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  1. @Hello from Russia dont worry, if you understand wilber youll understand this. Theres a lot of parallels between the authors and besides i made the notes concise enough to be understood easily
  2. @Rahul yadav apparently i cant post onenote files... Just copy the text into your onenote file, it's really easy
  3. Hey guys, I just finished my notes for this paper that was posted by Leo a while back on his blog. It's a research paper on developmental psychology, akin to spiral dynamics. I really got into it and I learned a lot, so I wanted to share my notes with you. A note of warning: the notes are pretty long (more than 20 pages) but there was just so much good stuff in it that I decided to just include it all in. 9 levels of increasing embrace in ego development.pdf
  4. I've heard a lot of talk about absolute infinity on this forum.. this just seems to be one of the jhanas (arupa jhana).
  5. @Leo Gura ok no probs. Thanx Leo-ji.
  6. @Inliytened1ive heard that before.. this thread was a result of my critical thinking.
  7. @Truth Addict lol that's some cryptic shit and it took many tries to do. Thanks though
  8. Attached videos/usernames to whom u want to reply to (for example @Shin) cannot be deleted. At least on the android phone.
  9. @possibilities one things i have to say is that if everyone REALLY learned to think for themselves, they would come to the conclusion that Leo (and myself a long time ago) has come to. He recently released a video about it. There is only one authority: yourself (as in you for yourself, me for myself). Any external authority is a distraction and cannot lead you to the truth... Kind of sounds like this forum this forum in all actuality is the biggest distraction of all, because people are trying to describe the "Tao that can't be named".. which makes the Tao not eternal
  10. @Truth Addict hmm that's a good, simple explanation. I was actually able to understand it, whereas the previous posts on this thread of endless philosophical jargon made absolutely no sense lol.
  11. @possibilities Boom. Exactly. "Dude, stop using logic bro, get on our level and have a mystical experience bro!! It gon' shatter your materialist paradigm in seconds bruh!"...and yet, no mystical experience can occur without a (functioning) brain. This is where my skepticism lies. I've had the non-dual experience as well about a year ago, but does it really "prove" anything? What if non-duality is just like schizophrenia - a subjective perception projected onto reality? It makes sense, because reality is inherently terrifying and full of suffering, so people have to create beliefs and put themselves into mystical trances/non-dual states, in which "everything is infinite love and goodness". "Kushu, that's just your ego speaking!" But what if I truly am just a human? What if I'm just a monkey? It's interesting to me how people want to discover that they're God or something totally different from what we assume (a human) and go to such lengths (taking 5MeO extensively, locking oneself into a cave) just to further double down on their delusions. What if non-dual states are experiences, generated by the biology, which then make a person project their "non-dual awakening" onto the world?