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Soo if a person owns land or part of a floating rock out in nothingness then they can claim ownership? 

Lease or rent out this land to another person for invisible numbers called money which you own?

If a person owns all of this floating rock (earth) or land then how can another person claim ownership? 

Can you own the ocean? Can you lease out the ocean? Or own air & oxygen? Owning outer space.. Owning stars & planets? Owning the weather? Owning a metaverse? Owning nature?

Can you build your own internet or your own youtube platform or your own database hub thing? 

If you build an island can you own it? 

Can you turn said island into a country? Owning an invisible idea such as a country? Creating your "own" country. Your "own" military? 

Say you wanna start your own country and own the entire place. How would that work? 

Do you own humans if they live on your country? Lease the human out to another? How do people come up with this? Considering slavery wasn't abolished but.. 157 years ago? Or ~6 generations.

What about with making and creating a currency and claiming it as "your own" money. Such as claiming paper money or invisible numbers or crypto? Making up your own numbers? Lending money for money? Creating your own rules? Such as creating the idea of inflation or using influence to alter value metrics? 

So a group of people (pilgrims) came to America and simply claimed ownership?

So a group of people (migrants) travel out west and gain free ownership of land? 

Does ownership depend on.. military power? Hard power? A belief? A narrative? Who determines ownership?


Mine vs yours vs ours. 


A. Private ownership (Mine or Yours &/or ours) 
B. Public ownership (Ours)
C. Collective ownership (Mine & yours or Ours)
D. All of above
E. Depends on use 

1. Cleaning teeth = collective ownership? Nah
2. Cleaning dogs teeth = private ownership
3. Cleaning toilet = public ownership
4. Cleaning floor = Depends on use



Ownership appears to be connected with responsibility too. A person whos an owner tends to be at the position of cause. Taking full action of creation. Putting that person in a position of power? So ownership is connected with the perception of power dynamics in this reality. Seems a little bizarre how this is. So our words create images and concepts that shape the fabric of reality. So our beliefs and words are what create ownership. Without speaking words and creating beliefs its hard to declare ownership or MINErship. 

Owning a business or "My business". Owning the workers for the business. Owning the products. Its amazing how social constructs such as shareholders makes ownership even more abstract. Investors and estate ownership. 

Owning majority of a companies collective shares? Owning a supply chain? Owning a market? Owning a niche? Owning commerce? 

Owning money. Invisible numbers on a paper that is lent out by banks by fractional reserves. Who comes up with this crap.

Owning a job? This is my job!! Stop doing my job. Americans identify mainly with their jobs? This job says me. I'm the doctor. No, you're a human that helps other humans.. I'm the therapist. No. You just listen to people and give advice. I'm the lawyer. No, you're a person that sits around talking about rules. No sugar coating identity. Call it what it is. 

Essentially giving people jobs in trade for time in trade for money.. In trade for ownership of stuff. 

Owning a house.. owning a box to put stuff in. "I own this property. You can't tell me what to do in my house." Owning a mansion. Owning a movable house. Owning a car and using it as a dwelling. Owning a tent vs owning.

Feesimple ownership vs leasehold ownership.. 

Owning a wife... "This is my wife! She's not your wife because she's my wife." I claimed her as my wife because I got on one knee."

Are you single? "No, I have a boyfriend". So you own your boyfriend? To have like property? So the boyfriend is property? 

Owning 100 cats...... ? + ? = ????^5 

Owning children... Having 10 kids? 100 kids? 1000 kids? Is there a limit? Literally, grandparents can have like +70 decendents.  If they have 10 kids. Those 10 kids have 5 kids each. 

Say a person moves to a different country and gets someone pregnant at a club then moves to a different country. How exactly does child ownership work? If the parent doesn't want to be the "owner" (parent) because they didn't want a child. 

Owning.. Intellectual property.. copy right information. Trademarks. Branding information.. Word marks. Graphic design stuff..

Owning logos.. Google logo. The cross. The peace sign ✌ 

Owning data? Your information and choices. Financial data.. Interests..

Do you own your phone? Do cellular companies own you? Owning the frequencies? Owning Bluetooth? Owning radiation?

Owning resources? Food, water, and shelter. Owning sunlight & electricity? Owning energy? 

Owning or domestication of animals.. or pets.. Owning a pet store (animal store). Owning Livestock.. Owning the things that derive from animals. Eggs, milk, feathers, meat, and their own offspring. 

Owning a grocery store? What does the grocery store do with all the food it doesn't sell? Giving ownership of food away? 

Owning a robot? Owning artifical intelligence? What does that even mean to own an army of robots? Owning automated systems? 

