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  1. This was in response to a PM… I was asked to describe how I carry on from day to day, and note any "techniques" I use. No techniques… just a sensitivity toward the flow of psychological content day in and day out. Simply noting the mental contents without continuing along with their flow is all one can do. It is an ongoing subtlety. Sometimes I'm not so successful for a time. Whether I'm successful or not isn't as important as just continuing to note the chatter or silence without entertaining thoughts of anticipation— just accepting inherent goodness, as is; and resting in the gracious satisfaction of what is, as the natural course of being, sensing: knowledge without identification. What is key is not being attached to outcomes; just a dedication to meeting the requirements of subtle (or not) response to everyday ordinary situations. A buddhist directive is to "see through phenomena without denying its characteristics." In other words, meet creation with potential (I touched on that in my response to your OP); that is, deal with the situation on its terms without getting caught up in the flow of personality identity issues. It is a matter of not positing personalistic thought patterns in the course of responding to phenomena according to the situation's potential. Assessing situational potential is not a matter of speculative (what's in it for me) mental gymnastics, it is actually seeing what is, and directing a sustained course toward a (sometimes distant) point which is dependent on the situation itself. It is the situation's potential one responds to, because any situation is a created cyclic event. Spiritual adepts master seeing reality in order to follow along with creation's flow of events constructively influencing affairs without entertaining selfish views. Simply by not entertaining selfish views nor being attached to outcomes, one's response IS to potential, in terms of the situation itself. It's not a calculated affair. It's spontaneous and non-psychological. And that is spiritual. That's easy to say but hard to implement sometimes, in that the spirit of the directive is not advocating a prejudicial posture of robotic insularity (in terms of a hostile environment). The key is being aware of the real potential comprising the situation and working with that, over the long term, so as to keep a consistency relative to the situation's karmic evolution. In terms of warfare, it's best to win without fighting. If one must fight, it's best to conclude hostilities in the shortest time as possible. A long drawn-out contention is not always avoidable. That's why sages start when the problem is not apparent. Dealing with situational potential is a subtle affair. Just this is powerfully subtle spiritual practice in and of itself. Potential is the "workable" aspect of essence, in that it is unrefined. That's the karmic element spiritual adepts work with in order to refine themselves. They work with essence. Using situations to gratify the self is utter bondage to karmic evolution that never transcends creation. Working with essence directly without intermediary is the means to self-refinement by virtue of using situations to transcend creation while in its midst. Transcendence is not about conjuring a state whereby one floats in the air (not that I don't recommend it highly), it is, in taoist parlance, "planting lotuses in fire, sublimating oneself spiritually and physically in order to enter the Tao in Reality." Essence is not different than karma, but neither is it the same. Potential is the name used to point out the occult functionality. That's what is driving situations anyway, but not assuming ascendency over the karmic reality by sheer force of will is the only real "technique" I can ascribe to. Sometimes, the best thing is to withdraw from the situation, either physically or by choosing to vacate that particular psychological space. Right now I'm not talking to my mother… hahahhaaa!! ed note: add "… is the only real "technique" I can ascribe to" in next-to-last paragraph
