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  1. @Brittany @MikeB @gilded_honour @RabbitHole i think leo does an amazing job on his channel really, no need for any books on nonduality when i have leo explaining it perfectly.
  2. @Leo Gura what about rogan? i heard you say in one of your videos that you consider him pretty yellow, i think elon is much more of a systematic thinker than rogan is...
  3. @Leo Gura haha spot on
  4. @robdl yeah so what the hell do i do about it
  5. hey what are things i could be doing right now to eliminate my ego?
  6. hey, what are some good books on the ego, i want a book that talks about how do you begin to numb down your ego.
  7. yes, but focus on it and do as it tells you, take it with a seriousness that you have never experienced before
  8. @aurum hows your situation with the opposite sex, and what do you feel you can improve in.
  9. practice self acceptance and really, these low self esteem problems come from having too much ego, you must learn to let go of your self image, i know it sounds airy fairy, but really there is no other way around it. your problem is not your self esteem, it's your ego. You mustn't be confused with the term egotistic as having too much self esteem, in fact these people have less of an ego than you do. See what the ego does is that it always searches for an identity and once it has fallen into the trap of trying to identify whether it is worthy or not, it will always find evidence to prove its worthlessness. Escape your ego learn to dissolve it, through meditation, understanding and acceptance. You won't even be surprised once you all of a sudden have high self esteem, once you have tuned out the ego. I sincerely hope you read this and understand its importance Omario
  10. @outlandishthanks for the advice on acid, but i actually do alot of drugs already. not in a dull way where i sit around with a bunch of friends and talk about boobs while smoking a joint. I do it with the intent of gaining insights, alone at home where i'm undisturbed for a day or two( usually when parents are out of town).
  11. @supremeyingyang a forum with dudes that are trying to improve their game.
  12. @outlandish exactly the awkwardness doesn't go away but you react to it changes, you begin to face it. instead of fear it. enjoy it instead if hate it.
  13. @outlandish your insight has now become mine. thanks guru
  14. @Truth and how did you go about doing that.
  15. do you know any forums that are good for getting better with girls? tell me thenkx