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I just cannot seem to deal with family or people that operate on ignorance and low conscious patterns. My family specifically and most people I know live in the 3rd dimensional materialistic illusion world. The illusion world that is full of false dogma, lies, deceptions, manipulations, politics, pleasure, news and just flat out bullshit. I still happen to live with my family and I am 21 years old, and soon to move out asp.


I just ask how do you deal with family like this? My family can be very nosy, ignorant and close minded. An example can be my family finding magic mushrooms in my drawer. They were very ignorant and close minded about the mushrooms and had big super egos. They didn't have a clue what they actually are and what they can do and they just passed it off as "drugs" and that they are illegal.


My dad told me "Oh I know all about them son" no he does not know anything about them my dad is 48 year old man that drinks coca cola almost everyday and coca cola is worse. My family hasn't done any research on them at all and haven't researched the benefits of them on how they help quit addiction, improve mental health ect.


My mom is a fundamentalist catholic, and I wanted to show and talk about with her how magic mushrooms are depicted in religious and ancient architecture and with her being ignorant and close minded she didn't want to see the pictures.


Before they found them I only took a small micro dose of the mushrooms like weeks and weeks before because I never taken psychedelics before, and I actually didnt feel any affects other than a headache, so I should've made the dosage higher. So after they found the extra mushrooms that I had in the bad we had that bullshit "family talk" at the table. 


The reason how they were found was because me and my dad got into it because he didn't like my spiritual journey and said that i am so disconnected with "real life" and "family" he proceeded to yell at me and told me to get out, after I left I went to my mom's (because I switched back and forth with my parents because they are divorced) I then forgot to get some stuff at my dad's and asked my step mom if she could be able to open the door because my dad took away my key, she asked what I needed and that she would put whatever it was I needed outside, I then told her that I forgot alot of stuff that It would probably be best if I went inside and grabbed it (I knew that the mushrooms were in my drawer) after that she went into my room and looked for the stuff I needed and came across the mushrooms and showed my dad then my dad showed my mom.


My family talked to me about how I been isolating myself from them and how I am not part of the family and they just assumed that the mushrooms had to do with it and that I have been taking the mushrooms for a long time. I told them I only micro dosed them and the reason I've been isolating myself self is because my spiritual awakening that I've had without taking psychedelics.


Ever since my awakening i decided that I just do not want to surround myself with family and people who are low conscious, close minded, and ignorant like they are. By the way my family wants me to be a part of the family, but I just choose not to because of the low consciousness and ignorance that they operate in. I just dont find pleasure or interest in what they do and I dont want to be around that. Like going downstairs and watching tv with them, or going out to eat, movies, low conscious talk ect.


I honestly just cannot stand it, most family members dont give a fuck about truth, its like my family is trying to pull me away from the truth and to go back into low conscious habits. I am not saying that I am better than them but I don't want to be around that low conscious bullshit. I have to admit to my family has helped me and done alot for me.


It's just the ignorance and close mindedness and low consciousness that I just cant stand to be around. Does anyone have advice on what I should do or how to deal with family and people like this? Should I just rarely talk to my family or cut them out for good? I would love to hear Leo's or peoples advice thank you ??

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First advice would be to write in paragraphs xD

Secondly, I've felt this way before. To be honest I think most people go through this when they get into consciousness work. I've taken some space from mine. I see them every couple weeks but I just feel better this way. Do what feels good for you, set up boundaries for yourself. Nothing wrong with boundaries. I wouldn't make any rash decisions though while feeling down. 

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@Brandon L I can relate to you very much. My parents are also rather conservative and have no clue about psychedelics, they throw them in the same category with weed, crack, meth and heroine. Drugs are drugs to them and they don't have any benefits. 

When I was 18 years old, I started getting into spirituality and so forth. I only smoked weed, but a lot of it. Weed is a great and gentle teacher, if you don't overdo it. One evening, I visited a good buddy of mine, I came back rather late. Because I didn't tell my parents when I'd come back home, they started worrying (to this day, my parents start very easily to worry) because I was riding on my bike home. I arrived late at night, without any lights on my bike which drove my parents nuts; I could've been killed in traffic (I had to ride home for about 1 hour because my friend lived in the nearby village, the roads lead through the forest and very rarely have any light).