  2. hi Crystalous~ that's a lot of questions! It is so very important to ask these questions too! Enlightenment is not the person. Who asks? Enlightenment is itself the question, and enlightenment is itself the answer. One's enlightening function is activated to the degree the person stops acting compulsively based of views of self and other. Self and other aren't changed, and enlightening activity isn't based on self/other dynamics. Seeing self and other without compulsively identifying as the situational personality is all it amounts to. That much doesn't even depend on sudden enlightenment happening to you. The reason why is that enlightenment is already the nature of awareness. Though ordinary people are aware, they are not awake. What's the difference? Ordinary people use consciousness to create illusion. As for those whose enlightening potential is functionally non-dual with respect to everyday ordinary situations, the simple fact is that reality and delusion looks exactly the same to them (because those two aspects of duality are the same). But only those who are awake see reality— whereas ordinary people see delusion simply due to the fact that delusion is the act of seeing self and other compulsively through identifying as the situational personality. And acting on such presumption (selfishness) is what results in consequences that perpetuate the illusion of the false self. Consequences is what constitutes karmic bondage. Since enlightenment is not the person, nor is it relative to the person, who would judge personally? Objectivity is the hallmark of enlightening being. Instantaneous knowledge transcends discriminatory consciousness. Judgement, is relative to the self, whereas knowledge is absolute. If you know what it is, who it is, how it is …what's to judge? Who's to judge? What could there be to act on? There is no "who" relative to knowledge. It just is. Enlightening response is relative to the power of unrefined potential inherent in the situation itself. Enlightening being isn't the person. It's spiritual. If reality and delusion are the same, how is that so? It is only in seeing reality by virtue of non-psychological awareness that individuals are able to see without identifying with the person seeing. It is seeing alone which constitutes enlightenment. There is no other enlightenment. That seeing is impersonal or selfless. Selfless is the nature of awareness. It's not good or bad. It certainly isn't self or other! But it's not different either. It is simply what constitutes unity, that is, reality. Those who see reality, actually see delusion as non-dual. That is how enlightenment works in terms of everyday ordinary situations. As for internal dialog, real knowledge is not a matter of words. Internal dialog is a habit that only serves to perpetuate the false self by cultivating and grooming a sense of self, relative to others. Mental hygiene is basically cultivated by perpetually observing the thinking mind by the non-thinking mind. It's not that there are two minds. Mind is one, and mind is the true self that has never thought a thought, much to the chagrin of the false self who uses awareness to create illusion. You are already a "normal enlightened person" because you don't know your own mind right now. Your own basic mind right now is already enlightenment itself but you don't see it because the basic mind is completely occupied with perpetuating the illusions of psychological momentums that have no beginning. Clinging to such momentums perpetuates karmic evolution and further solidifies its tendencies. That's why you say that we are not enlightened. But enlightenment has no tendencies; it is spontaneously as is. Since delusion and reality both have no beginning, and mind is one, how can we arrive at seeing the truth of the matter of life and death? Somehow, it is possible to stop acting on illusion, and therefore stop perpetuating bondage to it. Drugs can have a (hopefully) temporary effect on the calcified habit-energy already dominating the thinking mentality. Certain drugs affect certain people a certain way, in that it is possible to use drugs effectively, in order to break up the learned psychological certainty of an absolute selfhood, based on the thinking mentality. But only certain people at certain times during their lives, are susceptible to the the advantageous use of certain drugs, for the purpose of breaking down the the certainty of the false self without damaging its beneficial aspects. Ego is inherently unstable. One must have a healthy, light-hearted, good-natured, non-calculating sobriety in order to approach the use of drugs without developing psychological and physical dependancies on the chemical, neurological and sensual elements involved in experiencing their effects. People who spontaneously see their nature and experience sudden enlightenment realize that they have never existed (nor has anything existed). As such, enlightenment is already