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  1. Kid: Mom can we have Matrix 4? Mom: We have Matrix 4 at home.
  2. What makes you so sure of this? It could very well be that the specific arangement of atoms is exactly what makes your eye/brain able to recognize/interpreting that arangement as a distinctive colour. To be clear with what I say, what you call the colour red, is the human translation when light are bouncing of different molecular objects in how that light then will be percieved by you. Red could maybe be percieved as what we would call yellow for another animal. Notice this when you now read the word red. You stil know what colour you would expect and could point it out on a colour map. But there is no red in the word red, you simply distinguish the red from this post by translating the colour experience into intellectual translation. As a ending thought on this, the colour you percieve may also be dependant on your distance to it, if you saw something that appear to be maybe blue/black from a far distance. As you get closer to the object, it now appears to be red as you get close enough to it. And if you take out a microscope to take a even closer look at this object, it maybe appear to have blue or green nuances to it as you zoom deep into it. So what you experience in terms of colour is a in relative relation depending of how or where you look at it. RED is literally just red in the end of the day..;)
  3. To say that this moment was forever is stil implementing alot of limitations that is not there in the present moment. Like this moment "was"(past) "forever" (future) limits this moment. This moment is. And if you try to think of this moment, then your mind sneaks in and adds a lot of past/future concept inorder to try to make "more" sense of it. The present moment is so simple that the mind will subside if you become fully aware of the present moment. It is beyond your imagination, or rationalisation about it's isness. The present moment cant take form, it contains all form without entanglement in anyting or justifications for making sense or not. You may want to look into non-duality teachings for further understanding about the minds unconcious duality misinterpretations.
  4. I believe the core interest for the majority of people is to get to THEIR own fabricated truth. The problem with that, is that it has to be protected at all cost, once you cling on to it.
  5. I believe there are plenty of silent retreats around the world for example. And yes, practicing silence is a common spiritual practice no matter what it may be called. The reasons why some may not have heard of silence practice is because people don't talk about it
  6. *Hermit mode ACTIVATED* Social interaction pending... Please wait
  7. First I would like to know how one can imagine something in the wrong way? Because I can't imagine that.
  8. The difference between overthinking and contemplation, is that overthinking is a restless mind occupied with looking for justifiable answears to end it's restlessness. While contemplation is predominantly a silent mind, holding or resting in a single question. The destinction between the two, is that contemplation tend to have a calming effect on the mind. While overthinking tend to have a exausting effect on mind.
  9. As a thought 0/10. If I would actually fall from a cliff etc, then probably a 11/10. So on a regular day, that would probably put me on a 5,5/10.In other words.. A healthy amount of fear in relation to acknowledge death, but at the same time not to be deathly afraid of death either. Trying to trive and survive to the best of my ability on this time-limited ride.
  10. It looks like you answered your own questions already. Cheers to that!
  11. Where ever that success may lead you. There might be that certain resistance to it there, based of the uncertainty of what various new potential problems that could arise out of that success. So if you happen to be after the success more than the reason and meaning of the work itself, then that could be the potential issue.. Maybe. Sometimes inorder to escape problems we deal with now, we may trying to do so by gaining greater success in other areas of our life. This can be a great booster of self confidence etc, but if our main problem is of an internal nature. Then no matter how much of the worldly success we may achive, will make up for what ever inner battle we may try to cover up it with or trying to repress. I'm not saying that all this is necessarily the case for you though. And I may ask you this. Are all your goals like this, big or small? Let's say that you try to cook a new dish and want it to be as good as possible. Do you have this resistance even then?
  12. A sense of disorientation with motivation. Being confused by the conflation of value/meaning.
  13. Keep in mind that in Sweden, 82,0 % of the population from 18 years old and up, has got atleast one dose of vaccine. While 71,8 % has got two doses so far. So it's not like this "carry on" attitude consist of not taking important action, even if Swedens actual restrictions have been alot milder than most countrys. It can be easy to spin one's own fantasies out of a small sentence if you don't bother to take in the bigger picture of what actually has been happening. So yes, Sweden do kicks as with 71,8% fully vaccinated from 18 years old and above.
  14. Alot of good points made here already, and I'm on board with eating of the fruit as the fall into duality. Now you got the illusion of two instead of what essentially can't be devided in the absolute sense. With the created knowledge of good and evil, you now have judgement. This becomes the split into a knowing mind, that now can say that this is evil, and that is good. So the judgment takes the driver seat, and inner wisdom and wholness is also becoming object for judgement basically. Some could even make the judgement and say that wisom is evil, and that skewed judgement could potentially make it a self-proclaimed truth out of it, with enough of twisted minds that would be willing to agree with that sentiment.