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  1. its been a while since ive posted lol. Obviously we should be aiming to master certain facets of our life such as relationships , health , emotions , meditation ... but when it comes to career type things , i have a lot of interests such as entrepreneurship , neuroscience , art , engineering , industrial design , psychology etc... I'm working on making my vision and purpose more clear but for now i think i want to either get involved with developing neuroscience technology / engineering or perhaps combine that with entrepreneurship in some way. The basic idea is i love to use my creativity to either invent products or new designs. So would it be a good idea to immerse myself in all of these subjects or just to focus on one ? because obviously if i focus on one i would improve dramatically at that one area but at the same time i kind of want to learn it all and maybe combine it together into a career , but im worried that if i do it like that my focus will be too diffused and i won't really achieve mastery in any of those subjects, i'd like to add i'm naturally gifted with logical subjects like science and maths and at the same time i'm naturally gifted at art as well and i love doing both. Perhaps find or create a career that would combine the two?
  2. im following through a course but does anyone have any experience with kindle publishing ? if so what are they key skills/elements to being successful
  3. @Sahil Pandit @SpaceCowboy @Shiva thanks for the replies , ill make sure to take action on them
  4. I've read loads of books and watched loads of videos on various topics however I cant seem to apply anything
  5. @Lorcan ive gained a lot of muscle from calisthenics alone so just do a load of pushups , pullups ,squats , and then move onto harder personally I don't think you need equipment , apart from a pull up bar which you can probably find at a park.
  6. @Lisa2525 heya , im from the UK and I don't think you can vape indoors but why vape in the first place?
  7. lol ive never heard of this guy before but he looks exactly like me
  8. hey @Ampresus , I'm also a youngster here (15!) and I feel you Id say just spend some time introspecting and reflecting on your values , goals and aspirations , and about how you could turn your passion into something that can make money and contribute to the world simultaneously and when I say some time I mean A LOT OF TIME Id also say take as many opportunities as you can and study a wide range of subjects and then gradually narrow it down to your top passions I mean don't you have xmas holidays coming up to reflect? , in the UK we do
  9. ye its a really tough situation your in. Id say get back into the flow of things one thing at a time like first get your meditation habit sorted and go from there a setback is a setup for a comeback , good luck
  10. 15 who else is a self-actualizing teen ?
  11. @Ampresus heya im also 15 and ive read quite a lot of books over the past year my recommendations are : The righteous mind if you are interested in psychology DOTCOM secrets if you are interested in building an online buisness The ONE thing for improvement in all areas of life. currently im reading the china study oooo and if you like fiction books , lord of the flies is a classic
  12. @zoey101 thanks those were some good insights and im from the UK , so college is free
  13. heya guys , ive done a lot of thinking and introspection and ive come to conclude my life purpose is to /design/create products that will help revolutionize the world. So basically an entrepreneur. But i have a few questions to those who have probably struggled through their own business or others who have succeeded What are the most important skills to master to become a successful entrepreneur? Should i go to college and uni? What are the common mistakes of aspiring entrepreneurs? What advice would you give to yourself 5 years ago? And please feel free to comment on anything else you think would help me and other aspiring entrepreneurs on this forum.
  14. @Hansu fortunately I got exposed to self-help a few months back and yes I recently turned 15
  15. @Hansu @YogiLogan @Charlotte @Viking @see_on_see @RabbitHole @exhale Thanks for the replies guys