Owning time? My time zone is.. "Don't waste my time." How much is your time worth?

Owning your own mind? My mind is typing this? Am I typing or is my mind typing this unconsciously? Owning your own thoughts. These are Mythoughts™ or does this website claim my information as its information? Get your own thoughts! Stop stealing my thoughts. Actually, these thoughts are worth $2,000,000.99 I'm going to create a course and charge people for "thoughts". I have to let people know these valuable thoughts were my thoughts so "I" gets proper admiration & recognition. Joking. 

Owning your own body? Donating a heart? Wait, thats my organs.. Owning your arm, your leg, your teeth, your hair. Donating your body to science? Wait, so you can give your body. Selling your hair? Selling blood. I mean, donating blood. Selling sperm? 

If I'm sleepwalking. Do I own my body? Where am I? Who owns the body when we die? Apparently people want the ashes of their dead parents or pet hamster. Owning a small amount of land to bury a person or a grave? Huh 

Owning your own soul? Not sure what this means or how this works in this reality. Under mind control? Being possessed by a spirit?

Owning everything? I guess that's God? 

Owning nothing? (And you will be happy...?) 

I mean, we eventually die & literally can't bring anything with us. Who's to say anything even exists if its all a dream or an illusion or just floating particals. I mean, nearly everything we "own" fades away. Or do these words that are typed on this device on to this website exist forever? I mean, who's to say the internet will be around forever. I mean, 200 years ago all humans were dead (that I'm aware of). Even then thats based on this 3D reality if there is a different dimension of reality then does ownership work on different dimensions? Or is ownership only a thing of this 3D reality.



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I wish I could own a certificate of my human rights. Umm, I'm looking around but can't find it. 


 Be careful being too demanding in relationships. Relate to the person at the level they are at, not where you need them to be.

You have to get out of the kitchen where Tate's energy exists ~ Tyler Robinson 

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We can type you up a professional certificate of Human Rights with Gimp or Adobe and go get it notarized. With professional looking signatures and stuff.

Now, getting people to recognize and respect it.. I have no clue. Maybe if enough people buy into it then it might be legit. 

Possibly, with enough social proof it might work. People like golden stickers stars apparently.  

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Ownership is pretty dumb....but necessary to have a society.

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ownership, how could you own a piece of reality, social contract

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Isn't it obvious to you that the whole notion of ownership is a fiction?

It's like me walking around the street telling people I'm a unicorn, getting enough people to agree that I am.

You are God. You are Truth. You are Love. You are Infinity.

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Ownership is based on capability/willingness to violence. So no, ownership does not make sense fully. But it's rather a socialy constructed limit based on how much sense that we can make both globally/collectively/personally without the need for violence.

Ownership can be reduced through the process of collective wisdom.

Power claims, and wisdom gives.

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Ownership is an illusion.

Ownership is an idea.

Ownership is a social contract. 

Ownership is imaginary. 

Ownership is egocentric focused?

Ownership is essential for capitalism. Owning assets & liabilities.

Ownership is the ability to purchase.

Ownership is control.

Ownership can be a source of power (depends).

Ownership is define business entities.

Ownership shapes society.

Ownership is our claim on reality?

Ownership is socially conditioned. 

Ownership connects with survival instincts. A dog protecting its food. A bear protecting its cub. 

Ownership creates value metrics. Social value or worth.

Ownership is self-expression?

Ownership is a form of self-describtion. "This shirt says me" lol 

Ownership is both invisible & visible.

Ownership is both tangible & non tangible. (a toy car vs imaginary ideas)

Ownership is connected to action & nonaction taking. 

Ownership is connected to responsibility.

Ownership is connected with accountability. So being accountable for a pet or a child. 

Ownership creates rules.

Ownership creates laws.

Ownership is what we value. 

Ownership is what it is.

Ownership is a choice & sometimes not a choice. 



Flip side of the coin.. I might be wrong about this.

Disowning? Leasing? Borrowing? Relinquishment? Letting go? Non possession? Surrendering? 

Not wanting to own is to not wanting to have. Then what defines true ownership vs true non-owning? 



Question :

What is self-ownership? 




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55 minutes ago, Ethan1 said:



55 minutes ago, Ethan1 said:

Leasing? Borrowing? Relinquishment? Letting go? Non possession? Surrendering?

Trust/ mutual relationship.

58 minutes ago, Ethan1 said:

Then what defines true ownership vs true non-owning?

Full responsibility/of direction vs relationship with owner/properties.


1 hour ago, Ethan1 said:

Question :

What is self-ownership?

Aknowledgment of self-responsibility in action/agreement with self and other.

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