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  1. Let me know if you need some muscle. I know how to sort this stuff out. Just ask Kieran...
  2. I'm going too far with my posts. I have this bipolar thing and I get manic. I lose control. This is not the real me I believe in Leo Please try to understand I'm so sorry everyone and Leo too Thank you I'm here because I want to be around people who are growing and evolving. My posts are probably better to take more as poetry... I am angry against myself and the world. My lower selves. So much darkness So much anger and hate I am on meds and stuff Everything i said was a lie I'm a guy in Kentucky with a fat wife and 3 dumb kids And a dog named Spliff I'm a published author and famous musician Sorry again Just tie me up and beat me I want some pain Jungle bros 4eva
  3. @Aeris Michel Houellebecq writes about this in his novel Atomized which is quite amazing. He says the purpose of humanity is to destroy nature. And also season 1 of True Detective is built upon this theme which is based on the book CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE HUMAN RACE. But i do believe in Love. Love is a creative force.
  4. Tried watching your recent video You are deliberately spreading misinformation to confuse your followers and attracting them to buy your products I can see you now for what you are and what you are trying to do Your intentions might be ok but you know what they say about those You are lost in the woods my friend You need to start doing a more conversation style video Because again you are using this "bias" which is a scientific term to argue against logic and science. But you don't know what you are talking about. Science isn't a worldview. It's a method of attaining knowledge about the world around us. And you are using it whether you want to admit it or not. Our whole world is built upon this foundation, not witchcraft or christianity. I mean really you need to educate yourself man. I want to help you see this Not because i'm better than you but because i think you have great potential We can make this a great community but right now it's a dead end. You wanna be like that guy on Fyre documentary. You want us all to bow down and make you king. But that ain't gonna happen bro Also, how come you abandoned philosophy and turned to Jack Canfield? This i dont get. You are lying about your past or making it into something it's not. This video is terrible. I advise you to take it down. Lets make another one. I can help you We can help you Lets invite others to be part of this community. This collective conversation Dont listen to your dumb followers who think you are smarter than you are. Read this book: YOU ARE NOT SO SMART (seriously it's amazing) Scientific Methodology takes into account all you mention in your video about Self-Bias No it's not perfect But even Sam Harris said "i dont wanna be wrong for a moment longer than necessary" Any great scientist or philosopher will talk about this stuff ad-nauseum. I mean have you seriously read any philosophy????? Unbelievable that you would say that. You need an education. Get a degree. Wake up. Grow up. I'm honestly quite embarrassed that I even joined this place. Most of you are not that bright. I'm here to call you out To lay down the law. Ultimately we're all just people talking about life. It's all poetry in the end. But please educate yourself. If you're gonna be critical, at least know what you are critisizing. I'm guessing many of you are triggered now. If yes, then that means I am talking about you. If no, then you are strong and know that this TRUTHORITY guy is just saying what's on his mind. Making some honest observations. He's kinda crazy but i love it, it's entertaining. I think what you are doing is dangerous Leo. And if you are not doing it deliberately, I am truly worried for you man. It's time to put the drugs on pause and get back into reading. You have a lot to learn. You need people in your life to tell you that you are full of shit. People like me. But i'm guessing you will delete this and ban me. And will never know what my role could've been. Yeah yeah this guy's lost it. I know what you are thinking. Further suggestions. Read SCIENCE AS A CANDLE IN THE DARK And SCEPTIC'S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE And FACTFULLNESS And go through all of Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens... Stop with the woowoo Nobody with a brain and some thinking skills is gonna take you seriously otherwise. That's you never get invited to podcasts You are leading the blind Minions. If you wanna start a cult. Keep doing what you're doing. And i'll be sure to drop by the next gathering to bang all those yoga sluts They're always fun. God, why do i have to be such an asshole. Probably because i dont like dishonesty. And i know that we are all beasts. Sex. Food. Shit. Survival. Kill. Sleep. Fuck. Drink. Annoy. Distract. Create. Move. Fuck more. rinse repeat There's no way out of this madness. This is it folks. Welcome home Sorry if i'm being disrespectful Just following the muse
  5. I am here to expose what lies in the shadows. That is my life purpose. I go farther and deeper than others are willing to. I find beauty there. I build community there. But my viking blood also causes me to rape, steal and conquer. I love chaos and death and war. That is my devilry. I carry it proudly and with honor, like a heavy sword into battle forged in the fires of hell. I feel intense fear but desire also. And a deep longing to reunite with my beloved. To confront the enemy. The devil. To bend him over and fuck him! I am sure this is the same thing Arjuna faced and probably Jesus too on the cross when he briefly became an atheist. That horny rage. This thread triggered me a lot. Lots of wounds. Or I suppose I did it to myself. I knew it would. I started a fire and knew I would be exposed. Coming here like this. Teachers and students. Yes order is required in great war. But there also needs to be men like me who are willing to think alternative strategies. I have no need to conform. That is not my role here. I dance and sing and create and you will all love it so much you will want to kill me. Warriors are needed in society otherwise it's just a bunch of limp dicks and floaters. Look around. No guts. No glory. Now I need to figure out whether to continue here or just start a new village down by the creek over there. Why not both. The King and his servants has his rules and ways. I have to respect that. He has an army. I am just a one man army and a lonely SOULdier of peace. But I want blood. That is the only way to get that raft going that has been spoken about. A river of blood to take me down the stream to the great ocean of love. Tight teen pussy and fresh mangoes to soothe my ravishing appetite. Whispering seductively into my ears. Turn around and there is nothing but ghosts. Apologies for the sensitive ones, this might be a little too much. Hearts hurt, that is what they are for. Hurt guides us into healing. Love you all (no homo)
