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  1. Hello aliens I recently finished, Nathaniel Branden's six pillars of self esteem, he talks about how some people go on a journey to dissolve their ego but that its the ego in a healthy sense is exactly what they failed to attain, meaning that these people fail at developing a healthy ego so they try to remove it. This idea got me thinking and poses a few question : what even is a healthy ego? is there a thing of such? if there is, why is renouncing it considered the alternative to failure of acquiring it? How do i go about developing a healthy ego or should i not bother and just stick to removing mine? Please share your thoughts with me, i need a little help on this one.
  2. @Matt8800 Ok I'm going to assume that what you said about yourself is true, that you are no longer neurotic. What does it feel like? How has your confidence been effected. Have you become more social? Have you been able to make transformations that with otherwise with neuroticism wouldn't be possible? How do experience life differently?
  3. @eskwire funny. @Nahm Ultimately i want to stop justifying the good things in life as bad, somehow finding a way to make it seem as if the so called "good" things that happened are actually bad. Always trying to predict the next bad thing, effected by peoples opinions, afraid of being alone and isolated. Tell me what you concluded from that, i believe your opinion to be of value.
  4. @Nahm The inner conflict i have with myself within every aspect of my life. socially, academically, creatively....
  5. @pluto More specifically, its the high levels of octopamine opposite to the levels of serotonin.
  6. @RichardY idk who you are but god bless you
  7. @Outer you know what im sorry, i hope you enjoy stroking Peterson's shaft while you sit on the lap of your straw man
  8. @Outer I think I have developed brain cancer from debating with you (the Milo of for the past few hours. When you have reached enlightenment, you don't go "oh look at that buddah looking motherfucker hes more enlightened than me so that means hes higher in the enlightenment dominance hierarchy, oh fuck I have to meditate harder" The whole point of enlightenment is that you surpass this kinda stuff and maybe fly to mars while your at it. And since I've schooled you big time, might as well be of some help, after all that's the purpose of this forum. Here's the hierarchy you should be concerned about Please don't debate me any further. p.s Im the true cult leader
  9. Hey. a fair percentage of the world is categorized as neurotic, i happen to as many others fall into that category. So now there is a problem, and to every problem there is a solution. What are your remedies for curing a neurotic psyche. Are there any specific exercises? Books?
  10. @Outer I dont know what im talking about? Im persuasion level 99 my nibba Well done, monkey. It has everything to do with enlightenment. And no he doesn't just state a fact of nature.He implies that we as humans have a biological mechanism within us that makes us organize our selves in dominance hierarchies according to the values of which we give individuals according to our perception of competence, and on that note that we should start to articulate our position within this system so that we could be of most benefit to society. There are thousands of reasons to question this, simply because we aren't as fucking simple as lobsters, and serotonin and octopamine aren't the only 2 chemicals that neurologically have an effect on our psychology. In summary its ape shit because whether true or not its ideology, and i repeat, that is the single most soul sucking obstacle between the average individual and his enlightenment. Also for you of course judging by your pathetic bio. Persuasion level 10: Cult Leader I don't meditate. I have had 0 mystical experiences. I am almost completely unenlightened. Oh please, I crown you the Milo Yiannopoulos of
  11. @Leo Gura you (and therefore me) are a prophet.
  12. @Outer He leans more towards conservatism than he does liberalism. (1) (2) You egotistic motherlover, the dominance hierarchy is the largest obstacle to enlightenment that is why it is, and i quote "shitty'', who the fuck said it was false? Dont debate me here.Now.
  13. noice........ But i feel as if though Jordan Peterson's aim is to achieve this sense of dominance/disagreeableness, Im not sure whether this something Thats related to his past but thats probable, It certainly creates a bias in which he chooses to acquire ideologies. Thats why hes a slightly conservative (Chances are that your also one because you've been brainwashed by this nibba) , Thats why he is promoting the shitty dominance hierarchy, the list... goes...on... Although he has practical and influential knowledge, and certainly he's made himself to be an influential man, there is a plateau to his ideologies and @Leo Gura hit the nail on the head explaining it.
  14. @Nahm again what are you trying to say
  15. @Soulbass alright,thats btw your view.