what is innate without even being created; without you even being created. People who see this and know this realize that enlightenment doesn't change anything because enlightenment is itself the Changeless. Awareness is miraculously so~ no one knows why it is the way it is. It is our true selflessly so nature, complete and perfect in every way. Since we are created, it is a long (natural) process to reverse the incrementality of karmic bondage and instantaneously revert to the uncreated source of our essential nature and it is also a long process to integrate the experience and inherent power of the Absolute in our lives in its aftermath. "People become buddhas and buddhas become people." Therefore, people who experience their nature aren't any different before or after seeing their nature. What that means (to answer your very astute question), is that ego is not a bad thing at all. Ego is a function of the psychological apparatus of the being that is going to die. So to "become egoic again and forget the wisdom you gained" isn't the issue because enlightenment can't be gained. Nothing is gained by complete perfect enlightenment. The individual who experiences the Absolute is not different nor the same because just this is the nature of inconceivability. Knowledge of not-knowing has its effect on those who experience open selfless primal awakening to inherent non-origination. Ultimately, there is absolutely nothing to know but by virtuous reception of inherent potential through nature of awareness itself. The phenomenal realm is to be adapted to on its terms without attachment to outcomes. Adapting through potential directly, there is nothing else and there is nothing left to do by enlightenment. By virtue of delusion, one sees reality step by gradual step. Seeing reality does not depend on experiencing sudden enlightenment— neither before nor after. The gradual and the sudden are a seamless continuum. When conditions meet, reality is perpetually on the brink. This is arrival; presence: resting in the highest good. The real issue in terms of the aftermath of seeing essence (seeing your nature) is that habit energy CAN re-assert itself by degrees. That's why it is necessary for people to practice gradual self-refinement before AND after sudden illumination, by watching over the thinking mind 24/7, so as to avoid following it unawares. That alone is the best thing people can practice. Mind watching mind in terms of the created is not so different than mind seeing mind in terms of the absolute. Mind is one. Entry into the inconceivable is seeing that Creation is not other than the Absolute. This is the meaning of unified awareness~ not that it means something, because there is no intrinsic meaning nor is there anything psychologically or physiologically relative to Thusness. The whole point of enlightenment (relative to enlightening activity) is that we learn to adapt enlightenment to delusional conditions. Why? Because enlightenment is not separate from ignorance. Seeing your nature is one thing, but learning to make it the essence of your life is quite another. Enlightenment is the vehicle; delusion is the path. ed note: add "What could there be to act on?…" 12th; add most of the 21st (after the quote); add most of 24th and 25th paragraphs
  3. You're welcome, Haniff~ wow!! That's incredible about your challenges and how you are working with them directly to follow your light. The famous American guitarist Chet Atkins would practice in tiled bathrooms for the echo! Maybe you could use a rental storage space or metal shipping container? I can't guess the name of the religious tradition you grew up with by your name, Haniff-- (I don't get jokes sometimes~ they just go over my head possibly due to some sort of autistic condition). I end up laughing anyway because the people think it's funny …(get it?) hahahhaaa!! Also I didn't have brothers and sisters so I never learned how to fight properly— but I got better eventually. I'll make a correction here to qualify my original post: Oh, and thank you very much, Haniff— for the compliment too! I guess it comes with the territory bit by bit by a long dedication to effectively expressing a living tradition that encourages subtly adapting the ineffable to conditions. ed note: add quote and last paragraph
  4. Consider checking out the cave-paintings in France and Spain, and hang out in the mountains of Andora… then spend a month along the coast of Portugal, Salvijus. I usually wait until I'm energized before I go anywhere!
