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  1. Heyyyyyy. What is the best way to implement Leos vids into my life. Lets take Self confidence or becoming attractive to the opposite sex. How did you implement Leos videos into your life. Has it worked? if so tell me.
  2. @blazed Leo's videos are awesome and he should keep making them till hes a grand granddad. Simply put there needs to be a beginners guide. One were you are shown how to recognize your problems, and watch the videos that only concern them. Once dealt with your problems then you can start getting into heavier topics like enlightenment and such.
  3. @Max_V ur mountains are secretly special effects.
  4. @Joseph Maynor ur the boy here. kid
  5. @Max_V u too
  6. @Truth Just because you got some special effect on your profile picture doesn't mean your certified to reply.
  7. @Mighty Mouse i wouldnt do that id get horny and need a female to wank to.
  8. @Spacious nono, that was a response to an earlier question you asked. Being in control of your life is to have your life be in your hands. No body else's. Whether you were raped or robbed. Your have to take responsibility and take the matters into your own hands. I've been meditating for roughly 2 years only one weekend missed.
  9. @Spacious your lyfe challenges.
  10. @Spacious Bro, you really need to cut the mental masturbation, watching more victim videos isnt gonna help. In your shoes, i would do what ever it takes to do what is i wanted. You are in control. Not because your special but because its your human birthright.
  11. @Joseph Maynor I would only watch her if i was cast away on mars with a device that had this video infinitly on replay.
  12. @Spacious Wooow i'd hate to be in your shoes
  13. Im gonna keep it simple: Leos videos instead of being a call to action could be a call to mental masturbation. I cant stress this enough, when a newbie approaches personal development and then he is bombarded with hundreds of topics. They can easily become overwhelmed and drown in the sea of knowledge. Thus a newbie must be very aware of his problems and approach personal development accordingly.
  14. @Torkys This message goes to me just as much it goes to you by the way: It isn't complicated so don't make it out to be. You control your life, your personality/charisma your career/passion/income your relationships your attraction to the opposite sex. The reason you remain a victim after knowing and understanding that you are is simply because you haven't taken any action. No, awareness alone isn't curative, its what comes after the awareness that matters most. action. get out of your comfort-zone. take massive fucking action but while being aware
  15. @Torkys 5% of it is theory 95% is action.