According to Leo everyone is lacking except himself.

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On 3/22/2020 at 1:42 PM, Malekakisioannis said:

@Leo Gura Leo is everyone but everyone is lesser.

 @TrynaBeTurquoise thanks but no, i have been following Leo for like 5 years, i can predict everything that he is going to say"you are not conscious enough, you have yet to see what i have seen, it's so hard for me to describe what god is...ya da, ya da, ya da." his teaching has transformed into exectly that" take potent psychs, go deeper because your awakening is lacking(like infinity can lack ?)"

I've been here on this website since 2014, but my  perception is a bit different from yours. 

About predicting, you can not even predict what you are going to say in five minutes, you can not assume that about others. Like truly! 

The deeper it goes, the more I understand that I know nothing. I truly do not know myself, I can not guarantee anything to myself anymore.  When retrospecting about my life I clearly see that every event sharpens me like a diamond. I am not in control, there is nothing to pray and hope for. I am learning how to surrender. It hurts, and my ego hates it. The only thing that helps me is to be aware of my emotional state, and really do not get involve that much with my emotions. 

I think he just tries to inspire others. He is a bit strict sometimes. He says that, so you do not take the path for granted. He really does not want you to relax and sit on the back seat, assuming that the path is complete. 

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"All that we know is limited, something we don't - is infinite"

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When I feel others are being condescending, it is because I have legitimized someone more than I believe is warranted, then I fight against this legitimization I have given because it seems unbalanced. No one has more power than I give away, and the power I choose to give isn't given arbitrarily, it is because there is something I value that they are demonstrating. Leo has chosen a direction that is extraordinary and his enthusiasm has brought many people together to learn and grow from each others experiences.  Every ego looks to give itself an advantage and as new understandings that are helpful to everyone emerge, the ego will want to use this to demonstrate its superiority. This doesn't invalidate the value of what is recognized, but it does reveal the nature of the ego to want to get an award for something, and it is ingenious and clever and fools us all the time because it calls itself me.

What I can learn from this thread is how often my own ego takes credit for understandings that were not generated by ego in order to give itself an advantage over others. When I see others in a condescending way, they do sense it and I will experience the interference it generates. I also can recognize how easy it is for my ego to be threatened by anyone it perceives to have attained or achieved something I didn't. This creates interference as well, but as these two forms of interference are recognized for what they are they will dissolve.

Only my ego can be offended. In my search for deeper understanding, who got their first is irrelevant.

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