  5. I've never had any intention of talking aloud about these things, Haniff~ but entertaining this approach for at least a few months sounds like a great idea. It's a tremendous boon to have been inspired and moved by the creator and developer of this website enough to envision integrating uplifting subject matter into your natural bent for oratory. Study, ponder, write and give voice to what you know in your heart based on real experience and wordlessly spontaneous insight. Research this passion deeply for the rest of your life~ even if you only talk aloud for hours with no ones' knowledge. The expression of the phenomenal aspects of self-actualization requires a great breadth of study, absorption and experience into the source (of your own natural insight) of this planet's current, long-remembered (and long-forgotten) non-psychological/awareness traditions. That, in conjunction with patterns of pre-historic human migration on this planet has long fascinated me. When authentic personal vision such as yours moves one to act on such matters, the result can be transcendent in that its expression in terms of practical oratory cannot be casually mistaken for proselytizing. That you get to study and wonder about all the great treatises, poems, songs and culturally (or otherwise) derived symbolic genres and further devise logical and experientially-based commentary to clarify and express the manifold layers of significance embedded in the great works of humanity's inconceivably inspired literary (and scientific) progeny is icing on the cake. If I didn't covet anonymity, I wonder if someday maybe I might ever be moved to do that too like you! ed note: add "is icing on the cake" to penultimate paragraph
  6. hi mr Man… Yes, this should be a good lesson that though the commitment felt good~ it is telling that this obligation fulfilled a need for self-validation. I don't usually do this, but I will quote the explanation of the 1st line of the 32nd hexagram Constancy of The Taoist I Ching, in its entirety. So the basis of constancy must be correct from the start for there to be benefit. She possibly felt safer "committing" to one who needed fixing rather than going with the accomplished CEO, in this case, which is equally telling. I didn't consult the I Ching in this instance, mr Man. I already knew the pattern and am familiar enough with decades of experience with the I Ching to have gone directly to that line to confirm the gravity of this situation. It's definitely a drag when you accept the "right" task and it doesn't work out… ❤︎
  7. Saints and sinners only exist in the eyes of their besotted beholders and hagiographers. (That would be drunk with views of self and other.) All prior illuminates have histories. Don't be so quick to denigrate those who have seen their nature. Even angels commit murder. Selfless activity is transcendent beyond any notion of morality. Ultimately, good and bad have no basis in reality. Saints, sages, buddhas and wizards are categorically beyond convention. Unless you have the audacity to fulfill your ultimate destiny, you will be subject to your own recriminations in the eyes of others no different than yourself right now. Can you free yourself of patterned comparisons on the spot? If not, find out why— then turn over the whole raft of opinions. Actualization of your own enlightening being is not by a teacher, teaching, tradition, or cultural affinity. It is mind alone. It would be wise to stop wasting energy on such concerns as this. Who can spare the energy to address your issue with eternity? No one can; therefore, I will take it upon myself so you won't have to from here on. When you have stored enough energy to step right over eternity yourself, what will it have mattered that you were once subject to the nameable? edit note: typo 5th paragraph
  8. hi Lucas~ I can sympathize with you, even though I never experienced the depression or feelings of separation that you are going through. I never had a family and have always had a very independent (self-directed) life-style. Whether in relationship or socially independent, I never knew what would be considered a definitive outcome of any given situation. I have never made plans or mapped out life-goals. I don't recommend that people try that at home. My general "practice" is what can be described as taoist spiritual alchemy. It's not taoist by any sense of the word~ it's just that a certain school of taoism has long kept a body of knowledge relative to secretly adapting enlightenment to conditions alive for thousands of years, and I often use its organizational vocabulary as it suits my experience and temperament. Its protocols are not dependent on sudden enlightenment. Anyone who can begin to see potential can gradually develop the body of awareness over time. Its parameters can be described as "enlightening activity" which consist of incremental processes depending on the time using the potential inherent in any given situation whereby one "takes over creation, and steals its potential". There are some absolutely ravishing songs from the ancient illuminate and bard by the name of