Anyway, when I arrived home, I went showering. Suddenly, a thought popped up in my mind: "they just found out".

And I was right. I went upstairs, saw the lights were switched on in my room, I heard some noise and there on my bed was my father sitting, in sheer disbelief about what he had just found: 

In my bag, I had a glass pipe (you know, for the weed, not like those damn crack pipesxD), some weed, and all my other smoking utensils, all neatly packed into a back box I prepared the other day, which was now spread open on my bed. Now, guess what:

Just the very next day, I would move out to an other city for university.

Well, my father was absolutely appalled. He leads a workshop for mentally disabled people and he knows about the horror stories of drugs ruining your psyche forever. He didn't tell my mother, because he wanted me to do it. He didn't cope too well with these news; that night, he couldn't sleep at all and so he came to my room every hour and switched on the lights so I couldn't sleep either. 

The next day, I told my mother. It was probably the hardest thing I had ever done to my parents, because they didn't know anything about weed at all, so my mother just had a complete breakdown, she couldn't believe her sweet little boy does drugs. My father doesn't know anything about it either, all he ever heard about drugs are the horror stories of how disruptive of an effect they can have on your psyche... I tried to explain that I used it for spiritual and recreational purposes, they didn't care. 

All they heard was "drugs", which triggered the most negative associations you could ever think of, and only that. You know, schizophrenia and pictures of heroine addicts who look like an abused scarecrow. 

I moved out. Finally, freedom. The relation between my parents and me developed very well since I moved out, I see them every 1 or 2 weeks.

I know very well  what you mean, when you say:

3 hours ago, Brandon L said:

I just cannot seem to deal with family or people that operate on ignorance and low conscious patterns. My family specifically and most people I know live in the 3rd dimensional materialistic illusion world. The illusion world that is full of false dogma, lies, deceptions, manipulations, politics, pleasure, news and just flat out bullshit.

Try to develop yourself to the point, where it doesn't bother you anymore. That's the trick.

You won't ever get them out of their belief system/ world view, simply because they don't want to. 

Moving out will provide you with immense freedom and an opportunity to learn who to grow up. 

Don't cut them out of your life, they're still your family and they love you. What you will find out eventually, is that you love them and all their bullshit too, because that's who they are and it wouldn't be love, if it didn't include their world views and bullshit.

Cutting them out would not be the right thing to do, I think. 

That's a real spiritual practice for you; how to love and accept people who you think are full of shit.

Don't forget that you're full of shit, too. 

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Somehow I red that (;

You have to learn that you can't talk about anything without consequences. My family isn't low consciousness but I see if a certain topic is threatening to someone's ego they will react at least with some passive aggression. Another thing is that if you do something controversial (like using mushrooms) they will often assume that it is causing your wrong behavior.

You have to learn how to balance sharing information but conflict is sometimes a good thing.

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It doesn’t feel like they are trying to pull you back into your old beliefs, they actually ARE pulling you back, to accept the new you and connect with you deeply they would also have to change themselves, which usually they are not ready, so accept them as they are or cut them off, you don’t need to stop talking to them but limit your interactions, I stopped talking to my whole family, it hurts but I know that it’s for my wellbeing and theirs. I’m not willing to pretend I’m the same as 10 years ago, and they can’t accept who I am now, so I couldn’t find any other way, I talk to them every couple weeks, which is way healthier.

Do you live with them? The ideal would be having your own independence, sometimes when ugly situations happen it just means we need to change, the more you stay in places that are not meant to be, the more the universe will shake you just so you can move. 

Foe you and your family to live in harmony it would require lots of effort and change, you can do it all by yourself by being loving and compassionate with them, but if your energy is not strong enough they will pull you into theirs, and they don’t do it because they are evil, it’s just unconscious playing itself out, they’ve been like that for years, it’s very difficult for their egos to be put aside and welcome change, so my advice is: move out and be in your own energy.

good luck ?

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare


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