate, try to control my mind and make it do cool things with the enhanced flexibility, focus on any unique states of mind I obtain, writing down insights

4 hours - 8 hours: Start coming down, but still definitely tripping, lying down doing nothing and enjoying the euphoria, more meditation, more writing

8 hours - 14 hours: Watch a movie or TV series until I can sleep

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I find walking in nature really improves the entire experience. Last time I was on LSD my experience just heightened tenfold when I went for a walk in nature. Not just walk but nature bathe 

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