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  1. For me it is awareness practice - I suppose you may call it that. Just whenever I can remember about it I put my awareness into the moment, my body, what's around me, just sensing the now. (For some reason I have a feeling now that my life consists mostly traffic jams ) I try to eat healthier and if I don't mediate I feel sick, so that's the main ones I guess
  2. It reminds me of a great book I read - "Black box thinking" by Matthew Syed which covers learning from failure. Great book Thanks for the video.
  3. It is this feeling that you have to make something, that energy that is pushing you to do it. It is in a way making without thinking (but maybe depends on a discipline), it is like you have nothing to do with it - you are not doing it, you are a piece of it that is manifesting the new.
  4. I wonder why she triggers you I found a lot of spiritual teachers have a weird laugh - still I continue to listen to what they say. I do not see evidence to support your character description of Teal. To her beauty - I think it is more likely opposite, people (or men rather) judge her because she looks good and is not afraid to express it. It does not click well with a stereotype of a spiritual teacher and makes men feel threatened - does not mean that women should hide their femininity in my opinion.
  5. Full title is: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are I very much recommend books of this author - it is a scientist/researcher with a soul, if I may put it that way. Very open minded and perceptive, she learned from her research and changed her life. She has great insights about vulnerability, shame and how to live wholeheartedly. It made me reveal more of my shadow - really great for personal and spiritual development. Audiobooks available https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gifts-Imperfection-Think-Supposed-Embrace/dp/159285849X
  6. If I remember well, that was quite the case, he was surrounded by a lot of enemies and was ruling by fear (trying to keep the system where one man ruled, without being restricted by any written laws - sounds like a rule of a fist), not taking care of his subjects that well. But of course I would agree that nobody is just one colour, so most likely he had quite some aspects of blue. Both red and blue have a hierarchy but in blue the one on top is also restricted by rules.
  7. In my opinion the French monarchy was red and the revolutionaries red/blue.
  8. I don't think you have to BUY them... If it was to stop you from reading it is better that you borrow, isn't it? You may choose later books that you'd wish to own and buy them.
  9. I’m not enlightened but I do have better and worse periods so I can relate. So far my strategy is to be aware of what I am doing and not to judge it or myself. Simply observe as much as possible, be present with your body, life and what you do. In my experience it shifts slowly towards the higher consciousness levels. In any case at that stage it is not necessary to think about the future becasue it will take you away from being present. I have not found a better way but it doesn’t mean they donkt exist
  10. I eliminated gluten, milk and milk products and I try to stay away from sugar (not always successful at that), processed food, soya, peanuts, corn and whatever I had a positive result on food intolerance test (e.g. banana, pepper, avocado etc.) I eat only fish (as little as possible), no meat (although that for over 20 years). Some say that many legumes are suspicious but I keep eating them.
  11. I'm just reading Emerge! by Elza Maalouf - interesting book on Middle East with a lens of Spiral Dynamics - quite interesting read, I have only strated though. Are you familiar?
  12. I have learnt quite a lot from her - she does have good insights in shadow work which has become my priority and she is usually quite open about her own shadow (at least the part she's aware of :)). I was a bit judgemental at first (maybe indeed not a vibrational match ;)) but I do like what she has to share. I am not able to verify everything and I leave that part for another time, maybe. I try to watch other teachers as well to have a bigger picture and decide myself what works for me at the moment. Since I have no way of checking her life story I choose to believe unless proven otherwise since it does not affect my life directly and might be more loving for her (at least that's how it feels). I find some of her videos quite complex and deep on psychological level at least.
  13. I suppose you made yourself familiar with work of Elaine Aron? https://hsperson.com/ This discovery was one of my first steps on spiritual path
  14. I'm no expert myself but I watched enough videos tu suggest that it might be your shadow lurking out, it is not gone just because you are thinking positive thought, now it's below the surface and sending its own vibration. It's best to work on all aspects, not just what you'd rather have.
  15. That's a long discussion, I'll try to join I had quite mixed feelings about Teal and was detecting some strange vibe at the beginning but then I gave her a go and watched quite some videos - ok, some were not really for me/I wouldn't agree with the content but a huge majority really gave me an interesting insight. She helped me to have quite some breakthroughs in the shadow work department and discovering my core beliefs. I can't understand why people here say it's "only" self help - how else do you take your way to spiritual development and potentially enlightenment if not by awareness of self and developing yourselves. If what she says about her childhood experiences is true I am surprised she made it so far... I cannot verify the more "exotic" stuff she says because I am definitely not that advanced- I keep only an open mind (some time ago if a person had said anything about kundalini or chakras I would have laughed). The only things I bought from here were books and I dare say I benefited from them as well. As long as it keeps happening, I'll continue following her videos.