The entire universe? Noooooo

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If Leo next time decides to merge with infinite infinity and take the entire universe with him, what would it look like? I'd wake up in the morning, but there'd be no sun. I come up to the street and see panic everything.

- What happaned?

- Some guy from Las Vegas is about to merge into infinite love.

- So what?

- He's taking the entire universe with him. Hurry up!!!

- Leo again! must have just had 68 awakenings in a row, one deeper that the previous one. Damn it!

Everything is collapsing and diying, people are disappearing and merging into each other. Stocks are 280% down. Everything is on fire, strong wind..... Cry, yelling....

Aaaaahhhhh Who would want that?

Leo,  please take with you only the things and people, possible countries, we agree on here. Ok? Not the whole universe. Not even the planet.

As for me, you may count me out.

Trump and republicans -- I guess, Chinese government (because it abuses people and countries)... what else?  You may take those. No problem!

Guys, let's create a list -- what things and countries should be left. The rest would be taken with Leo. We have little time!

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Where are the non-dual patrol when i need them ?

IF that scenario is truly going happen, what's so terifying about "disapearing" ?

Don't be so paranoid, dude ^_^

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@rnd The mahasamadhi only kills Leo's body. Not his clothes, house, computer, hot witch girlfriend, porn folder, or any other part of the universe. 

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Astounding my lazy ass can merge with infinity without any work.

This is amazing as if u die naturally you might still incarnate into a hell realm for a billion years in your next life ?

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