Mirabai (India) expressing her longing in the aftermath of sudden illumination and subsequent life on the road as a "homeless" illuminate. Yours is the classic situation, Lucas. In the Hindu tradition, your current status is that of "householder". Equally as well, in the Chinese classic cultural milieu, men and women were expected to fulfill proscribed social obligations (if one was not already committed to a monastic track), before re-dedicating themselves to spiritual concerns later in life (which was also expected!!). I feel you are already set up for the long-haul, non? If so, try to look forward to maintaining a continuous subtle concentration in regard to your non-psychological awareness practice while you dedicate yourself fully to your social/professional obligations. In twenty or thirty years, you will be in a position that has long been mapped out for thousands of years, that is, for when you to take up the inconceivable gradually, in earnest~ if it hasn't already caught up with you by then. I would look into the ancient southern taoist (Chinese) schools of "grafting" or energetics programs by the time you are into your 30s, to keep your subtle-body toned, so, by your 40s, you should still have plenty of energy for renewed concentration into un-conventional studies when your social/professional obligations will possibly lessen. That's just a general timeline that has worked for people such as yourself for the last several thousand years…❤︎
  9. haha!! As long as ego is still in charge of the being that is going to die, melancholy will rear it's selfish little head— just note it and carry on. Melancholy is a self-deceptive phenomena. It is due to ingrained self-importance. The task of continuous self-refinement is endless. It is self-importance masquerading as you feeling empty (if I am understanding your post correctly, Lucas). Please try not to place too much emphasis on a few "enlightening" experiences. The depth of one's selfless experiences is what determines the quality of what can be brought to bear in terms of everyday ordinary situations— which is the point of activating one's inherent enlightening function at all. Developing the energy-body through continued self-refinement and subsequent spontaneous non-ordinary forays into non-psychological awareness is a long long process. Do not live in anticipation as that will destroy the subtle potential that enlightening activity accumulates gradually. Extreme alpinists who have tasted the "other side" often feel the same way, or else they experience extremely severe depression as long as they can't stick their necks out beyond the edge and over the line of conservative reasoning where they can get that "fix" and feel "alive" again. I doubt that you have gone far enough at this point, Lucas. I really don't~ especially because "Everything is great, I am married with the woman of my life, a great job, a great life, I have plans, I have an awesome family, I have support, I have all I need". So much self-referencing going on here. If you have indeed gone far enough Lucas, and you have only seen essence, the absolute, then you can go no further. As far as "how it works" goes, I would have to say that you have no knowledge of the "science of life". That is a taoist terms for adapting enlightenment to conditions or working with essence directly without intermediary in the course of everyday ordinary situations. The admonition is "see essence on your own, then seek a teacher". If you know but are unable to apply that knowledge, then you are no different than those who have no knowledge. That's a fact. Then again, in the aftermath of authentic enlightening experience, it always takes years to reach a practical maturation of one's selfless potential in terms of properly activating your enlightening function. When one gains insight, it is then necessary to withdraw from further effort, or insight will be destroyed. As I have said often enough here and elsewhere, "the spoils of victory are lost in celebration". I doubt you have gone far enough yet~ I really do— but it really doesn't matter because processing minor enlightening cycles or the biG one must be handled in the same way. One must walk the dusty path, chop wood, carry water, step by gradual step. All prior illuminates were no different. Only when one can forget all fascination with "plans", unfulfilled ambitions and the unfathomable beyond and just "step over eternity" itself, can one actually enter the path of enlightening activity consisting of endless transformations "planting lotuses in fire" and in due course sublimating oneself physically and spiritually. This is how one enters the inconceivable without end. Lighten up-- endless transformations~ woohoo!! heeheehee❤︎!! I suggest not to place too much importance on your enlightening experiences and submerge yourself in meeting your day-to-day challenges. What is most important is to keep a subtle and constant concentration of observing mind and recognize spontaneous opportunities to refresh enlightening potential in the midst of ordinary situations. All I'm saying is don't be in a hurry, Lucas.
