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The quote from the bible about turning your other cheek if someone slaps you. Anyone have a perspective?

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I would have turned the other cheek. Not saying this to sound kind or something - It’s just my perspective.

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Omg thank you for this post. 

This is the highest level of wisdom and giving yourself to others.

It means you wish wellbeing for everyone, even for your enemies

When someone slaps you it is an act of anger. Turning your other cheek is the response of inclusiveness. You don't dissmiss a person who hits you. You offer yourself to help him. 

In other words it's like this. When someone hits you on the cheek, offer yourself to help him. 

It's like you say. I offer myself to you by turning my other cheek so you could feel better. That's the the the the the highest level of wisdom, sense of inclusiveness, enlightenmemt everything.... Only someone with immense levels of inclusiveness are capable of doing this. Nobody understands the significence of this statement. Not even priests.

Sadhguru says. "When someone hits you on the cheek, you show then the other cheek, that person will fall into your embracive arms and cry... How many of you are capable of that?" 

It's a FUCING ORGASM of wisdom if you get it.................................

Here's a Sadhguru's explanation of Jesus words. (Skip to 3.30)  it's a different explanation and interpretation then I gave. But he was talking about inclusiveness somehere i cant find the video.

Edit: now that I watched this video i got confused maybe missunderstood the statement. I watched this video few years ago actually.

There's a new way completly opened up for me as to how to look at this statement.

It's almost like showing your other cheek is like the ultimate level of humbleness. No resistence..surrender. love. And offering all mixed up together.... A very bhakti yoga quality. Prayerful quality also.

Sooo powerful......

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Those you do not forgive you fear. 

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