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Hi today I met a girl when I was taking a break during my MTB ride, her name is Adriana.

Arc: -''Hi, you work at the cafeteria right?''

Adr: -''Yes me and her'' She pointed to a girl sitting behind me.

Arc: -''And what about you?'' I was talking to another girl that was talking to Adriana.

OG: -''No, I don't''

Adr: -''But if you want her to serve you we can make her serve you, hahaha!

Arc: -''Hahaha!''

Arc: -''I recognized you because I was here last sunday and I saw you working the cafeteria. My name is Arcangelo nice to meet you''

Adr: -''My name is Adriana nice to meet you too''

Arc: -''Hey Adriana would you like to go out for a drink some time''

Adr (smiling and laughing): -''No, I don't know you''

Arc: -''Well maybe I can keep coming, and we will get to know each other, and then you can accept my invitation to go out for a drink someday.But hey have a nice day, it was nice to meet you''

And I left saying: -''Bye Adriana see you later!''

I said it because I saw her turning her head as I was leaving.



You know how some guys talk about the 3 second rule? You don't need that when you know you have balls.


See you next time.

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Since the Covid I have made 3 approaches only. Covid is the perfect excuse to not approach.


Another Adriana

Since I had to move from my place because of the fucking Covid. I now have 3 clean slate supermarkets where I can go and practice pick up. Yesterday I approached a girl respecting the social distancing rules

-Hi young lady, can I ask your name?

-For what?

-To ask you out.

-No, thank you very much.



See you next time.

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This journal is the coolest fucking thing I've read on this forum. It's like a movie. I'm rooting for you!

Some things that rub me the wrong way is, you're so quick to ask out. I feel like there may be a generation gap thing. I would feel more comfortable with a man asking for my number or social media and getting to know them before committing my real life time to them. 

May I ask, why instead of making it about pick-up, make it about becoming a flirting master? 

So I'm similar to you in a way that I hunt men. (I'm not right now because of inner work blah blah) 

I'm an attractive woman so I do get asked out a lot. However, the men that have been my boyfriends are men that I've studied, observed at a distance, interacted with socially and then have created some form of banter between us. They are usually charismatic and have a lot of women chasing them, therefore I have to have an edge. 

The edge I've chosen is humor and banter. Now, you can use this skill for others you care about so it's not just pick up techniques. (It makes people feel good and want to be around you)

If I banter with a man and he effectively banters back, I know we will have chemistry. 

What if you switched up your goal for the next week? 

Instead of going for a kill (date, stating your immediate attraction), try to get a fucking ridiculous laugh out of a girl. One in which she actually snorts or laughs stupidly. And when she snorts/does embarrassing laugh, poke fun at her snort/laugh (in a playful way) not a mean way. 

Example of play way:

You - tell joke or talk to her a bit until you can slide somehting funny in

Girl - laughs obnoxious or snorts

You - *laugh a little at her, put your hand very lightly on her shoulder* (physical touch is key to start a woman to feel safe. If you touch her in a very platonic way she will feel "safe")

You - *begin to walk away while still looking at her and making faces and casually laughing* wave your hand, and say "see you darling"

At this point, just leave. If she calls back to you then maybe consider asking for her number. This will take practice. Women will gravitate to you. 

This is what women want. Even if they dont know it. It shows you're not desperate. Which is what the immediate kill signifies. We smell it as you approach. 

They want to be teased a little. It shows your confident with your words and makes me think you're dominant in bed. 

I will answer any questions you have. I'm so excited for you, keep journaling!


"Some people, not me, are a little concerned. Some people, not me, feel you...might be...
demonstrating a failure to show appreciation."
-Russell Bufalino

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@JessiChell  Wow!

Thanks! Will do.

I have been thinking about writing a book titled: 1000 Girls This journal is the draft.

Approaching, intimacy, being in a relationship, those are scary things for me. But (most of the time) I don't let fear control me.

Thanks again Jessi!


See you next time!

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@Arcangelo Hey man, I found this really inspiring, I've never really done much Daygame, only really Night and Online, I was wondering what guys you are following if any? 

I'm recently getting back into dating as I am single again, so have started getting back into it, I don't like to call it Pick Up, as that assumes so many things, and the last thing I want to do is manipulate or hurt anyone, for me it's more about becoming the best man I can be (holistic self-development) while developing my dating & social skills. 

Please remember though a lot of these guys are typical Stage Orange and the teachings need to be made more conscious in most contexts. 

There's a lot of shitty coaches out there, but there's also some great ones for learning the fundamentals. 

I wouldn't call off Tinder too soon, if you optimize your profile you could end up getting a lot of matches and dates- I recommend checking out 'Playing With Fire' for their Tinder guides to give you a brief overview. 

Since you're into Daygame, there's a guy on YouTube called Bradicus who does a lot of daygame travelling the world and what not. He was a huge hard case, and I think he mentioned he believed he has a mild case of Aspergers, but has transformed his own dating life, check him out. 

Would love to connect more man, as most people in this PU 'community' are pretty toxic and manipulative sadly, which is why I don't like to call it that even!

'One is always in the absolute state, knowingly or unknowingly for that is all there is.' Francis Lucille. 

'Peace and Happiness are inherent in Consciousness.' Rupert Spira 

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” Ramana Maharshi

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Hi @LfcCharlie4  I don't follow anyone.

Check out this example:

He's got a lot of $$$ so he's got the confidence even though he is old and bald...

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Thanks LfcCharlie4!