  6. I think this whole "i dont wanna argue with devils" thing Leo's got going is really silly and intellectually lazy. In fact it is also a spiritual disservice to your fellow man. Cowardice. The ones who struggle the most in ignorance and darkness are the ones who need love the most. Otherwise who will love the loveless? This is a forum for crying out loud. The point is to discuss, converse, intellectualize, etc. Why is that such a crime? Being all spiritual woowoo positive law of attraction is for solo, silent, wordless, offline. BOTH are important and I love that shit too. I mean if someone is being unreasonable, call them out. Bring up your points. Let truth prevail. And if they are being a complete asshole. Bring that out too. School them! I demand the people I surround myself with to call me out on my own bullshit. Because i am the master of bullshitting. I don't get you Leo... You are so smart yet dissonant in your thinking. You make brilliant points yet you contradict yourself so much. You encourage us to try things out for ourselves in your videos and NOT to believe you... which is good But then you say, don't just argue against you or make reaction videos and start debates. Why are you so against debating? Why don't you want to be questioning? Shouldn't your views stand up to scrutiny. Why not jump on a few calls with people like zzzenn. Stop being such a selfish cu** who thinks his shit smells sweeter than others. You are on youtube. Part of a community. Stop being so elitist. Arrogant. Makes you look like a prick. If i saw you i'd give you a good whack! When i start a youtube and win grammies i'm totally gonna invite you to come talk with me and call you out on your bullshit when you say shit and dont wanna talk to anyone. Stop isolating yourself. It's boring and lame. I mean isn't the use of language and thoughts itself a forum of debating with ourselves. You have thoughts and select ones that make more logical sense than others. Yes even you Leo. Actually you are more like Krishnamurti who Osho said appeals to intellectual folk... The universe is logical. Mathematical. And spiritual. It's not either or. It's both. There's no way out of it. Otherwise you wouldn't be trying to intellectualize something that cannot be intellectualized. You still have faith that logic and mind and western scientific reductionist paradigm is all there is. You ARGUE otherwise but you are projecting your insecurity in the form of 3 hour videos. Basically your whole work is an argument AGAINST the very thing you are doing. Please don't remove this thread. I came here for a reason. If I am wrong I deeply and humbly want to experience it. I've done the psychedelics and practises. I've experieced ego death, many awakenings, even Absolute Love. I get it. But I still think all this internet and discussion is just logic logic thought thought science philosophy intellect. There might be a world beyond it. I'm not entirely convinced that there is even an objective reality. I think the evidence is weak. And science is not the only method for attaining knowledge but it seems to be the best we've got to get reliable data about the seemingly perceived outside world. It's easy to say it's all a dream and not real and just god imagining and masturbating and blablaablaa But at the end of the day we're a bunch priviliged white people with computers talking to each other across the world. God created all this. Sure. But not using yoga or psychedelics. Lets get real folks. You want to doubt science and say the logical atheist paradigm is invalid. Yet you make videos about politics. And sell a course on Life Purpose and a book list. All intellectual pursuits btw. I think science and spirituality both have a place here. Debate and argument is part of the game. If you're not interested, keep the books closed and the computers off. Stop bullshitting yourself and everyone. At least practise what you preach. Much love and respect But truth is my GOD. I don't give a fuck who i offend, (And Kieran, before you come crusading here again to defend your guru, fuck off with love my man). I know you are stalking me, i can see you viewing my profile Over and out This is serious shit. I saved it and will post on my blog if deleted so find me there. See y'all on monday More madness and poetry and playlists coming next week I really like this place Lots of great people here Smart and wise and beautiful But y'all gotta sort out this DEVIL shit and stop projecting your SHADOWS onto others I probably do it too But at least i'm willing to put my cards on the table There are no devils There is only things we do that may seem devilish to others who are scared that they might have to be vulnerable The brightest beings have the most trouble dealing with their own perfection. Love you all PS. dont be lazy with your mind. Love is action. Life is movement. And dont be a selfish cu**. Yeah yeah i'm no saint Working hard on this shit on myself on the world We are the world Politics starts with how we talk to each other right here right now. Conscious politics is not some THING or some ONE out there in some bullshit lection. There is no America. We are world citizens. WAKE THE FUCK UP This is our community It's time to step up next level Humanity 3.0 5.0 We're all BILLIONAIRES Lets dance motherfuckers.
