hey leo please make more practical vids

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4 hours ago, see_on_see said:

There are dozens and dozens of "practical" videos he released in the past that have an enormous amount of stuff you could still get out of, and it's highly unlikely you have internalized all of them. 

Don't make the mistake of thinking that old videos have somehow become obsolete. Leo may be God conscious now, but he was already very conscious before to begin with, so his old videos are still great. 

In fact, at some point I will have to find the time to watch some of the old videos again. Most of them deserve more than just one watch to really internalize. 

I pretty much agree with this. There are still lots of wisdom in his older videos and they're not 'outdated'. It could take many years before somebody actually internalizes self-development stuff like not caring what others think, self-acceptance, self-love, etc.

Thoughts in your head are really no different than the sound of a bird outside. It is just that you decide that they are more or less relevant.

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1 hour ago, Mezanti said:

added book on charisma to his book list. Very practical material stage orange shit.

This book is amazing, very practical stage orange shit, indeed

See things as they are

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On 8.7.2019 at 9:43 AM, Mezanti said:

leo as your experience of reality advances, your ability to judge the validity of practical subjects of self help strategies becomes more precise. 

Your recent videos all preach nonduality, its pretty much the same message but being demonstrated in different areas of life, which is fucking useful! you've pretty much got a modern Quran or bible going for you! But again, practical videos are still in need for those who aren't at stages yellow and above.

I think so too.

My feeling is that even though Leo's videos are interesting to me and I do find things i relate in most of them, still Leo Jumps 100 Km higher sometimes and I feel I loose him. I think if he would gave me a ladder to climb on (in every video) it may be more effective.

For example:

Instaed of saying that you are god and explaining it in many ways that are all of them (30 minutes of the video) are high on the tree (!) and i can't see it no matter how much time Leo try to explain it. It can be better if Leo will say: "You are god because:

1. First I thought that... something more orangic scientific.

2. And after 2-3 years I understood that its actually...

3. And thats lead me (1-3 more years later) to think that you are  ....  and because of this you are  .....  and because of this you are god!

Give me the LADDER to climb up the tree.

Show me all the route, all the line of thinking that made you reach to what you think now.

And if you do that, the videos will be more effective to me.

I really like Leo's videos also today, I just need this connection of the dots to make me the abilty to see better WHY Leo thinks what he think now.



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