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Alright I want to share my story with you!

@Vitamine Water As mentioned;

@Sarah Marie You helped me with my previous story;

@Soulbass I thought you would be interested. 


Yesterday I felt like I didn't want to do anything, because I had my first day at school which was fun, but drained me. So I practiced an astral projection technique:

On 9/11/2017 at 10:02 AM, Marinus said:

A while ago I watched this video and made some notes.

When I have time I will practice the gum and ball method. He talked about imagining sensation after you have felt it for a while.

So I rubbed my belly for a couple of minutes. After that I imagined every sensation I felt when I rubbed. It was hard to concentrate, but the magic happened. It didn't feel exactly the same, but eventually I felt stimulus. This was incredible! I Eventually was tired so I fell asleep.

So my experience learned me that you can feel things by strongly believing in them. This phenomena is probably the placebo effect. 

So I tried the gum technique with no success. I didn't expect to, because everything normally needs training. A while later I tried it intuitively and I fell asleep. After some dreams I woke up again at 3 am, this isn't rare, I wake up a lot, which makes remember my dreams. I felt pretty energetic, I was awake for half an hour I wanted to just live life. But being awake that soon will have consequences this day, so I decided to try (intuitively )astral projection again. To me this is a different form of meditation.

The beginning

It took me one hour, my experience makes me able to shut of my body and when I do that my sense of touch changes drastically, very pleasant. Often I thought I was finally in the astral realm, but that wasn't the case. I stopped trying and contemplated a bit about it. I tried again, but this time on my left side. It was 5 am. I did my ritual again and after a while I noticed all my senses being muted, this is also what I would describe as the meditative state while being successful at meditating. It feels like if you were an onion, you would normally feel like the peel, but in this state I feel like the core.

So being half awake/asleep I felt the muting go deeper, like if a document is converted into another file. Two days earlier I experienced something which probably was sleep paralysis. That story:

This time something similar happened.  I sense it coming before it begins, so I thought, well lets give in to it this time. I felt presence again and my head felt like if it was a Rubiks cube:


It is the same object, but it changeable which makes it appear different. 

Another reality

Now the real stuff happened. I woke up and I felt weird. I felt on the ground and my sense of touch was so bad that It didn't hurt. I also heard a sound in the background and I couldn't hear the sounds in the environment. I thought , am I astral projecting? I looked at my bed, but it was empty. I was sad to see this, I thought the head shifting feeling gave me brain damage and that was the reason for the muted hearing and feeling. 

I tried to walk, but I felt and bumped often. It was like if there was less gravity. I walked to the mirror and I was shocked! I didn't saw my face, the face I was born with! I saw another man's face, the only similarities were my hair and eye color. My face was also slightly deformed. I was really shocked. To test if I was dreaming, I tried to phase my hand through the window after opening the sheets. I punched it. The only effect was a faint sound, I worried my neighbor would wake up.

To test If this was real, I tried to find my penis. Fortunately I was a man. I tried to speak, but I couldn't, I wanted to wake up again, with no success, so I accepted my reality. I have brain damage and from now on this is how I will live my life. After that Things get blurry, maybe I walked to my bed again or not. Suddenly I woke up and I was so relieved. I couldn't believe this, My real body still exists, I was fine. I was so glad with this experience, I had lucid dreams before, but this was different. Still I can't think about anything else. 

This confirms to me that reality is indeed your own creation. I accepted a fiction within mere minutes, because it felt so real. It makes me think about being awake. Would enlightenment be the same scenario as this? Could life be a dream which is so clear that you wouldn't doubt it. This really changed the way I see reality. It brings me great joy to experience something so amazing! There were differences in my environment. In reality The sheets were already open, it was dark and there was less free space in my room.

I wanted to try again, but I was so exited that I couldn't relax :P

I only don't know if this was a lucid dream or an astral projection. Can someone with experience tell me their insights about this?

Thank you for reading!


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''Stay true to your values, use it as your guideline to create your story!''

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Awesome story mate! Congrats :)

Have you seen something similar to a silver cord attached to your body? This is a common thing in astral projection.

I have had lucid dreams in the past before and they felt so real and alive, just as you said. I performed reality checks to check if it was really a dream. Putting my index finger through the palm of my other hand for example. For some reason I always succesfully fly when ludid dreaming :)

Interesting to read about the meditative state and the feeling of "union". I can really relate to this, while lucid dreaming and meditating. You sort of become one with your breath and every sensation in your body. Forcing it breaks me out of it tho.

Thanks for posting this. It got me inspired to try it myself. The only thing is, is that I fail at visualizing :( Maybe more practice will do the trick. 


Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water" - Bruce Lee

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@Vitamine Water I meant onion xD (edited it).

I didn't saw a cord, maybe, because I thought it was reality. The way I did it was mainly by body awareness and a little visualization. I think though that everyone has a different kind of trigger. My reality check didn't work with the window, maybe limiting beliefs in dreams prevent that.

''Stay true to your values, use it as your guideline to create your story!''

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To me it sounds like a normal lucid dream.

And yeah, I can agree that reality chcecks doesn't always work, that's why I do at least a few, before deciding to jump through the window (looking at hands and counting fingers, poking things, looking at hour or text a few times, jumping up and feeling less gravity, breathing while holding a nose, etc.)

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"Let the experience be different each time, without analyzing it or comparing it with previous experiences" -Tom Campbell

I did LD few times and a spontaneous OBE once, but it lasted 3 seconds.

The OBE was very different from a normal or a lucid dream, I had no doubt of it while it was happening, or after.

I've seen the inside of my body (veins, organs...) with a 360 degrees vision. The colors looked like a blend of blue & gold.

Edit: Memory seems to play an important role in this whole adventure.
You can be lucid but don't remember it.
Today I remembered that last night I went to sleep with the intention to visualize/enter the dream, or "space" to see things (with no expectations about what I'll see).
It ended that it worked, but this morning I had totally forgotten it!
Now I have glimpse of what hapenned, but I know it worked.
I remember saying to myself "yeah it works, it feel completely natural".
I've learnt that by listenning some hypnosis videos on youtube (past life, regression...).
Going down stairs, or tunnel...

I dreamt once that we can do it in waking state, just by focusing on our mental, eyes closed, with a lot of concentration, and we can see things, like a world within a world.

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