  7. I couldn't stop thinkin about this. Buying a lambo and driving it off a cliff. I'm really curious if you leave the window open and stay in, would the crash into the ocean ruin the car or would just go right in smoothly and then you can just get out the window and tow it out after with a nice shine to it that would be a cool film for youtube yellow lambo driven wildly off cliff the views would pay for it I still haven't ruled out running for office here in Funland I think i would make a great president and here it doesn't matter what anyone did or said only what you say now fuck it i'm gonna do it in 20 years and win if Trump can do it in usa i can do it here
  8. I use Brave How do you know all these? Serious question. And dont say google. Seriously... But dont you think his guests are a little one sided? I dont think Joe is that bright... he's a very lazy thinker I do like his comedy specials though, he's funny I agree with the first part of your statement. It doesn't have as much to do with mindset though. what matters is what you create and if it has value or not Our thoughts dont mean shit.
  9. i quit porn also a few months ago and haven't petted my kitten for a few weeks now although it's starting to possess me like some overlord i dont think few weeks will do it man i once did nofap for 5 months (no orgasm either) after that i blew a serious load and drank a bottle of whiskey felt awful but felt amazing too god i hate life FUCK YOU GOD
  10. i need to get into this i want to start wim hof method but i dont want to do it also i hate cold showers i love torturing myself i hate it too but it kind of makes sense to put ourselves into winter survival mode i want to feel that cold water pain oh lord i hate pain i just want to be numb and watch netflix pain is good it makes us strong i hate pain i love suffering it's so beautiful
  11. not necessarily I honestly feel better alone I need at least 10 wives to satisfy me agreed not sure why someone would take sleep meds in the morning... ?? not at first eat whole foods for a year without sugar oil and salt, no drugs, no stimulants, no porn exercise and sleep well and get your wealth in order then do comprehensive bloodwork to see if there are any shortages otherwise there's no point stuffing things into your body randomly most vitamins do more harm than good yeah i would generally agree with this i like what Michael Pollan said: Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much. yes water is important make sure you pee clear when i need a jolt, i drink cold water like a litre and BOOM! dont know if it's true but want to believe it is because water is sacred yes very important although shit is part of life what goes in... essentially life is putting things into your mouth and blowing a new version of it out of the emergency chute yeah god damn that pollen spring allergy motherfucker always have to take meds in may, but they make me very tired so not sure why this is on the list i guess it's better than to suffer and sneeze all day sometimes tired is not the worst thing hate it i have hope i can still fix it somehow i would put this number one without proper sleep i am completely fucked not sure how people can go to work hungover and underslept and god knows what no wonder everyone is on drugs maybe that's the solution to the world's problems you dont need that much depends what else you are doing there are other spiritual practises also that are very important i would say 60 minutes spiritual practise overall MINIMUM split that up into twice per day start with 5mins morning + 5 minutes evening and gradually build up to 60-90 mins twice per day take a good psychedelics dose few times per year if your practise gets dull to remember what is possible this would include breathing, asanas, mantra, chanting, tantric stuff, kriya, etc people who just meditate dont understand anything yeah i like naps in the afternoon usually i am awake for 6-7 hours and then nap and awake again for about 7 hours and then sleep nap is different than sleep dont nap too long otherwise you will go into sleep mode not good leave the drugs for hippies and losers only psychedelics permitted especially weed, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, uppers, downers, etc i'm still battling with caffeine hate it but i fucking love it too I would also look into managing that sexual energy. Very important And positive thinking helps too just dont be an idiot
  12. @Gili Trawangan i think when you have an experience that goes beyond anything you can ever imagine.... Love will be the only word suitable you will know then what it means take a few tabs of acid crank up coldplay's Head Full of Dreams welcome to love galaxy enjoy your stay
  13. not if you let me go to town i've noticed you really like these LOVE threads (just saying) are you on a crusade or something? anti-Beatles? the funny thing is i recall being quite agreeable with your views on a previous thread i'm all for Truth as well hence my name anyhoo what do you think of this: TRUTH is that which is Love is the great force that connects all that which is Enlightenment is the realization of this and awakening AS this now these are all words to grasp different aspects of what you call Ultimate Reality (not sure what the unultimate version is yet but i'm still in god training school so what do i know) you think what i said is bullshit? just curious on your deeper views on this
  14. Nor is it a good thing to tell her the opposite of that if you decide she's not for you been there done that dont ask
  15. PS. that Tony Robbins sex scandal thread ain't gonna start itself! please dont make me do it