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When it comes to fatigue a few things work quite fast:

1. Take a power nap. When feeling sluggish and tired in the afternoon taking a short nap (around 30min) has an incredible impact on alertness, wakefulness and attention.

2. Have a high baseline level of activity. Whenever I sit for longer than ~1h30min (in ideal posture this can be increased significantly) I get into a sluggish/ foggy state in which nothing of significance will be achieved. Try to move frequently, low intensity is fine. Having a step counting device helps a lot.

3. Don't eat shit and don't eat too much.  

4. Wim Hof Method. Both the breathing and the cold exposure part work wonders and are a magic pill/ quick fix against fatigue. 

Investing in your health and vitality with the e.g. the methods outlined above will not only help you in the short run, they will also compound and slowly increase your baseline energy levels. 

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I like a cold shower in the early evening once in a while to help me finish the day strong.

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9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

1.      Have an intimate partner (being in a relationship just gives you an energy boost for some reason).

not necessarily

I honestly feel better alone 

I need at least 10 wives to satisfy me


9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

2.      No alcohol (or minimal alcohol).



9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

3.      Take any kind of sleep-inducing meds before you go to bed not in the morning.

not sure why someone would take sleep meds in the morning... ??


9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

4.      Take vitamins.

not at first

eat whole foods for a year without sugar oil and salt, no drugs, no stimulants, no porn
exercise and sleep well and get your wealth in order

then do comprehensive bloodwork to see if there are any shortages
otherwise there's no point stuffing things into your body randomly

most vitamins do more harm than good


9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

5.      Eat fruits and veggies and avoid fats and proteins (they make you tired/ eat those at night).


yeah i would generally agree with this

i like what Michael Pollan said: Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much.


9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

8.      Hydration is #1 (when you feel fatigue hydrate with water and it'll perk you up like magic).


yes water is important 
make sure you pee clear

when i need a jolt, i drink cold water like a litre and BOOM!

dont know if it's true but want to believe it is because water is sacred

9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

9.      Watch your shit information intake* (everything you're letting in is wearing on you).


yes very important

although shit is part of life

what goes in... 

essentially life is putting things into your mouth and blowing a new version of it out of the emergency chute

9 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

10.    No allergies (take the allergy meds and get the allergies under control).


yeah god damn that pollen spring allergy motherfucker

always have to take meds in may, but they make me very tired so not sure why this is on the list

i guess it's better than to suffer and sneeze all day

sometimes tired is not the worst thing

hate it
i have hope i can still fix it somehow 

10 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

11.    Adequate sleep (you gotta do this and get 7,8,9 hours of sleep per night, whatever you need to feel A+ rested).


i would put this number one

without proper sleep i am completely fucked

not sure how people can go to work hungover and underslept and god knows what

no wonder everyone is on drugs

maybe that's the solution to the world's problems


10 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

12.    Do 60 mins daily meditation every day (do your meditation at the right time of your day to maximize energy).


you dont need that much

depends what else you are doing

there are other spiritual practises also that are very important

i would say 60 minutes spiritual practise overall MINIMUM

split that up into twice per day
start with 5mins morning + 5 minutes evening

and gradually build up to 60-90 mins twice per day

take a good psychedelics dose few times per year if your practise gets dull to remember what is possible

this would include breathing, asanas, mantra, chanting, tantric stuff, kriya, etc

people who just meditate dont understand anything

10 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

13.    Take a nap at a strategic time of the day where you need an energy recharge (napping is good for energy work!)


yeah i like naps in the afternoon
usually i am awake for 6-7 hours and then nap and awake again for about 7 hours and then sleep 

nap is different than sleep
dont nap too long otherwise you will go into sleep mode
not good

10 hours ago, Joseph Maynor said:

14.    No smoking weed (vape if you must use cannabis but don't smoke it because the smoke taxes your body).

leave the drugs for hippies and losers

only psychedelics permitted

especially weed, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, uppers, downers, etc

i'm still battling with caffeine

hate it but i fucking love it too

I would also look into managing that sexual energy. 

Very important

And positive thinking helps too

just dont be an idiot


swashbuckler 4 life xD

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7 hours ago, SerpaeTetra said:

I like a cold shower in the early evening once in a while to help me finish the day strong.

i need to get into this

i want to start wim hof method but i dont want to do it also 

i hate cold showers

i love torturing myself

i hate it too

but it kind of makes sense to put ourselves into winter survival mode

i want to feel that cold water pain oh lord

i hate pain i just want to be numb and watch netflix

pain is good 

it makes us strong

i hate pain

i love suffering

it's so beautiful

swashbuckler 4 life xD

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On 8/8/2019 at 3:58 PM, Leo Gura said:

The problem with this theory is that then Donald Trump should be the most tired man on the planet. Yet seems to have boundless energy.

I'm curious, do you think if - by some miracle - Donald Trump started to self-actualize, he would have a sudden, massive energy break down and effectively cease to stop functioning for at least a few months, as all the devilry he's committed in his life is suddenly opened up to his conscious awareness?

“All you need is Love” - John Lennon

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Your diet is the single most important aspect of your overall health and energy levels. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life, and an avid weight liter.  But when I hit my mid 50's my energy levels started to decline. I also have a very physical job as a remodeling contractor, so weight liting became less and less of a priority in my life. By the time I reached 60, I had even less energy, and my fitness level was at an all-time low. Not content with where I was at, I decided it was time to step up my game. I rather quickly transitioned from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet, consisting of mostly raw foods. In very short order my energy levels were through the roof, so much so that I literally had to work out or I'd explode. My advice to anyone wishing to improve their health and raise their energy levels. is to consume a diet rich in whole plant-based foods, preferably raw. 

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