What to do in dark night of the soul?

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4 hours ago, Buba said:

Ok. I feel incomplete because I have not got enlightened yet. But I dont want to feel like that. What if I never get enlightened, like millions of people in this journey. My life then will be a misery. But I want to enjoy the life. To marry. To have kids.

@Buba You said that you don't want enlightenment yet here you're saying you feel incomplete, what do you want? The mediation is doing its thing, showing you what your not, and its no walk in the park.


On 2/13/2018 at 9:09 PM, Buba said:

I meditated for several months and got depersonalization/derealization. I was seeing around through a tunnel. As If I was two - one who talks, walks and one who observes. I did not like this. Has it ever happened to you? Do enlightened people see around like this?

 You have to go find yourself. Mediation will shine light on this. Are you living a life you want to live? You can enjoy life, marry, have kids, you can have all of that. Its all here right now. 

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9 hours ago, Buba said:

The problem is the idea enlightenment became an obsession. I think about every second. This is not healthy.

I understand. And you´re quite right on that.
However the fact that you dont like being obsessed with enlightenment and being aware of self-destructive patterns doesn´t stop you from nurturing honoring respecting and loving the one who is going through all this.

May you be blessed with love and peace. <3

Hey, you are cute!

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