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  1. Makes sense. Was there a breaking point, or maybe unclear?
  2. This is good! I would advice you to remove the text though, even if it becomes less clear of what you want to convey. Let the image speak for itself, even if it is subject for misinterpretation. Stick with a title only.
  3. I think feminism is one of the main ingredients baked into capitalism and that is probably the biggest part in the disintegration of what we know as traditional roles. It's mainly about a much higher living cost to having a partner who doesn't work in todays society in general.
  4. I like that. How did your awakening unfold for you?
  5. If you are God, then what difference are left between you and God?
  6. Emotions can't be escaped in dreams. And that is why I value dreams as more authentic in that sense. People can pretend when awake, but their dreams will usually show them otherwise if something is suppressed. But as soon as you wake up, you have the option to either listen to your dreams, or to devalue any dream as nonsense no matter what. My advice is to befriend your dreams.
  7. The fundamental reason is that human interaction has a spectrum of emotions, and various reasons to put those emotions into action or not. If you have no shyness in you, you should for example be perfectly fine to be naked infront of any human.
  8. I think you overemphasize on the word Truth here. What buddhism acknowledge, is that suffering is the root cause to all problem. So the most worthwhile cause is to dedicate one's life to relieve suffering to the highest degree possible. And that is a very real and pragmatic goal from a human perspective. Especially when you compare it to alot of other "truths" out there that rely more on greater and grandiose promisses in the future that tell you that it will triumph over all other teachings. If I where to take a guess, I belive that a buddhist would be more inclined to say that compassion is the way of life. And to relieve suffering is the method for how to follow that path in a more tangible sense that anyone can initially come to understand.
  9. I would say. "You seem to have a short fuze today, everything good?"
  10. https://www.youtube.com/user/bdona4556 A real gem of a channel. Always some interesting angle no matter the topic, even though it is a bit all over the place.
  11. The therapist has a point, you should be careful so you don't turn into a globglogabgalab
  12. You don't have to demonize porn for what it is, but it's nothing that really will improve your life either. It can't create anything but a bad habbit when you think about it. Use in moderation if needed.