  10. Obviously, there is no easy way that is accomplished in a short amount of time. But it's not about any amount of time either, because authentic insight is instantaneous. Habituation is being "stuck" on images and not seeing knowledge, in that it flies right through you— that's how objects "steal" from you. It is actually necessary to learn how it works, in the course of everyday ordinary affairs: there is an ineffable element in parallel with proceeding. Of course, you already know that innately …it's the reason for wondering in the first place-- but getting into its working is a long way off at this point. It is mainly a matter of using the fuel of desire and not being concerned with the work, the length of time, the heart-ache, the bewilderment. Without the girl, how would one proceed? How would one wonder? It might be what you are quantifying as seeing… but seeing is itself the accomplishment. It's already not the girl. Seeing is itself the quality of It's no boundaries has no account of quantification in terms of herself already. It's already there and it's not other than yourself …but you just don't see it~ there is no cause for concern, because you will learn. In practice, it also doesn't matter that anyone else isn't seeing. No one will know. Only those who are no-one know this. That might sound philosophical, but I'm talking about letting desire lose itself into the potential you are projecting as a device. It's not something you do. You let it lose itself into the potential you are projecting as a natural course of responding to situations. Projection isn't bad; whatever it is, accepting it for what it is without really seeing it— and going on without missing a beat accomplishes something. I can't say what-it-is, because what-it-is is ineffable. People who work with essence directly without intermediary pass through, that's all. What I'm talking about is exchanging yourself for the desire~ and then letting the desire off the hook. It's crazy, of course, but that in itself is already transcendent activity in that "going on" isn't a matter of coming or going… "Going on" is accepting what-it-is without seeing it relative to yourself— just this is itself passing through. There is no way to know "what-it-is". You will never know what-it-is. But there is a way to learn how and when to use what-it-is at will. Perhaps, some day, you will be able to prove your selfless nature in actual events without anybody being the wiser. Taoism calls this following desire without stepping over the line. Not stepping over the line is accomplished by mind alone. Action or inaction is unnecessary about 100% of the time. Action or inaction relative to the self is "coming or going". I loved your post, Abbn~ it really got my attention❤︎
  11. Prease don't doozat, Tearos. Actualize yourself first— that should keep you busy for the next 20~30 years. After that, you will have learned the meaning of wisdom is easy, not using it is hard. ed note: address response to Tearos
  12. So the Buddha walks into a bar… heehee!! and the bar-tender sees him and can't help but ask, "Who are you?" The Buddha replies, "I'm awake."
  13. Lots of good responses here. hi Pernani~ just keep doing this for a long long time …a looooong time. Monkey-mind is your own mind right now; that's not a problem at all (and especially in the beginning). Why? We need monkey-mind in order to have something specifically tailored to the individual to watch. It's called using the disease as the cure. Stopping-thinking isn't about stopping the monkey-mind~ it's about developing an unbending intent to maintain a continuous subtle concentration for the purpose of 24/7 observation of mind. The reason we use the monkey-mind is simply because it's there. The point of beginners' rote meditation exercise isn't for the purpose of cessation as much as it is to practice activating the mind without dwelling on its contents. You have already discovered that cessation is an impersonally spontaneous event; you don't do it. Someday sudden illumination will happen in exactly the same way— of its own accord. It is simply not you~ nor is it up to you. That's the shining mind. That mind IS you. That's what watches without discrimination. Someday, that mind will see itself, and you will have ceased to exist, as of yore. That is the real deal. That is authentic transcendent cessation of an entire world. Don't give it a single thought~ A related old saying states that adepts aren't afraid of the monkey-mind, they're afraid of not noticing it. ed note: typo, last line
  14. Since you asked, the answer is, enlightenment isn't "yours". You will never experience enlightenment. So what's to care about? Not much, since this kind of authentic relationship doesn't exist on any significant level in this day and age. We sure are assuming a lot here …who said the guru would tell? The OP specifically asked "how do they know". It didn't assume gurus would go around changing the babies' diapers for them. Gurus aren't baby-sitters. Let's not get on a "guru" feeding frenzy based on Leo's alternate track concerned with self-actualization.
  15. It is spiritual. Authentic enlightening beings are such that their innate non-psychological awareness is completely efflorescent in its functionality. There is no "figuring out" involved. Deductive reasoning is a property of the psychological apparatus, therefore it is not employed in terms of that which is already known immediately. Such knowledge is immediate. Buddhism calls this the opened Dharma-eye. Of course, they are also adept at picking up subtle cues from those they are dispassionately and intimately dedicated to, in terms of the specific teaching venues they are attuned; not to mention by virtue of their loving responsibility, dedication, years of experience and an unconventionally penetrating skillful means which they are able to employ by the very potential that comprises any situation they find themselves responding to.