Hi, the other day I went MTBing with a good friend. We got to a place that sells cheese and sour cream in a rural area. Next to this place was the last bus stop. There was a woman and a girl waiting for the bus. They were not wearing face masks. The girl was slim, pale skin, blonde and had blue eyes...


Arc: -''Good Morning''

Woman and Girl: -''Good morning''

Arc: ''Is this the last bus stop?''

Woman and Girl: -''Yes''

Arc (talking directly to the girl): -''Hey girl what's your name?''

Woman: -''Cecilia''

Arc (talking directly to the girl, again): -''And what's your name?''

Valeria: -''Valeria''

I waited for them to ask my name, but they didn't. I rejected my self, but then I said fuck it:

Arc: -''Hey Valeria, you said your name was Valeria right?  Would you like to go out and drink a cup of coffee with me someday?''

Valeria (visibly hesitating): -''No''


This interaction showed me that I gotta get me some cards to give them when they hesitate. So next time...

Arc: -''Hey, if you change your mind give me a call.''


This Covid is not making things any easier, gotta tell you.


See you next time


Edited by Arcangelo

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''You have to go into it with the attitude that you are "the shit". You gotta have the mentality of if this girl dont wanna fuck me, then I'll go find someone who will. Because you ain't got time for that shit. To yourself you gotta be the man, and just with that sort of attitude and confidence of, if they ain't fuckin with me, then I ain't fuckin with them. Girls will fiend for you, they will dream about you. Dont overly worry about your looks, that's for bisexual and gay guys. Girls want you to be well-groomed and have a "I am the shit" mentality. You gotta be a legend to yourself and know that if this girl doesn't want to hangout with you, you ain't gonna tolerate it. You'll move on. I know you want to be caring and compassionate towards her, but you just gotta be ruthless, dangerous, and unattached. She wants to look at you as this image of man that she fiends for, not the other way round.''

-DiamondPenguin (forum member)


Something like this:


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So the other day I went to a supermarket in my car and I saw a beautiful girl. She had ear expansions, she was a blonde and her eyes were like green with yellow. I couldn't help myself and I started small talking about what she was buying, she said she was buying a lighter. I asked her if it was a marijuana lighter and she was like: -''No no, it is a lighter for my kitchen ''

Me: -''I used to have a gas kitchen, those are really fast. But you know what? Now I have a halogen kitchen and it's almost as fast''

That was a subtle  Brag because you know I have my vitroceramics.

Yeah so she was in line behind me and I I went about my business because she was just nodding when I started saying that I had a gas kitchen and blah blah blah.  So I made the payment and I kind of stall a little bit so I could casually ask her if she needed a Uber Ride on the way out because you know I was riding my car and she said: -''No''

It would have been nice if she would have said yes, but she said no, after that I went to the parking lot and I saw her running.

The day after I went to my usual Supermarket on my bike, on my nice Bike by the way, on my expensive bike, and I of course had a chain lock. I saw a beautiful girl and I saw a dude just checking her out but not talking to her and I said to myself this is the perfect example to be an alpha male and have the balls to go talk to her instead of just looking at her like an idiot, like a fucking pervert. The guy almost broke his neck looking at her and yeah she was a looker and I didn't close on this one I just talked to her: -''Hey can you watch my bike?'' and she was like: -''You don't have a chain lock?''

ME: -''Yes, but they can still steal the front wheel''

and she said

Mariana: -''I think there are cameras here'' 

and I said to her

ME: -''Yeah, look there's a camera there'' and then she was like: ''Okay I'm waiting for my mom, I'll watch it while I'm here''

ME: -''What's your name''

HER: -''Mariana'' 

ME: -''My name is Arcangelo''

I think I had to ask her twice for her name ,so maybe that's why I didn't try to close.

I did try to close the girl with the blonde hair because she was so beautiful. This other girl, she was dressed super sexy and she had a dog by the way, she also had curled hair and she had glasses. I didn't close because I sensed it was a dead end, cuz I could have stayed and talked to her about her dog, that's a good conversation starter.

That's the report, that's all I have for now guys. More to come soon, I have overcome the pandemic mental block.


See you next time!

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Posted (edited)

Thanks @RossE !

So the other day I went  to buy some weed and I was at the cashier taking money out. I saw a woman in the parking lot getting into her car, it was a  blue Hyundai Accent, hash back. I went to her (it was raining)  and introduce myself but she didn't roll the window down. Today I went to the grocery store and there were two girls  in front of me, with the pandemic only one person can get in the store so one of them got in the store and when I was able to get in the store the girl told me

Unknown Girl: -''Hey, why you bring your bike into the store?

Arc: -''So they don't steal it from me?''

She said nothing. Then I heard the other girl telling her: -''You're taking too long, we're going to have to roll that joint inside the store.''

I finished my grocery shopping and when they were both out I told them: ''Hey can I chip in a dollar and smoke that joint with you girls?''

One of them looked at the other like saying: -''It's cool with me, is it cool with you?'' They said all this telepathically.

Arc: -''My name is Arcangelo''

Unknown Girl: ''Her name is Vanessa''

I got the hint.

I talked more to Vanessa and Vanessa was making eye contact. I gave Vanessa my phone number and tell her to call me by Wednesday or something because I'm off on Thursday



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space, into

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BTW I had been painting under the sun, so I smelled and I had my working clothes (rags) on.

There are NO EXCUSES  to not talk to women you are attracted to.

I made all kind of mistakes. One doesn't need to be perfect.

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