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  1. @Harikrishnan yes be melting snow wash yourself of yourself , mother earth is self conscious
  2. YES WEED IS ADDICTIVE i quitted weed in 1st of august doing cold turkey approach its my 22nd day sober the first week was the toughest one it has psychological withdrawal effects like anxiety and panic attacks ,nightmares... also physiological one in my case : not being able to eat , loss of appetite and problems digesting food , not being able to sleep , Cbd DIDN'T HELP IN MY CASE to relief anxiety , but flower of passion (paciflora) and swimming and skating was what helped me relax as i didnt have enrgy to actually run ..... i was the first one thinking i cant e hooked to this ,and hating on my friends using it everyday until life put me in tough situation and made a SLOW mistake of taking it as a relief SO OPEN YOUR EYES MY FRIEND ITS NOTT COFFEE its way more severe than that as long as you use it to self actualize its cool but the thing is its easy to get hooked because you can go on your daily chores normally when the body get used to it , in my case helped me focus studying after a breakup ut then fucked up everything .... like a GAUSS curve . i used LSD like twice and you cant get addicted to it for self development , because its much heavier you cant go to work on acid , you cant sleep and relax on acid .... AND HAS MORE INTERESTIN INSIGHTS so yes @Leo Gura is right its alright JUST WATCH OUT NOT TO GET ADDICTED TO THAT PLEASURE ...... its out of topic , but THANKS LEO the life purpose concept was what helped me drop and focus on working in my full potential and start that autodidact audio engineering i was dreaming about , NOW free of anxiety i can finally focus in doing THE HARD WORK thank you a lot
  4. @Leo Gura i stopped watchin your recent videos please dont forget practical videos for your audience that is still stuck in lower stages .....
  5. astrology is a science , we are all connected to the stars and planets . i dont believe tarot reading THO , because i think they channel with entities that can be lying and sell you fake dreams when they predictin , but when they talk about past and present some of them are good at that . i dont know maybe im wrong
  7. @Empty i grew up in Morocco too i just see my parents beatin me for kissing a guy when i was younger as an ACTION OF LOVE i understand their fears ..... that took me 4 years to figure it out its just a twisted kind of love .... thats ALL
  8. @Coutery hey thank you for your reply i love DJing but not seing as a life purpose because of the lifestyle of a DJ , but its what introduce me to audio field im stucked now with beatmatchin practise, do you have any tips for that ??
  9. it depends on who is the therpist ? how they do it ? the only valuable thing i get is talking with somebody who actually TRY to understand what am going through and get it out of my chest , but most of them are in orange state make it difficult if you have layers of grren and yellow ....
  10. @nahtanoj yes that's what im doing im in transition phase i wake up one hour gym and swimming then trying to practice the craft now i need to quit smoking at night im not ready yet until i feel the flow of mastering the craft otherwise my mind would go crazy wanting to smoke at night ...
  11. @Athena hey athena no i cant go back ... i don't have money anymore to pay my rent or studies there if i wanna move to another university with the same bachelor i should do other 2 years because they don't validate all the credits ..... and trust me even if i had the possibility to do it i wont , i cant no longer study VIA university , i cant trick my self anymore . its not about calling your self something ..... its about being able to produce results look yes i had like few semesters to get the bachelor but trust me , we didn t learn GEARS until the 3rd year do you find that logic ? like WTF , i cant load my mind with bunch of random teories and pass tests just to call my self mechanical engineer at the end .... what do i have to study how to cut steel or how to pump water if i wanna train my ear to master mix record the sound i don't wanna be a sound engineer but rather mastering technical aspect of audio yes the physics and the mathematics i studied all my path are helping me to understand the sound as a wave and all the characteristic that goes with it so im not having troubles to understand the foundations and the theory part of that field abut what you said , maybe you are right maybe not i need to verify it my self ....
  12. @Leo Gura Hey ,thank you all for your feedback I relate a lot to what you wrote Leo . yes , that s what I learned you don’t need to follow the system to produce results I ve already started researches like 2 months ago And yes there is a lot of websites that offer online courses like Lynda and skill share i was planning to do 2 years professional training because its public , for free ...and it can help me with lack of material i need to train properly I have the opportunity to stay in my aunt house here in Spain , free food and shelter , its not the best atmosphere for healing but I’m flexible i can sacrifice my intimacy , my freedom , not feeling at home , just to get closer to my vision. I ve just wanted to clarify that my mental state is low Most of it due to being addicted to pots it make it worse Now I smoke only at night so I can sleep but still When I sit down in the morning and want to train in my room My heart start racing i can’t focus and my learning abilities are low Im seing a therapist but they wanna load me with chemicals I don’t want to use ,…… So I’m in stage 0 I don’t wanna believe what my mind tell me Because it tells me I’m gonna die every morning and at night I’m still alive I should burn all the impurities from my system just to get back on track and can train normally Other problem , is all my life I never trained alone But rather sucking on society education system for years LMAO but I wont give up , This is my struggle for now MY JIHAD @Empty I can’t experience mysticism , GOD if I’m worried about how to survive….. But I had glimpses of it when I used LSD 3 years ago And know deep down that there is more to life than how my mind picture it right now …..
  13. DONT STAY IN SOME COUNTRY ILLEGALY , its gonna close all doors for you , i talk from my experience
  14. yes dropping my career at age of 26 years old is so overwhelming i didnt have a plan B at that time , no i struggle with being stucked and worrying